Are You the One in 100 that Has a High Sex Drive?

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that men are a bunch of uncontrollably horny animals who want sex. Now. I mean, that’s what society has taught us.

Not trying to be a copycat or anything – but, I ran across this article on the negatives to having a high sex drive and simply had to re-post it here.

They say finding a sexually insatiable woman is like finding a unicorn in the wild, but there are a lot of unicorns out there. Surprise! Women aren’t always the chaste, pure creatures we’ve been asked to be. But what happens when we’re too horny? Sometimes it’s a downright struggle.

1. We have trouble finding a partner who can keep up.

Sex again

One of the biggest struggles with having a high sex drive is finding someone with a synced libido. Mismatched libidos can be the straw that literally breaks the camel’s back. We’re no stranger to meeting someone, liking them and then realizing that they have the endurance of a tortoise or the inclination of a 70-year-old man.

2. We always have to initiate.

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There’s nothing wrong with a strong woman who goes after what she wants, but when you’re always the one who has to initiate it starts to get old.

3. Our partners can get lazy.


When you’re usually the one initiating, your partner can get lazy and think that you’re just always ready to get down. They might just wait until you start coming on to them rather than stepping up and making us feel wanted. It’s a problem.

4. We get rejected.


Contrary to popular belief, men really don’t want sex 24/7, so when you want sex three times a day and get turned down twice, it starts to sting. Why would any man every reject my sexual advances? It’s definitely not the sexiest feeling ever.

5. We can’t always get what we want.

bellatrix lestrange i dont like to be kept waiting 10 Struggles Of Being A Woman With A High Sex Drive

Many people believe that women can “catch a dick whenever we want,” in the parlance of ever-classy Amy Schemer. But sometimes, it’s not that easy. If you’re single and want casual sex, you have to worry about STD’s, pregnancy, jerks and all the other unsexy parts of sex. We usually just end up having a solo session rather than going through the trouble.

6. If we want something done, we have to do it ourselves.


If we can’t get satisfaction from our partners, we do it ourselves. Solo love has never been a bad thing — it makes us masters of our domain, and if we don’t know what we like how are going to tell others to do it to us? We’re no stranger to the local sex shop, and we’ve got at least one or two vibrators in a neon color. We take self-love to a new level and we’re totally happy with spending a Friday night alone.

7. We’re always the Samantha Jones of our friend group.

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All of your friends have SO unoriginally deemed you the “Samantha of the group” and think your sex life is just beyond. They just don’t get how you can have so much sex. And you’re all like, “How are you not?” (but you’re definitely don’t say that out loud). You are, though, always giving your friends sex advice and telling them to new things to try in bed.

8. Society tries to shame us.

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And when you become the Samantha of the group, that can often lead to slut-shaming, which is so not cool. Society will try to tell you that you’re wrong for being openly sexual or even wanting sex at all. You’re constantly torn between owning your sexuality and not wanting to deal with judgment.

9. Men are confused by us.


Most men wishing for a girl who wants to have sex all day will probably get tired (and chafed) real quick, no matter how much they brag to their dude friends. Either way, we have no problem being open about our sexual appetite, and we know what we want. Some men will find it extremely hot and others can find it extremely intimidating.

10. We’re turned on by everything.


Your boyfriend puts his hand on your leg? Instant lagoon. Linger on a hug for too long? It’s like, are we doing this or what? It doesn’t take much. Sometimes it even bothers you.

We Still Need Men

This is a demonstration of the Sex Machine. She a sexy girl name Andra from the Czech Republic. The Sybian is a really solid piece of machinery designed to stimulate the woman’s clitoris. It also has other attachments that can manipulate the G-Spot in woman.

I’m not able to explain it better than Wikipedia and according to Wikipedia, “A Sybian is a masturbation device designed for use by women, developed by dance instructor Dave Lampert in the 1980s. It consists of a saddle-like seat containing an electric motor connected to a rod that protrudes from a hole in the center.Various attachments can be added to the rod, which vibrates, rotates and may also stimulate the clitoris externally. The intensity of the movements produced can be increased or decreased through a control box attached to the Sybian’s base.”  For full reference material, Click Here:

Don’t worry men!  They have a device for you as well. It’s called the “Venus 2000”. Fortunately, people still need people. And, we still NEED men. We need them for all the things that robots will never replace. We need them to empathize with us and touch us – things a computer can’t replace.  I mean we all know what HAL did to Dave & the rest of the crew in that movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”.  Can we really trust computers and robots?


Condom Electrifies Penis

The main detractor of condoms is that they decrease sensation in the penis, sometimes even making it difficult to perform. So, if a condom didn’t decrease sensation, there wouldn’t be much of a reason to avoid using it and not practicing safe sex.  That’s the direction where the creator of the “Electric Eel” is going in.

Andrew Quitmeyer has developed an open source digital condom that delivers a  mild electric stimulation to the wearer’s penis. He named it after the electric eel (from the ocean) – that also shocks people and other fish.  Only this eel delivers a pleasurable shock!

The current prototype is built with a conductive fabric and Lilypad microcontroller.  A small battery sends a small shock through the bottom of the condom in order to provide stimulation to the underside of the penis.

The electric currents are manipulated by a microcontroller connected to the condom and operated by the user, or by “various Internet APIs” accessed from a mobile device. Men would get to determine the exact stimulation that they want.  Sounds like fun to me and it would give safe sex an upgrade.

The development team have personally tested the Electric Eel themselves. The campaign is only in very early stages.  It was an Indiegogo project last February (2014) and if you paid them $350 or more, you would get a handmade electric eel. Looks like they didn’t reach their goal of $10,000.  (They only raised $1,750.)

That is a real shame because I think that it would definitely encourage more men to volunteer to wear protection.  Men are acting like big babies about getting their penis shocked right now.  But, I bet that it will become more traditional in a few years.  I know from personal experience that an electric vibrator is essential to my sanity.  Guys are just too chicken to explore the parameters of ecstasy.

Is This A “Chick Flick”?

I am sort of scared to watch this movie.  I’m definitely NOT fond of being beaten or tortured.  I cannot understand women that would like to be “cut” or whipped or raped or – lord knows what.

I’ve read some of the reviews online, though.  It looks like it glamorizes sexual violence to me.  The leading lady seems very immature and doesn’t know what she’s getting into.  I understand that many women don’t mind getting spanked – although I’d imagine that there would be many times where one couldn’t participate in BDSM sex because they would need to recover from the beatings & etc.

The “Recovery Phase” would make ME shy away from having BDSM sex – as I like to have it on a regular basis.  If one is recovering from a beating or even a spanking – then there would me no more of  THAT for a while.  It certainly would take even longer to recover from more harsh forms of BDSM.  I haven’t heard that aspect mentioned anywhere. Being a practical type of person – that’s the first thing that I thought of.

Here’s a trailer of the movie – which debuted (ironically) on Valentine’s Day.

Oral sex, anal sex were illegal until 1962.  And, the Supreme Court ruled against sodomy bans in its 2003 decision in Lawrence versus Texas – it was still illegal in 14 states.

It was a little weird to hear that Beyoncé and Jay Z enjoy having a Dominant/submissive, BDSM-based sex life.

I read that a lot of women might have a “fantasy” about being raped – but, there’s a huge difference between a fantasy and actually BEING Raped.  I’m sure those same women – would feel differently if that actually happened to them.  Not something I’m interested in.  I like my “Vanilla” sex.  A lot.

In fact, both men AND women dream about being submissive. There was a sex study done about it in 2009. Read the full version – as they might take it down. IDK. It’s called, “Social Dominance and Forceful Submission Fantasies: Feminine Pathology or Power?”

There’s a really good discourse on this movie and about the “Freedom” to engage in BDSM in a review from The Atlantic, written by Emma Green.  She argues whether consent is really enough:

“For people in the BDSM community, consent is the ironclad starting point—but that’s not the end goal of their sexual activities. Because it’s a community that people choose, one with strong norms and mores, it can embrace a set of sexual values, like exploration, play, and experimentation.”

“But for most everyone else—the average Fifty Shades reader and moviegoer included—this isn’t the case. On college campuses and elsewhere, not everyone fully understands and embraces the importance of consent—or gets the basics of sex. And even when people have a sophisticated understanding of sex, American culture offers little to model healthy sexual encounters beyond the threshold of consent.

Because the U.S. is such a pluralistic place, with so many conflicting viewpoints about how people should live their lives, American culture inevitably sends lots of mixed messages about what having a good sex life actually means—or looks like.”

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has a website,, that details 50 problems with this disturbing trend in entertainment media.




There’s A New Sex Game In Town

Tenga CEO, Tsuneki Sato said, “I think in the future, the virtual REAL  will become more real than actual real sex.”  He went to the Motherboard’s office to demonstrate the “future of masturbation,” as he put it. “That’s our slogan,” he said jokingly.

He put Senior Editor, Brian Merchant – from into a pair of VR goggles, where a female avatar was bent over the side of the bed and a rendering of Tenga’s sex tube protruding from the screen where the er, gun would typically be in a first person shooter.

Brian was super embarrassed and surprised at how effective this damn game was. They maneuvered the robot arm so it was adjacent to his pelvis. If he  pushed the arm with his hips, sure enough, the phallic cone responded onscreen, thrusting inward. The machine in turn responded to the action on screen too, generating resistance.

Hmmm.  Sounds interesting to me!  Would def want to check this machine out. Can’t wait until they make them for the fairer sex, too.

Here’s how the tech works: The software, which was designed for Tenga by the Japanese erotic game developer Illusion, was crafted for the Oculus Rift, which an aspiring virtual sex participant then straps onto his head. The program interfaces with a Novint Falcon, a haptic device designed to replace the mouse for PCs that became popular with gamers because it can respond to gunfire in first person shooters.

This is from Wikepedia:

The Falcon has removable handles, or grips, that the user holds onto to control the Falcon. As the user moves the grip in three dimensions … the Falcon’s software keeps track of where the grip is moved and creates forces that a user can feel, by sending currents to the motors in the device.” So as you move your hand around the grip, the Falcon responds accordingly. “The Falcon’s sensors can keep track of the handle’s position to sub-millimeter resolution, and the motors are updated 1000 times per second (1 kHz), giving a realistic sense of touch. The surfaces of virtual objects feel solid, and can have detailed textures applied to them.

Tenga is trying to give “detailed textures” new meaning. The company rigged its masturbation aid so that it’s held in place by the Falcon’s claw, then programmed software to respond to the sex simulation onscreen. The “game” consists of a 3D-rendered woman in schoolgirl attire, who is either bent over a bed or kneeling before the “player.” As the avatar in virtual reality moves, so does the Falcon—and so does the Tenga sex tube. Clothing is optional in the VR and out.

Digital sex will eventually become the reality.  I read the article at Motherboard – but, their link is no longer available.  I TRIED to give them credit.

Spicy Videos

This video montage is from as they count down their picks for the top 10 sexiest music videos.  “Justify My Love” by Madonna got Number One.  I didn’t really think these videos merited the Top Ten. I could name about twenty-five hotter videos.  What do you guys think?



Alladin’s Magic Weiner

After Aladdin turned 25,  he happily spent exciting days in his palace with his new slave girl, Bianca.  She was hot to trot – for sure.  Life had become very easy for him and he was stress-free and satisfied. The castle was large and he had many employees to offer his every whim.

SLAVE_PRINCESSThis new slave girl, Bianca, was very naughty, however. Sex, sex, sex, that was all she shouted every morning and every night.  This had been wonderful to begin with, but, he finished tired of her sexual orders. He got super tired of her nymphomaniac ways.

There had even been a few times that he couldn’t get his penis hard. ‘Twas embarrassing to have a limp dick. He was – after all – the Prince! Everyone expected the Prince to perform.

She had taken it well. It was like his dream came true but, all he wanted was a few days to rest up. He knew that she would be making efforts to get him beside her, in the sack as soon as she could. He wanted to rest!

He liked the sex and he admired her but he was exhausted and Little Aladdin dreadfully needed a night off to recuperate his stamina. It was not to be and once the maids left, she pounced again and caressed his neck kissing and nibbling.

Shall I caress your magic lamp and see what the genie offers me tonight?,” she giggled sexily. “The genie! Yes, of course,” he shouted, letting her fall down the floor rushing to the clandestine room where he kept the magic lamp. “I’ll be back!”

The sprite was bored and indolent – but hadn’t seen Aladdin for ages, so he paused in his monotony and bowed deeply.”Sir?” he intoned. Aladdin explained his dilemma, “so you see,” he finished, “I just need something that will assist me to keep my slave princess sexually happy until I recover some energy.”

“What you demand is a month-long holiday,” said the genie, “But I suppose this might help.” With a magic movement he waved his hand over Alladin’s penis. It got hard immediately. The genie said that it would support him to take care of the slave, Bianca.  So, Alladin reported for duty.

When Alladin got back to Bianca,the little bitch grabbed hold of his hard pouch and pulled out the thick member. She began to lick it. She licked it up and down and flicked her tongue in such a tantalizing fashion that he just couldn’t take it anymore. She sucked him hardily.  He came and came. He spewed his white cream all over her face. She was delighted.

Then, she said – “Do ME – Do ME now!”

He said, “Give it a rest for five minutes – why don’t you? I AM a Prince – but, am mortal – after all.” He took a nap on the gorgeous four-poster bed.

Bianca went and took a long bubble bath and drank lots and lots of  wine that was made in the Prince’s Parish.  It was really strong stuff.  She got randy in the tub while waiting for the Prince and grabbed a small bottle of shampoo and pleasured herself. She enjoyed herself immensely.

This went on for several hours. The ruckus roused poor Prince Alladin from his sleep several times. He woke up and muttered to himself – that he only wished that this was a nightmare. Alas!  It appeared to be his fate.

She squealed and screamed as she came twenty-one times. The wine, the warm water and all of her coming and coming made her extremely tired. She fell asleep in the bathtub and drowned. The Prince settled down to sleep; pleased he had fulfilled his duty.

Moral of the story: Quit bugging the Prince for sex all the time!