Sex With Nicole In A Car

Nicole and I almost always had sex in a car. It was a rare and nice treat for us when we got to enjoy sex in an actual bed. Sometimes we would even be happy to enjoy sex on a floor. Who am I kidding? Nicole and I always enjoyed sex with each other, and it really didn’t matter where.

The car was an older model steel frame big engine gas guzzling and fun car. The front seat was the old bench style seat going straight across from one door to the other. Sure, I had issues with the car back then, but looking back, I wish I had that car now, even if it would just be a fixing up hobby.

Nicole and I went out on many dates in that car. We also explored where we could park privately. As if there really is such a thing in a car anywhere in a city. There was this one park we liked to frequent, which overlooked a lake and a grassy area. We were not the only teenagers who like to visit that park.

I would move over closer to her so as not to be under the steering wheel. She would move over closer to me just to be closer. Our lips met with young, inexperienced, but very passionate kisses. Our tongues would play together, caressing and teasing. We pressed our bodies as close together as the confines of the car would allow. With our hands we would hold each other close. In between kisses we would whisper words of love and passion to each other.

My heart would beat faster and my cock would become so hard that it literally felt like an iron rod in my blue jeans. I hoped I was having the same effect on Nicole. Even though this was not the first time, each time I was nervous and hoped she would want me as much as I wanted her.

I could feel increasing passion in her kissing, even though I didn’t really know that at the time. What I knew was that the way she was kissing me was getting me more and more excited and I responded by kissing her with more and more passion and excitement. My hands and her hands began to do more than just hold, we began to caress each other through our clothes.

Soon our hands would move closer and closer to the more sensitive parts, and the front of our bodies and our legs. Until finally one of us breaks the ice and lets the fingertips slip under the edge of the shirt. The feel of her soft skin against my finger tips is enough to cause me to exhale against her cheek. I could simply revel in the feel of her skin. It is enough to increase my boldness. I push her shirt up enough to let my entire hand touch her skin. My hand caresses her lower back, just above the waistline of her jeans, but not ready to dare to move higher yet.

Now it is her turn to take in a breath of air with a slight gasp. Now that reaction I recognize. She is growing excited. Her hands stop moving for a moment so that she can focus on enjoying the feel of my hand on her bare skin. It is only a moment though, and she attacks me with her lips against mine. She attacks by pushing her breasts against me, forcing her body as close to me as she can.

When she moves back a little, I boldly let my hand slide up inside her shirt and to the front where I can feel her tit in my hand. Her bra is still on of course, but I have reached the next base and I know I will have sex with her unless something happens to stop us. She moves her hands down the front of my body, straight to my cock which is straining to be released from my jeans. She doesn’t look. Her lips stay on my mine while she unfastens the button and pushes the zipper down.

Her fingers slip into the waistband of my underwear and wrap gently around my cock. She pauses there. Just to enjoy the feeling of my cock in her hand. I have no idea what thoughts are going through her mind. In my mind though, I am fighting to control myself lest I cum right then. Her fingers feel so soft and gentle on my cock that it takes a lot of effort for me to control myself. Somehow I manage.

I maintain control and move my hands down to her pants. In moments her pants are unbuttoned and unzipped. My hand slips easily into the wet folds of her pussy, brushing against her clit, teasing the opening with the promise of more to come. I can feel her body shudder gently just before she moves again.

All pretenses are removed. She pushes her pants and panties off of one leg. I slide my pants and underwear down to my ankles. I slide over fully onto the passenger side of the seat and she straddles me.

The skin of her thighs is so soft and so warm brushing against mine as she positions herself over my cock. I can still feel that warmth and softness in my fantasies.

She slowly lowers herself onto my cock. Her expression gives into passion, and she gasps as she feels my cock penetrating the sweet folds of her pussy. This is new. I have not seen this expression on her face or heard her gasp and moan like this as my cock entered her pussy. I know now that she had an orgasm just from the feel of my cock entering her.

I am too young, and too inexperienced to last long. I don’t have that control yet. But it doesn’t matter. With only a few thrusts I have lost all control. Maybe I never had that control to begin with. I don’t know, and I don’t care. All I know is that my entire body is going to have an orgasm inside of her pussy. I am panting, moaning, and nearly crying out as it hits me, and my cum is filling the condom inside of her. She grabs me and holds me as tightly as I hold her.

When my orgasm subsides, she puts her forehead against mine and we smile with each other. We are young and in love, and thoroughly satisfied and happy with life. We look through the steamy windows to see if anyone may have been watching. Seeing no one, we straighten up, check the time and make sure we have made ourselves ready for her to return home to her parents.

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