Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Victors & Spoils on Vimeo.

Red HOT sexy mama morphs into Santa Claus in a bikini. Just for fun! Enjoy.

It’s interesting to watch how they completely transform this “less attractive” woman into an absolute goddess. The altercations made to her body are almost painful to watch as a woman in today’s society.

Unless you are completely clueless, most people understand that even the TOP Models in the fashion industry are air-brushed to be absolutely perfect. They usually make them about two inches thinner on each side (even though they are super skinny!). Any other minor imperfections, such as a bump somewhere are also air-brushed out.

It makes me question the ethics of the industry and certain brands. If we are constantly feeding this ideal, but fake, image to the public eye, we are continuing the cycle of unreal expectations for women’s body and image.

Luckily, the agency Victors & Spoils turns the whole idea into a comedy, editing the photo into a fat Santa in a bikini. They demonstrate how certain agencies go to a discomforting length for that perfect advertisement.

They used the PUPPET WARP tool. It’s very clever.I hope they remember to turn the old geezer back into the hot blonde by January 1st.