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This video montage is from WatchMojo.com as they count down their picks for the top 10 sexiest music videos.  “Justify My Love” by Madonna got Number One.  I didn’t really think these videos merited the Top Ten. I could name about twenty-five hotter videos.  What do you guys think?



Alladin’s Magic Weiner

After Aladdin turned 25,  he happily spent exciting days in his palace with his new slave girl, Bianca.  She was hot to trot – for sure.  Life had become very easy for him and he was stress-free and satisfied. The castle was large and he had many employees to offer his every whim.

SLAVE PRINCESS Alladins Magic WeinerThis new slave girl, Bianca, was very naughty, however. Sex, sex, sex, that was all she shouted every morning and every night.  This had been wonderful to begin with, but, he finished tired of her sexual orders. He got super tired of her nymphomaniac ways.

There had even been a few times that he couldn’t get his penis hard. ‘Twas embarrassing to have a limp dick. He was – after all – the Prince! Everyone expected the Prince to perform.

She had taken it well. It was like his dream came true but, all he wanted was a few days to rest up. He knew that she would be making efforts to get him beside her, in the sack as soon as she could. He wanted to rest!

He liked the sex and he admired her but he was exhausted and Little Aladdin dreadfully needed a night off to recuperate his stamina. It was not to be and once the maids left, she pounced again and caressed his neck kissing and nibbling.

Shall I caress your magic lamp and see what the genie offers me tonight?,” she giggled sexily. “The genie! Yes, of course,” he shouted, letting her fall down the floor rushing to the clandestine room where he kept the magic lamp. “I’ll be back!”

The sprite was bored and indolent – but hadn’t seen Aladdin for ages, so he paused in his monotony and bowed deeply.”Sir?” he intoned. Aladdin explained his dilemma, “so you see,” he finished, “I just need something that will assist me to keep my slave princess sexually happy until I recover some energy.”

“What you demand is a month-long holiday,” said the genie, “But I suppose this might help.” With a magic movement he waved his hand over Alladin’s penis. It got hard immediately. The genie said that it would support him to take care of the slave, Bianca.  So, Alladin reported for duty.

When Alladin got back to Bianca,the little bitch grabbed hold of his hard pouch and pulled out the thick member. She began to lick it. She licked it up and down and flicked her tongue in such a tantalizing fashion that he just couldn’t take it anymore. She sucked him hardily.  He came and came. He spewed his white cream all over her face. She was delighted.

Then, she said – “Do ME – Do ME now!”

He said, “Give it a rest for five minutes – why don’t you? I AM a Prince – but, am mortal – after all.” He took a nap on the gorgeous four-poster bed.

Bianca went and took a long bubble bath and drank lots and lots of  wine that was made in the Prince’s Parish.  It was really strong stuff.  She got randy in the tub while waiting for the Prince and grabbed a small bottle of shampoo and pleasured herself. She enjoyed herself immensely.

This went on for several hours. The ruckus roused poor Prince Alladin from his sleep several times. He woke up and muttered to himself – that he only wished that this was a nightmare. Alas!  It appeared to be his fate.

She squealed and screamed as she came twenty-one times. The wine, the warm water and all of her coming and coming made her extremely tired. She fell asleep in the bathtub and drowned. The Prince settled down to sleep; pleased he had fulfilled his duty.

Moral of the story: Quit bugging the Prince for sex all the time!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Victors & Spoils on Vimeo.

Red HOT sexy mama morphs into Santa Claus in a bikini. Just for fun! Enjoy.

It’s interesting to watch how they completely transform this “less attractive” woman into an absolute goddess. The altercations made to her body are almost painful to watch as a woman in today’s society.

Unless you are completely clueless, most people understand that even the TOP Models in the fashion industry are air-brushed to be absolutely perfect. They usually make them about two inches thinner on each side (even though they are super skinny!). Any other minor imperfections, such as a bump somewhere are also air-brushed out.

It makes me question the ethics of the industry and certain brands. If we are constantly feeding this ideal, but fake, image to the public eye, we are continuing the cycle of unreal expectations for women’s body and image.

Luckily, the agency Victors & Spoils turns the whole idea into a comedy, editing the photo into a fat Santa in a bikini. They demonstrate how certain agencies go to a discomforting length for that perfect advertisement.

They used the PUPPET WARP tool. It’s very clever.I hope they remember to turn the old geezer back into the hot blonde by January 1st.

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