Alladin’s Magic Weiner

After Aladdin turned 25,  he happily spent exciting days in his palace with his new slave girl, Bianca.  She was hot to trot – for sure.  Life had become very easy for him and he was stress-free and satisfied. The castle was large and he had many employees to offer his every whim.

SLAVE_PRINCESSThis new slave girl, Bianca, was very naughty, however. Sex, sex, sex, that was all she shouted every morning and every night.  This had been wonderful to begin with, but, he finished tired of her sexual orders. He got super tired of her nymphomaniac ways.

There had even been a few times that he couldn’t get his penis hard. ‘Twas embarrassing to have a limp dick. He was – after all – the Prince! Everyone expected the Prince to perform.

She had taken it well. It was like his dream came true but, all he wanted was a few days to rest up. He knew that she would be making efforts to get him beside her, in the sack as soon as she could. He wanted to rest!

He liked the sex and he admired her but he was exhausted and Little Aladdin dreadfully needed a night off to recuperate his stamina. It was not to be and once the maids left, she pounced again and caressed his neck kissing and nibbling.

Shall I caress your magic lamp and see what the genie offers me tonight?,” she giggled sexily. “The genie! Yes, of course,” he shouted, letting her fall down the floor rushing to the clandestine room where he kept the magic lamp. “I’ll be back!”

The sprite was bored and indolent – but hadn’t seen Aladdin for ages, so he paused in his monotony and bowed deeply.”Sir?” he intoned. Aladdin explained his dilemma, “so you see,” he finished, “I just need something that will assist me to keep my slave princess sexually happy until I recover some energy.”

“What you demand is a month-long holiday,” said the genie, “But I suppose this might help.” With a magic movement he waved his hand over Alladin’s penis. It got hard immediately. The genie said that it would support him to take care of the slave, Bianca.  So, Alladin reported for duty.

When Alladin got back to Bianca,the little bitch grabbed hold of his hard pouch and pulled out the thick member. She began to lick it. She licked it up and down and flicked her tongue in such a tantalizing fashion that he just couldn’t take it anymore. She sucked him hardily.  He came and came. He spewed his white cream all over her face. She was delighted.

Then, she said – “Do ME – Do ME now!”

He said, “Give it a rest for five minutes – why don’t you? I AM a Prince – but, am mortal – after all.” He took a nap on the gorgeous four-poster bed.

Bianca went and took a long bubble bath and drank lots and lots of  wine that was made in the Prince’s Parish.  It was really strong stuff.  She got randy in the tub while waiting for the Prince and grabbed a small bottle of shampoo and pleasured herself. She enjoyed herself immensely.

This went on for several hours. The ruckus roused poor Prince Alladin from his sleep several times. He woke up and muttered to himself – that he only wished that this was a nightmare. Alas!  It appeared to be his fate.

She squealed and screamed as she came twenty-one times. The wine, the warm water and all of her coming and coming made her extremely tired. She fell asleep in the bathtub and drowned. The Prince settled down to sleep; pleased he had fulfilled his duty.

Moral of the story: Quit bugging the Prince for sex all the time!

Naughty Skylar

Skylar was a naughty girl. She did something she knew she wasn’t supposed to do.

She broke a rule.

I smile as I gaze on her bare ass in front of me. She wears a special collar. It has two chains that stretch to the leather bands on her wrists. They are just long enough to allow her to lift her head just slightly over a foot above the floor. The leather cuffs are chained to a wood post in front of her. She has just enough freedom to move her hands, or to spread them enough to keep her balance as she is doing now.

Her knees rest on a small padding. If she moves at all, she will be scraping her knees on the rough floor and she knows this. She has to choose to either let me administer her punishment, or to move and endure the pain and punishment she would inflict on herself.

I swing the small paddle through the air. Listening to it whistle is I do. Her body tenses with anticipation, but the paddle does not connect. She knows I play mind games. This is not new to her. She still can’t stop her body from tensing, though she expected me to just tease her with the anticipation.

I know her too. I know I have not given her what she wants me to give her. I have failed so many times to give into her desires and let her have what she has asked me for. She wants pain. She has said it to me so many times. I did not believe she wanted true pain. I believed she wanted the hints of pain, the stings of my bare hand and the scratches of my nails. I believed she would enjoy me squeezing her tits until they bruised, or bit her enough to leave a mark, but not to break her skin. I gave her all of that. I was never Sadistic enough to give her more.

I am still not Sadistic. I will never be Sadistic. But I truly want her pleasure. I know her pleasure now. This will not feel natural to me.

“Tell me to stop.” I order her.

“Stop what? You haven’t even done anything but swing that stupid paddle.” I can hear the insolence in her voice.

I grab her hair with my left hand and jerk head back forcefully. As she gasps with shock at my reaction, the paddle whistles through the air and strikes her bare ass with a smack that echoes in the room. “Do not make me repeat myself.” I growl into her ear.

A look of fear strikes her face for just a moment. She swallows and regains her composure. “Please stop daddy. Don’t spank me.”

She will be angry that I made her feel fear. I had to. She wanted this. I could not give her less. This time she hears the paddle’s whistle before it strikes her other cheek. Both of her ass cheeks are turning bright red from the force of the paddle.

“Now tell me the one word that will make me stop. Tell me the safe word I told you to remember.” She looks confused. “I will not stop now. You are going to tell me so I know you know what to say. If I hear it again tonight, then I stop.” She understands.


“Good.” I release her hair and stand up again. Skylar’s head drops for a moment and I hear her take in a shuddering breath. I do not have to ask if she really is ready. She barely fought me as I stripped her and put the cuffs on. She has waited far too patiently for me to just let go and do this to her.

The paddle whistles. The smack echoes loudly.

As I grip the paddle, I realize I am amazed at how smart she really is. How she did such a masterful job of leading me to the point where I could give her what she wants, what she believes she needs.

The paddle whistles. The smack echoes loudly.

Skylar gasps. Shock, pain, and pleasure resonate in her gasp. I drink it in.

The paddle whistles. The smack echoes loudly.

Her ass remains up in the air for me. Her knees stay on the padding. I see her pussy glistening from this angle. The soft hair that she keeps neatly trimmed for me looks so inviting.

The paddle whistles. The smack echoes loudly.

I let my mind remember what it felt like for her to tie me up and have her way with me. I saw the look in her eyes. She truly wanted to draw my blood. She wanted to be my master and make me submit to her.

The paddle whistles. The smack echoes loudly.

Skylar’s gasp has a tone of a painful cry to it. Her head is hanging down now. I can barely tell she is biting her lip. She has not said what is needed to make me stop. She still needs more.

The paddle whistles. The smack echoes loudly.

I see lines on her ass now. The edge of the paddle is creating welts on her ass. Those welts will become bruises. This is where it gets hard. This is not normal for me. I am not Sadistic.

The paddle whistles. The smack echoes loudly.

Skylar cries out louder. She gasps chokingly. Her cries are like sobs, but she has not spoken that word. I can’t continue to use the paddle. There are too many welts. She is too red. I step back and set the paddle on a nearby table.

I pick up a small whip. Several leather straps extending from a small rod covered in leather. I will have to swing hard to make her feel this, but it won’t cause as much damage. I hope it will not cause as much damage.

The whip whistles loudly as I swing it down across her back. I aim carefully so only the leather straps strike her back. I flick my wrist at the last moment, whipping the leather across her pale skin.

The skin starts turning red immediately. Skylar lets out a moan of pleasure. I think she has entered the zone where the pain is her pleasure now. She has crossed the threshold she has waited so patiently for me to take her across.

Faster I pull the whip back and bring it down on her back.

The leather straps whistle loudly. The whip cracks across her skin.

Red marks line her back from the bottom of her hair to the top of her glowing red ass.

The leather straps whistle loudly. The whip cracks across her skin.

I move to the back of her legs. The whip cracks across her legs just below her ass and pussy.

Whistle! Crack! Whistle! Crack! Whistle! Crack!

I move lower and strike the whip across the bottom of her bare feet. She flinches. She curls her toes and tenses her muscles forcing her feet to stay where they are.

Whistle! Crack! Whistle! Crack! Whistle! Crack!

Skylar’s cries grow louder. More desperate. She is fighting now not to sob, but I can hear it in her breathing still. I am at the end of my limit. I am not Sadistic. I also admit to myself that my arm is growing tired. I have no idea how many times I have struck her beautiful skin with the paddle and whip.

I throw the whip aside and strip out of my pants. My cock is hard and ready. I don’t have to touch Skylar. She is so wet I can see it perfectly clearly. I can see some of her pubic hair is dark and matted because of juice from her pussy.

I push her legs open a little more with my knees as I get behind her. I rub my cock on her slit, getting the head wet. I begin sliding it in. Skylar lets out a squealing sound of pleasure as I penetrate her. I push all the way in until my body presses against her ass.

I look down amazed at the heat radiating from the skin of her ass. She isn’t just red, she is red hot right now. I grab her hips. Carefully avoiding the welts and I begin to fuck her. Every time I move. Every time I thrust she lets out that squeal. I can tell clearly she is experiencing pleasure I have never given her before now.

I speed up my thrusting. I let my body smack against her ass. She cries out each time. I feel her body growing tense. She is going to cum. I can see her fighting it. I can see that she is losing. She is going to cum. I don’t change. I just keep fucking her. I just keep my cock thrusting into her cunt and my body smacking against her red hot ass.

Skylar grabs the chains leading from the cuffs on her wrists. I can see her fists balled up tightly around those links. The wood creaks as she involuntarily pulls tightly on the chains. Her head drops down to the floor as her hair cascades around her face. Her body is so tense and her muscles are pulled tight against her skin.

Skylar fought with everything she had, but the orgasm takes her. She cries out with rasping breathless gasps as the orgasm shudders violently through her body. I grab her hips tighter and hold her body up so my cock can stay buried inside of her. I smile a wicked smile as I think about how angry she will be at me for making her lose control like this.

I watch her body shuddering and twitching. I know her eyes are fluttering in time with the quivering of her body.

She may be angry with her for making her lose control like this, but it has driven me past control. My fingers are digging tightly into the soft skin of her hips. My breathing is shallow as I fight against the orgasm building in me. The muscles of her pussy rippling up and down the shaft of my cock are just too much for me.

I know I can’t hold it back. When it hits that point that I know nothing will stop it. When my body is trembling in anticipation of that glorious release, I look up toward the ceiling and close my eyes.

I feel the first spurt of my cum shoot out of my cock forcefully. My muscles spasm uncontrollably, forcing my cum to shoot out of my cock again and again. I can see in my mind, that if I had pulled out, my cum would have shot out of my cock so hard it probably would have gone past Skylar’s head, or maybe gotten caught in her hair. But I didn’t, I can feel it traveling thickly through my cock and shooting forcefully into her.

I don’t know how long I hold her there pouring my cum into her pussy. I don’t even know what I said when I came. It was just so freaking intense, that it was like I blacked out for several minutes.

When I become aware again, I am still holding Skylar tightly against me. I can feel my cum and her juice dripping down both our legs. I let my cock slip out of her very slippery pussy. My cum follows, dripping out. I had no idea I had cum so much until I see it so clearly.

With sheer will power, I grab the keys and unlock the chain from her neck, and the chains from the post in front of her. Skylar sits heavily on her ass. She feels the sting of pain, but the muscles in her body or so tired now, she can’t hold her weight off her bottom. She presents her wrists to me to unlock and remove the cuffs. She holds still while I unlock and remove the collar.

With the collar out of the way, Skylar stretches her arms toward me, child like, asking me wordlessly to hold her. I lean forward so her arms go around my neck. I wrap my arms around her waist and gently pull her forward so that she is sitting on my lap. The tenderest parts of her bottom comfortably between my legs, held just above the floor.

I feel the moisture from her face as she nuzzles against my neck. I can’t tell if it is from sweat or from tears.

“Thank you daddy.” She whispers almost breathlessly, yet emotionally as she holds herself against me.

I hold her close, hoping the pain I gave her will subside soon. I am not a Sadist.

My First Memory of Sex with Nicole

This experience seems like lifetimes ago and I will freely and honestly admit I am nervous to write it because I do not want to miss out on special details. I am certain Nicole’s memories are different than my own and that the details she would recall are different that what I would recall. But still, I want to write this in a way to honor that special moment for each of us. So here it is.

Shortly after Nicole and I began dating I attempted to kiss her, but she shied away from me. I felt so unsure about what she really wanted afterwards that it was nearly a month later before I attempted to kiss her again. She told me later that she was beginning to wonder if she was going to have to kiss me instead. There really was so much shyness and so much hesitancy on my part. I even kind of wonder how she and I made it to the point that we did.

I can’t even recall how long she and I had been dating before the first time we had sex. At the time I am sure it seemed like forever. Now I think it probably was not very long at all. I picked her up from home to go out on a date. The car I drove was not the same as the one I described before. Unfortunately it developed far more problems than could be fixed.

When we went on our date we did not have many options. We were not yet old enough to drink, and that meant we were not old enough to go to the main dance clubs whose main source of revenue was selling alcohol. Luckily there was a place which set up a dance floor and for a few hours on Friday and Saturday nights permitted only teens (no one over 20 allowed). It was a strange mix because some teens are still so young to be out dancing like that, and the majority of them are still too shy to get out on the dance floor.

We did dance though. We smiled for each other, and tried to talk over the loud music, and enjoyed the lights. My favorite memory from that club was sitting with my back against the wall, while Nicole leaned against me. My right arm was over her shoulder and my finger tips caressed her thigh through her tight jeans.

I don’t know how long we stayed, but we both wanted something quieter and just to spend time with each other before we both had to return to our respective homes. We left and went to the same place to park where the other story (Sex With Nicole In A Car) would take place later. I remember my ears still ringing from the music, and I remember we talked some but I can’t recall any of the words we said now.

I think after I parked the car we started kissing. I am sure it started shyly, but very quickly evolved into more excitement and passion. I did not know it at the time, but I tasted her arousal in her kisses. I also didn’t know it, but tasting a woman’s arousal through her kiss is an incredible aphrodisiac for me. The more we kissed, the more inflamed my lust became.

Each moment of kissing pushed me to be bolder. I touched her through her clothes, nervously moving my hand closer and closer to her breast until it was warmly pressed under my palm. She shifted to press it into my palm even more giving me the sign that she wanted me touching her.

We kept kissing, sometimes pausing to whisper something to each other, but mostly enjoying the thrill of our tongues together, and the way our bodies were becoming so inflamed with lust and desire for each other.

When I finally dared to let my hand slip into the waist of her pants, she offered only desire and no resistance. My fingers slid into her pants and lifted the waistband of her panties to allow those same fingers to slip between her legs. What I found took my breath away and pushed me to the height of my desire for her.

She was so wet that her panties were coated with her juice, and my fingers were sliding against the fabric and against her skin easily. I knew then how ready she was to have sex and I couldn’t resist any longer. I pulled my hand back and worked to remove her pants. Unbuttoned, unzipped and sliding down her hips.

As soon as they were out of my way, I released my cock from the restraint of denim and cotton. I moved over to her seat. My knees were on the rough floor of the passenger side. It took some shifting and moving before I was properly lined up.

I was past the point of waiting, but not past the point of being gentle. I let my cock slide into her gently. There was no resistance because she was so wet. I couldn’t even slide all the way in, but she felt so incredible. I have never been able to think of any words that could possible describe the feeling of being inside of her that first time. I just know that in that moment I could feel the entirety of my cock surrounded by the most beautiful and pleasurable sensation I have ever known.

When I recall that moment, I do not remember thinking of the person under me who was sharing the experience. I just remember that moment and that feeling of pleasure surrounding my cock.

When I moved, sliding my cock back so I could thrust into her, I became aware of her intensely. I tried to study her, to understand her pleasure and desire. I think my effort to study that night was futile though. All of my senses were being overwhelmed with pleasure. The scent of her was clean and clearly and unmistakable within the small confines of my old car with its old car smells. The movements of her body sent shivers of pleasure through me. The soft moans she allowed herself to make were a thrill to my ears, and the sight of her body underneath me, where her bare skin was glowing from lamplight was a feast to my eyes. The softness of her everywhere she touched me and the heat radiating from her body permeated me. Lastly, I could still taste her kisses in my mouth.

I never had a chance to last. In that moment, and in that feeling, I am not sure any man could have lasted for very long. When I came, I tried to push deep into Nicole, but the seat was still in my way. I could feel my cum flooding out of me and into her. I could feel each spurt of my cum fill the shaft of my cock to overflowing before the throbbing sent it jetting into her. My entire body trembled with my orgasm, but I remained quiet for fear of being overheard.

When it was over, we kissed and shared the moment of pleasure for a few minutes more before we had to rush to leave.

Later we talked and we both admitted that the first time we were more in lust than in love, but we did fall in love.


The position we were in, and the seat prevented me from breaking her hymen. Nicole was a virgin, and technically was still a virgin after that night. I have not told the story of when she truly gave her virginity to me. This story, about the night in the car was like the first for me. My cock was wet from her, and my seat was stained from my cum and her juices. I will be very demanding of myself when I write the story of taking her virginity, because that is when it was her real first time. To this day, so many years later, I do still love her and care about her, and I want her to read that story and remember with the same feelings that I remember it with.

“The Smell Of Gas” Virtual Book Tour

“A few of my favorite hot sex stories” Guest Post by Erin O’Riordan

Thank you, Frank and Hannah, for allowing me space on your cool blog. I think I first stumbled across it through Facebook’s NetworkedBlogs page, and I’ve been a follower ever since. I want to share an excerpt from my erotic crime thriller, The Smell of Gas, published in April 2011 by Melange Books. First, though, I want to share some of my favorite erotic fiction with your readers:

1. Surrender of Persephone by Selena Kitt. Anything Selena Kitt writes will rawk your sawks, and I’ve been lucky enough to have some of my short stories featured in anthologies with her. My favorite of Selena’s novels is a BDSM exploration of an ancient Greek myth. I didn’t think I was going to like male dominance-female submission, but this book changed my mind completely.

2. “Hysteria” by Rushmore Judd. Set in 1890, the fictional story is based on fact. In the Victorian era, vibrators were medical devices. Women made appointments to see their (always male) doctors for vibrator treatments that induced orgasms. Rush is gifted with a fertile and wonderfully shameless imagination. This story is very sex-positive. All the participants are willing and joyful, despite the restrictive Victorian atmosphere.

3. Shameless by Helens. As you will quickly discover if you read my blog, I have a completely shameless celeb crush on Christian Bale. As in, I want to tear off all his clothes with my teeth. I boiled over like a tea kettle reading this Internet novel. “Helens” writes RPF: real person fiction. She puts real people in imaginary circumstances. She’s created an entire fictional world in which indentured servitude is legal, and men and women voluntarily place themselves as, essentially, sex slaves for rich owners. It reminds me of A.N. Roquelaure’s Sleeping Beauty series…except the female characters are few and far between, and all the sex takes place between guys. In Shameless, which is available totally free online for anyone to read, the real people in this world of indentured servitude include Sean Bean, who volunteers himself to be a slave, and Christian Bale. The real Christian Bale is moody, to put it lightly. Helens does great things with her fictional Bale. First, she gives him a steady boyfriend, Bill Fichtner (who starred with Bale and Bean in Equilibrium), with whom he can get out his aggressions and frustrations in a constructive way. Second, she gives him this trainer job, which suits his aggressive personality to a T.

I’m a pansexual reader and writer. My sexual preference is for consenting adults over the age of 18, in any combination of genders. The Smell of Gas features straight and lesbian pairings. An excerpt:

Brigid pulled Fred to her, kissing her fiercely. She pulled Fred’s t-shirt over Fred’s head and unhooked her bra. She kissed Fred’s breasts, working her tongue around Fred’s nipple.

“So you like pain?” Brigid took Fred’s hard, pink nipple between her teeth and bit gently. “Do you like that?”

Fred moaned. Her long, pale fingers helped Brigid out of her shirt. She traced the path down Brigid’s belly and into the waistband of Brigid’s jeans. Brigid gave Fred’s breast one final, lingering kiss before rolling out from underneath Fred. She stood and took her clothes off. Brigid sat down on the bed and helped Fred take her skirt off.

They kissed, tongues working furiously against each other. Brigid teased Fred’s nipples, sucking and biting them mercilessly. “Stop,” Fred pleaded. “I can’t take it anymore.”

“Oh yeah? I’ll be the judge of how much you can take.” Brigid laid Fred on her back, gently pushing Fred’s legs apart. Her kisses started at Fred’s breasts and worked their way down her slim, pale belly. Her fingers played with Fred’s dark pubic hair. Her tongue explored the inside of Fred’s thighs.

The sound of someone pounding feverishly on the bedroom door exploded in their ears. “You bitches can’t stay in there all day!” Leander screamed from the hall. “Whichever one of you took my shit is gonna get her ass kicked!”

“Go to hell!” Fred screamed back. To Brigid she said, “Don’t worry. He doesn’t have the patience to wait for us to come out. He’ll get bored and go to bed. Now, where were we?”

Brigid giggled. “I believe I was about to eat your pussy.”

The Smell of Gas Official Book Blurb: Love pulp fiction? Just try putting down The Smell of Gas. TSOG is full of saints and sinners you’ll love to hate. There’s Brigid, the high school basketball player and secret heroin addict. Fred, a Catholic lesbian teen, loves Brigid, but doesn’t know about her affair with Edward, a married Evangelical preacher. Sex, ethics, religions and mythologies clash as you dig deeper into their connection to the death of a young couple.

About Erin O’Riordan: Erin O’Riordan lives in the Midwestern United States with her husband and co-author Tit Elingtin.  Her erotic stories, essays, and film reviews have been published in numerous magazines, including Playgirl and Hustler Fantasies, and websites including TheEroticWoman, OystersAndChocolate and SexIs.


The Smell of Gas at Melange Books

Erin O’Riordan home page

Pagan Spirits blog


Sex On The Beach Part 2

Continued from Part 1:

She had not had her orgasm yet. Also, somehow she didn’t notice I had just cum inside her (I may have underestimated how much she had to drink). So I didn’t tell her. I just kept fucking her. It wasn’t hard, or punishing. I was aware that each thrust would grind her ass into the sand, and I was trying to make it pleasurable without causing discomfort.

I let my cock slide in and of her even wetter pussy. Patiently and consistently my cock thrust into and out of her pussy. With my orgasm out of the way, I could focus on her and make adjustments to build her pleasure until she had her orgasm. Which is exactly what I did. I stayed patient and let it build slowly. I didn’t rush her to cum faster, even when I felt the shivers in her body as she tensed up with the building orgasm. I didn’t try to force it, or race it or anything. I just let her body enjoy the pleasure, and enjoy the growing tension. I let her cum when she was ready and not when I made it happen.

She had a beautiful and wonderful orgasm. Clinging to me, gasping for breath, and holding in the screams of pleasure. She rode through wave after wave of her orgasm, and I rode them with her, letting her body use mine for this pleasure.

Eventually she subsided. Then she decided it was time for me to cum. She had enjoyed her orgasm and now she wanted to make me cum inside of her.

Oh darn. There wasn’t much chance of me doing that anytime in the next 15 to 20 minutes, if even that fast. She was determined though. She moved her body and used her hands to maximum effect to cause pleasure to make me cum. But it just wasn’t going to happen like that.

I was faced with a terrible choice. Do I admit to her that I already came and she didn’t notice? Or do I fake it?

I didn’t want to feel embarrassed about not lasting, so I chose to fake it. I have no idea of any guy anywhere in the world has ever faked an orgasm before. I don’t even know if one has tried to. But I intended to fake it, and fake it so well that Sally would be completely convinced that I just came (instead of like I did earlier).

I started fucking her faster. Sliding my cock into and out of her pussy and creating more friction. She responded by touching me more, kissing me more, and letting me know through her body language that she wanted to feel me cum.

I began to tense to my muscles. Hoping I was tensing them just right. I started gasping and catching my breath like I was trying to hold onto my orgasm. She encouraged me, wanting me to just let go, knowing I would hold on a moment longer. I did. Holding my muscles tense for just that bit longer then I thrust into her. I gasped with pleasure, not letting myself be too loud (lest any partiers hear me). I let out a low growl.

With my cock thrust into her, I began making it throb. I worked the muscles sending pulses of blood from base to tip, like it was throbbing with orgasm inside of her. She felt my cock throbbing and squeezed her pussy muscles around my cock while she made a sound of satisfied delight for having caused me to cum inside of her. I kept my cock throbbing inside her until my muscles couldn’t keep going, and I let myself go limp and rest on her. She held me there. Caressing my back, and enjoying the feel of my cock inside of her.

I guess I made my dick tired with the fake orgasm, as it began to shrink inside of her. I thought of how much more realistic this made the fake orgasm. But wisely kept my mouth shut, instead I just let my tired breathing be the only sound in her ear. In time we got up and returned to the party, where the police showed up shortly afterwards to let everyone know the beach was closed.

Little did I know that my first experience with sex on a beach would one day be immortalized here because I had performed a neat trick.

Sex On The Beach Part 1

This story is about Sally. Sally was the only girl that I ever had sex on the beach with. (There were other encounters very near beaches, but that isn’t quite as sandy.)

We were at a beach party. She and I had hit it off pretty good, and what she wanted was pretty clear. How clear? Well, another guy who I wouldn’t have called the brightest told me during the party that I was going to get laid. Well, I knew that, I just didn’t realize it was that obvious to everyone else.

So there is a bunch of us on the beach, with a fire going, and drinks getting passed around, and some serious flirting between Sally and I. Like I said, she knew exactly what she wanted, and she was building up to it very nicely. Enough drinks in her system to be nicely buzzed (and I was only a little less buzzed), and she decided she didn’t want to wait to get back to the dorms we lived in.

She took my hand and we went for a little walk. Well outside the light of the fire. Behind a dune. The sounds of the party noticeably diminished. She led me to the ground, kissing me as she sat down, then laid back with me over her.

Patience was not her virtue right now. She had wanted me for several hours at this point, and the drinking and the flirting had just made her want me more. She was well past any desire for foreplay. She was past any concerns of being on a public beach (though it was a dark night), and past concerns of anyone from the party interrupting us. She wanted me hard, and she wanted me inside of her.

In moments her skirt was up and her panties were off. My pants were pushed down just enough to free my engorged cock. Ready, willing, and and heading straight for her soaking wet pussy. Her bare ass rested in the gritty sand and she didn’t care one bit.

In moments my cock was deep inside of her. Buried to the hilt and we both just enjoyed that incredible feeling of a completed the joining. We enjoyed the happy and pleasant feeling of cock and pussy first fully coming together.

But once that feeling is enjoyed, it is time to get really into the moment. I started stroking easily. She was so wet my cock slid in and out without any resistance. Her pussy just wrapped itself around my cock with silken pleasure up and down the entire shaft.

It was just way too much and in moments I was cumming. Shooting my load into her. I could feel it running through my cock and into her with each spurt. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t last long that I kept myself quiet and just kept sliding in and out of her.

Somehow I stayed completely hard. Now you might think that is a neat trick and I guess it is. But read the rest of this story.

Continued in Part 2

Dom & Sub With Zoey

You know about my pet Zoey, if not, then go back and check out the previous posts for her. I have seen Zoey on a somewhat regular basis.

Zoey is my sub. Our relationship is not a full time Dom/Sub relationship, but that is the nature between us. We can be facing each other in conversation, talking about daily life things, and I need only to reach around her back, grab her hair and pull, and she is shuddering with pleasure. If I place my hand on her throat, her shudders increase without warning. She is mine and I can have her anytime I desire.

She wanted to give to me though. Thus I had a different opportunity to give to her. I would give her me, and accept the pleasure she would give to me. Her eyes lit up with delight. She smiled a sincere smile expressing her desire and willingness to explore my body and to use her own skills to delight me.

Zoey wasted no time getting undressed and helping me undress. She had me lay on my back and kissed me. Each kiss sent her passion through me. She was thrilled that I was giving her my body like this, and she was expressing it in every touch and kiss. The wet trail from my lips, across my neck, and down my chest expressed what she wanted.

She moved her body between my legs, forcing me to spread my legs for her. Not that I minded. She is my sub and she knows that if I didn’t want her to do something or if I didn’t want to do something, then it would not happen.

She took my cock into her mouth. I love it from this angle. Her tongue easily played on the most sensitive side of my cock. I was hitting the point of not just relaxing and giving in, she was taking me and I was enjoying her attention.

Zoey released my cock from her mouth and kissed her way down the shaft. Down between my legs and across my balls. Down lower to that incredibly sensitive spot of skin just under my balls. A spot she had caressed many times, but had not taken the time to tease with her tongue until now. Now she really had me. My body was a mass of pleasure tension and she could feel every bit of it.

Zoey stopped and looked up at me. She had this smile; this incredibly, sexually radiant smile. A smile oozing satisfaction for having taken me and gotten me to give into the pleasure she was giving.

Maybe it was the look of pleasure on my face. Maybe it was how incredibly hard my cock was (it was so hard it was not laying against my stomach even though I was laying on my back). Whatever it was, she needed it. She moved up my body and straddled me. But she didn’t take me inside of her pussy just yet. She wanted to tease and tantalize me even more. With little shifts of her hips, she was rubbing her wetness onto my cock. Teasing and tantalizing both of us.

I wanted her. I was past aroused and ready to fuck. Maybe she sensed this (maybe I said something, I don’t even know now). She reached down between us and guided me into her very wet and eager pussy. I felt her envelop my cock with the warm and welcome sensations flooding my entire body.

I grabbed her ass and forced her down onto my cock as I thrust my hips upward. I forced my cock as deep into her as I could. I think she liked what I did because she started cumming on me. The muscles squeezing me, as if to pull the cum from my balls. I kept my cock forced deep inside of her, feeling the entirety engulfed in the pleasure of her cunt. I released.

No. I came. I didn’t have a choice. It boiled within me, through my entire body, and it took me. I came deep inside of Zoey. Unleashing the flood of my cum in that incredible throbbing sensation.

I felt her smile against my neck. The same smile I saw a few minutes ago. The sexually radiant smile. And the satisfaction oozing from her body laying on mine.


Leigh is a long term friend. She and I knew each other for a lot of years before we had sex with each other. You can read about that weekend story in The First Time with Leigh. This story is something more current.

Leigh is a giver. She is like me and finds her pleasure in seeing her partner pleasured. It is not quite the same ego as it is with me though. It is more natural to her to simply enjoy the pleasure in her partner. Our first meeting was too brief for me to have learned much about this aspect of her. The more recent meeting though, she learned about my desire to pleasure her, to cause her to lose herself in lust with me. I learned about her desire to do that to me.

How does one pleasure a partner who desires to give pleasure more than to receive it? Simple, let go and let her give me pleasure. This was not an easy thing to do, but I managed.

I lay on my back while we talked. Our naked bodies laying together, skin caressing skin. Between words, we kissed. Between kisses on the lips, we kissed necks, cheeks, ears, and shoulders.

Leigh kept me on my back and kissed her way onto my chest. She licked my skin, and sucked my nipples. She continued kissing my skin, sucking and gently nibbling my chest, then my stomach. Her hand gently caressed and led the way. Her fingers lightly traced my hard cock and between my legs to caress my balls.

It was my turn to suck in my breath. My turn to sigh, and my turn to moan with pleasure. Her lips found my cock. She kissed the length of my cock. She licked and gently sucked the tender skin from tip to base. Her tongue traced the lines of the head, and her lips left a trail of moisture up and down the entire length.

In a previous relationship, I was not allowed to cum in my partner’s mouth. It was a long term relationship which lasted for several years. I was not allowed to cum in her mouth for medical reasons. I knew, understood, and accepted that situation. It was not her fault and would not be held against her at all. The result was that I changed and it became difficult for me to allow myself to cum in a partner’s mouth. We are adaptable, we change, and this was one of my changes.

I knew what Leigh wanted though. I knew she wanted to have control of pleasuring me. I released all inhibitions. I released all reservations. I let any and all sexual images pass through my mind as they would. I reached out to my own body and fully experience the sensation of Leigh’s lips and tongue working magic on my cock. She is very good at this. She wants me to feel this pleasure and she is listening to my body and adjusting to give me the most pleasure she can.

Her talent and my not holding anything back let it happen. I was going to cum. She was going to make me cum. I almost asked if she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I refrained from asking. I let her know with my moans, and with the tension of my body that I was going to cum. I grabbed the cover under me and gripped it tightly in my fist. I pushed up with my hips, as if asking her to suck more of my cock into her mouth. Leigh moved with me and for me.

She stayed with me, keeping her mouth fixed on my cock, my cum pulsated into the shaft. It released. I moaned as quiet as I could manage, it sounded more like a growl than a moan, or maybe it was a nice combination of a growl and a moan. Whatever it was, I really don’t care, I was in the throes of a nice orgasm. I was enjoying a really rare moment of cumming in my partner’s mouth.

When I was done. Leigh kissed her way back up my body and to my lips where I gladly kissed her. She relaxed against me. I could feel satisfaction oozing from her body molding against mine. I could feel my own satisfaction while relaxing against her.

We talked in the darkness. Then she said one thing that struck home. If I could see her, I would see that she had a big shit eating smile on. She was truly happy with pleasuring me. I was happy that I had let go and allowed her to give me that pleasure without feeling that I had to do something in return. I had done something in return. I had given her my pleasure, and she gladly accepted it.

Deep Throat

Some memories stay with you. Even if they seem faded and fuzzy in our minds, they are still there and can still invoke emotions. When I was in college, I spent an intensely sexual week with a woman four years older than I was. That was a pretty big deal for a young man of eighteen.

Sindy and I met in a common area in the dorms. It started with conversation, then with touching, and moved to some really intense making out. Despite being in a more or less public place, our bodies were pressed together, our hands were caressing, and our tongues were intertwined in a dance of lust.

I can feel the heat radiating from her body. The desire brushing against my skin with every breath she exhales. I feel her want and desire in her fingertips through my clothes. I taste the pheromones on her skin with every brush of my tongue.

On another night, we made our way to the sort of privacy of the dorm room (please don’t let the roommate return now). She didn’t want to give in to having sex. Despite how much her body cried to feel me inside of her. She wanted to make herself wait. To make sure we had protection, to make sure I wouldn’t hurt her. At the time I was several years away from discovering there was a dom inside of me waiting to come out. I think she was quite safe.

She was willing to show me her oral skills though. How could I possibly say no?

Now throughout my adult life, I have been told many times that my cock is above average in both length and girth. I do not necessarily trust these statements. I have seen so many scenes in movies and heard so many stories that I think women are likely to appease a man’s ego during the moment (maybe tell the truth later). There was a point where measurements were taken, and compared to some research on the Internet, those measurements would fit at the high end of the average on some charts and above average on others. So maybe there is some truth to the statements that I have above average size. In the end, what really matters to me is that I can use this tool to cause a woman to have really intense orgasms and feel those orgasms rippling up and down the entire length.

I digress. I was about to talk about her demonstration of oral skills. Even in the privacy of the dorm room we spent a lot of time just kissing and touching. All of that kissing and touching was driving us to incredible levels of arousal and desire. I am not sure how we initiated going to the next level.

I just remember being out of my clothes laying on my back. She kissed her way down my body, sliding her body down to get between my legs. She touched and kissed me with confidence that she knew what she was doing and knew I would enjoy what she was going to do to me. She kissed her way around me, touching my rigid cock with her fingers and lips gently and teasingly at the same time. Letting the anticipation build.

At times I watched her, enjoying the sight of this woman’s fingers, lips, and tongue on my cock. At times I laid my head back with my eyes closed in ecstasy.

She took me into her mouth to show me what she could really do. It started slow. Just the head, then back up, then a little more, and back up. And she kept doing this. She kept taking in more and more. I felt that beautiful feeling of more and more of my cock engulfed by her warm mouth. Until I was sure she was taking in more than any woman had done before.

I looked to see what she was doing. I watched her lips wrapped around my cock, sliding down the length of it. Taking in more than I had seen a woman do to me before, and she kept going. She kept taking more and more of me into her mouth. I could hear her breathing and could tell she was focusing on how she was breathing as she took my cock to her deep throat. I could feel the difference. I could feel my cock in her throat as she literally swallowed to accept my cock so deep into her mouth.

I watched as she pushed her head and stretched her lips to take my cock into her mouth all the way to the base. I couldn’t believe it. I knew my cock was in her throat. The feeling was absolutely incredible. It was so hot and it felt like my entire body was consumed with pleasure.

With her skills, it didn’t take her long to make me cum. She pleasured me until my entire body was rigid with pre-release tension. I was panting with lust, desire, and the need to release all of the tension built up within my body. When I came, my entire body convulsed with my orgasm. I felt the shudders from head to toe, and felt my hips pushing my cock into her mouth. Panting changed to gasping and vain attempts to suck in enough air to fill my lungs. When I came, she took me deep again, back to her throat and she swallowed every drop without it getting in her mouth.

I don’t know what her trick was. I have no idea how she was able to take my cock all the way into her throat. I don’t know how she was able to push her lips all the way to the very base of my cock. Back then I didn’t know my size was above average. I just knew that she had done something that no one else had done to me, and I suspected no one else would do for a long time (I am still waiting).