Spank Me ?

Frank thinks he’s going to “Spank me”? I have a few ideas of my own. I just ordered an Incognito Necktie & Leash from Good Vibes. I’ll wait until next week when my order comes in & surprise him with a fancy dancy necktie. My plan is to get him to take me out to a dimly lit restaurant. I’ll be wearing a really low-cut tank top to showcase my hefty cleavage (you know what a sucker he is for boobs) & a skirt that’s barely legal. He WILL be wearing that necktie. I’m gonna tease him. Maybe run my foot up & down his legs during dinner. He’ll caress my arms the whole time we’re there in anticipation. We’ll eat a bite & then take our dessert to my place. I’ll rub my hand on his hard dick the whole time he’s driving us home.

I have my apartment set up with candles all over — nice & romantic. At my place, we’ll only have a glass of wine or two. We’ll makeout like kids. Frank is a good kisser. When the time is right, I’ll flip the inner folds of the tie outwards, pull him with the leash towards me & make him taste me. Taste me good. I am hot just thinking about it. I’ll let you know what happens later. Before the dessert.

Observe, Listen, Pay Attention

Pay attention. Observe. Listen carefully.

Each individual is unique. Each with their own tastes, likes, and dislikes.

I study. I learn. I want the most for my partner, and I want the most for me. It is simple really. Just do as I stated above. Pay attention. Observe, and listen carefully. Study and learn.

The time I am spending with Leigh has given me the opportunity to do just that with her. Though we have known each other for many years, our opportunities to get together sexually were limited. Once upon a time we had one weekend together (and still that story may be waiting until later).

The opportunity gave me the chance to learn so much more. To study Leigh and understand the desires of her body, her mind, and her heart. Naturally, this post is about studying her body.

I have kissed Leigh, I have touched her. I have held her tight, embracing her close. I have gently and lightly caressed her skin with the tips of my fingers and with my lips. I have moved up and down her body, listening to her breathing, and her sighs. I paid attention to her hands on my skin. What did I do that caused her fingers to tense up on my skin? What touch? What kiss?

What could I do to bring out her most intense orgasms? Do you know me yet? Do you know how much I desire to cause intense orgasms in my partners? I don’t want my partner to simply cum, I want her to explode. I want her nails digging into my skin. I want her to either scream, or bite her tongue to stop herself from waking others in the house. I want her body shaking and trembling against me.

Is that too much to ask?

Not for me. I have my ego, and I get off on causing such intense orgasms. Thus I put forth the effort to learn how to bring those orgasms out.tremble

In Leigh it is twofold. Foreplay is first. Her mind and body are stimulated and teased. The more stimulation and teasing and the more she is ready to rip my clothes off, the better. Foreplay extends into undressing and touching each other’s bodies. Then I reach between her legs. I find and rub her clit, while kissing her lips, her neck, and her nipples.

She responds to my touch. I can feel her entire body tensing against me. I can feel her breathing faster. I can hear her sighs and moans become slightly louder. She tries to hold back. Her body becomes tense. My fingers are too persistent though. The needs of her body too much.

She digs her fingers into my skin, her hips move as if thrusting against me. She fights to keep from crying out with her pleasure. The house sleeps around us and we do not disturb any others. I keep rubbing her clit for as long as she can take it, and I keep her orgasm running through her body and mind until she closes her legs and holds my hand still. I lay against her, feeling her shivers against me. I hold her close while she enjoys the waves of pleasure still coursing through her body. Eventually I reclaim my hand.

I discovered a variation that we both enjoy immensely. Instead of my finger, I use my cock. I get between her legs. I reach between our bodies and take my hard cock in my hand. I guide it between the lips of her pussy and directly onto her clit. Using only the head of my cock, I rub her clit. She feels it intensely, probably more intensely than with my fingertips.

Rubbing her clit with my cock causes my hand to stroke my cock. I have to keep my control. Feeling her pleasure while stroking my cock could easily cause me to cum directly on her clit. That isn’t what I want (not yet). I stroke and tease her clit. I kiss her lips, sucking her tongue, and her neck, and her nipples. I push and stroke and build her up to another intense orgasm.

When I feel her body tense in orgasm, and her hips thrusting up against me, I shift and slide my cock into her waiting pussy. She is so wet, and so ready that I slide in easily. I can feel her orgasm happening against my cock as I slide in. I feel her go into another orgasm right away with no break in between. Both of her orgasms are incredibly intense, leaving Leigh barely breathing, and barely in control of her own muscles when the orgasms finally subside.

Now I can give her one more thing she really enjoys. Now I can give her my pleasure.

I am not done yet of course. There is still much more research and studying for me to do.

Enigma – Principles of Lust

I think it is about time that I write a post from a more personal level.

Hi. I am Frank Thornton. The man who has been writing the hot sex stories, posting a couple videos, and a couple other posts. I suppose my introduction was a personal post, but that was just a beginning post.

Now as much as I would love to go on and on about me and my thoughts and so forth. That isn’t exactly why I am writing a personal post. My original intention was to provide you with the entertainment of another hot sexy story. Honest to goodness, that really was what I wanted to do.

But I have found myself under attack by a disorganized nefarious organization. They have been absolutely ruthless in their attacks on me. So much so that I need to turn my attention to stopping these attacks. In fact, I need to turn my attention to doing everything I can render this dastardly group impotent against me.

If I am being too cryptic, just take a look at the picture above.

Now. I do not want my wonderful readers to leave without providing something pleasurable. So I am including another very hot and sexy music video. I have always thought this song would be awesome to fuck to (who am I kidding, it is awesome to fuck while this song is playing, and I’ll do it again). If you want to know what I really wish I could be doing. Then listen carefully to the woman in the background.

My First Sexual Adventure

I won’t tell you my age, nor hers. Suffice to say, we were both young.

She got the message to me that she wanted to be my girlfriend. I, despite my intense shyness (something I no longer have), I got my nerve together and asked her to be my girlfriend. I knew she was not a virgin. She didn’t know I was. She just assumed that being a couple years older than her, I had some experience.

At the time, I lived with my parents (this was very normal for anyone my age). I had two siblings. The two siblings were out of the house playing with friends around the neighborhood. My parents were in their bedroom.

Lisa and I were in the living room kissing. Her body felt so warm against mine, even through our clothes. Her skin was so incredibly soft. I felt this must be what it feels like to be high. I was in sexual euphoria just from the taste of her lips and the brushing of her beautiful young body against my own.

She must have felt the same, for she broke a kiss and simply asked me “do you want to?” My reply was equally simple. Despite the tremor in my voice and my shyness and intense nervousness, I said “yes”.

I was on top kissing her, a blanket lay spread under her. I rolled off of her and removed my clothes while she undressed beside me. I pulled a condom out of my wallet and rolled it onto my cock. I say rolled like I knew what I was doing. My hands were shaking so much, and I hadn’t done this before, so it really wasn’t that easy, but I did manage. After all, it isn’t like those things are really that complicated. Bras were far more difficult for me to figure out (but I know those things quite well now).

She laid back and for the first time in my life I felt a young woman’s bare skin against mine. That is what I remember most. I remember the feel of her bare legs against my cock and against my legs and the feel of her stomach against mine. I can distinctly recall the feel of her very hard nipples against my chest and her breath against my neck.

I could feel the entirety of my cock all at once as it slowly slid into her. I wanted to just thrust into her, and I wanted to go slow and savor every bit of the feel of this brand new sensation. I wanted to savor the wetness, and the warmth, and just let my mind and body feel her pussy wrapping around my cock.

The feeling was so sensational. I couldn’t believe the incredible warmth surrounding my cock and radiating through my entire body and running through my mind. I couldn’t believe the softness of her body against me, causing every nerve to feel alive. Yet it was real, and it was finally happening.

I knew I didn’t want to cum too fast, and I knew there was no chance I was going to last more than a few moments. It was just too much, it was too overwhelming.

Just as I knew it would happen, after only a few thrusts, I could not hold back. My body tensed and I used all of my willpower to hold off just a couple more seconds, but the inevitable happened and I was cumming into the condom. I couldn’t believe how much my entire body was trembling. I am sure I bit my lip to keep from making any noise that could travel to my parent’s bedroom.

It was done. I was no longer a virgin. Lisa was my first. I didn’t have any idea what I was supposed to do now. All those hours of thinking about sex, all that time of learning what I could, and not once did I learn anything about what a person does after sex. Now I felt really awkward.

I kissed her. I was still inside her, but I could feel my body fidgeting. She asked me if something was wrong (yeah, could I feel any more awkward?). I confessed. I told her she was my first. Now she felt awkward. I wasn’t her first, but her previous partners were not virgins. Now she wasn’t sure what to do. Every time before her partner took the lead, she wasn’t used to being the experienced one.

Somehow we both got through that bout of shyness. We both knew it was a really good moment. Also, in what would become quite typical for me when it comes to good sex with a good partner, I recovered quite quickly, and she and had enjoyed sex one more time on that living room floor. What an adventure into a new life for me.

Quickie Sex

We don’t have much time. We never do. I want so much to have a few hours of naked pleasure with Bethany. This is not likely to happen though. She is married and does not intend to end her marriage. I have no desire to take her away from her husband. She just wants the sex she cannot get at home. I just want the sex. We have a convenient relationship (and a good friendship too).

Sometimes we just hang out. No pressure, and no fuss. We both enjoy the time spent together.

Sometimes, though, she needs to fuck. She needs to have a man inside of her.

We never have enough time, and we always make the most of the time.

We go to the bedroom (our preferred place for comfort). She undresses quickly. I try to keep up. I can’t help but smile. I love the enthusiasm. I love the way she makes me feel just by wanting me.

My cock wasn’t hard when we entered the bedroom, but I can feel it stirring to life, rising to the occasion. She lays on her back, legs parted and waiting for me. I climb onto the bed moving up between her legs. I kiss her lips, her neck, and her nipples.

I can feel her impatience. I can feel her desire to enjoy the feel of my mouth on her skin, and her impatience to simply have me inside of her. The taste of her skin, and the feel of her desire complete the job make my cock hard and ready for her.

She is wet. I rub the head of my cock up and down her slit, teasing her clit, teasing her pussy with the cock she knows will soon slide into her. I give her what she wants. I slide my cock into her. Her muscles seem to grab and pull me in. She moans and pulls in my lust. She draws on my ego without even thinking about it.

I hold still for only a moment to savor the feeling of having my cock buried deep inside a hot pussy. Savoring the feel of going from the cool air to the hot pussy. It is a delight that I would not want to waste. I lay my body onto hers. I feel her skin rub against mine.

I begin thrusting, slowly but with certainty. I am still savoring the feel of her against my cock. I know the clock is ticking, but I can’t bring myself to rush it yet. I have to enjoy her body rubbing against mine. I have to enjoy the silky wet feel of her pussy wrapped around my cock.

I don’t think she is complaining. The soft sighs and moans definitely do not sound like complaints.

I straighten my arms and lift up. I position myself to thrust into her harder. I am ready to stop hearing the ticking of the clock and just let loose the lust. I am ready to make her cum on my cock and feel that incredible sensation of a throbbing pussy around me.

Each thrust I move a little faster, gently increasing the pace. Each thrust I push a little harder. Fucking her harder until my body is slapping into her pussy and my balls smack against her ass. I get into the rhythm. I let my body go. I enjoy the pleasure of my own muscles working to please Bethany.  I enjoy the pleasure her cunt is sending through all of the nerves of my cock.

I enjoy the increasing moans she is making. I can feel and hear her getting close. Her entire body is filling with tension that just needs to be released. I intend to release it. I want to feel it release on me. I thrust harder, knowing my body is slamming into her clit. I can feel my thrusts jarring her body up through her arms.

I feel her pussy squeeze my cock as she cries out with her orgasm. I feel it through my entire body and I feel it through my mind as my body gives into my orgasm. I push deep and hold my cock inside her just feeling the throbbing of my cock as it sends my cum deep inside her.

We smile at each other with our bodies still trembling. The clock is still ticking and both of us know she must leave soon. As much as we both want to lay there and enjoy being in each other’s arms, we get up, clean up, get dressed and too soon she is on her way.

But still. There is a lot to be said for these quick moments. Something about them just energizes me.

The Seduction of Jolene: Part 1

I met Jolene through an adult personals web site. To clarify, this is site for people seeking deep meaningful relationships which are designed to last only a few hours, relationships that can be repeated as necessary.

We exchanged a few e-mails before we decided to meet in person. For safety reasons we decided to meet in a public place. A place where we could see whether or not the person we had been talking with had been honest about appearance. To take some time to see if we like each other in person before decided to take the next step to simply have sex with each other.

I already knew what I wanted. I knew I wanted to have sex with her before I met her. Why? Because I honestly did not want to wait, I had denied myself the pleasure of sex too many times. It was more than just wanting sex though. Far far more. I wanted Jolene to want me. It was not enough for me to simply have sex with her. It would not be enough unless she wanted to have sex with me.

We met. She was the person she had described. I could tell she liked that I was the person I had described. I found her pretty, attractive, and my mind had not changed about wanting to have sex with her before the night ended.

Circumstances required me to return home. I asked her politely if she felt comfortable to join me. I could sense her interest, and we had only talked a few minutes. I knew she would feel she was taking a risk, so I asked, and offered all of the trust I could muster within me. She accepted, and followed me back to my house. Once there, she saw why I needed to return. She understood that I had spoken truthfully in our e-mails regarding my circumstances. Her trust increased, and her curiosity about me as a person increased. I would use both of those to seduce her into my bed.

I fixed her a soft drink and we sat and talked. I let her get to know me, I got to know her. Mostly I listened. I let her freely say anything she needed to say. Among the things she said was that she didn’t want to have sex with me this night. I did not tell her I wanted to change her mind. To break through all of her resistance until she would gladly take off my clothes and her have way with me.

We carried the conversation outside to allow her to have a cigarette. We talked. I listened more. I touched her hands, her arms, and her shoulders confirming that she was comfortable to allow me to touch her. I used a light touch letting her feel my presence. I allowed her feel my interest in her body without being pushy.

I asked her directly and politely for permission to kiss her. She wanted to kiss. She had reached the point of comfort and interest in me that she wanted to kiss me as much or more than I wanted to kiss her. I heard it in her voice when she said yes, and I felt it in her lips and skin when we kissed. I touched her cheek after our lips met. My finger tips caressing her skin and moving back to move through her hair. Her lips parted and our tongues met. She tasted sweet. I could taste and feel her desire in that kiss. She had stated she didn’t want to have sex with me on our first meeting. Her body clearly had other ideas. Ideas that I intended to move from her body and into her mind.

We moved back inside to the couch. I let her talk more. I listened, and I touched her caressing her arms, and her legs just above her knees. I let her know through my actions that I wanted to kiss her more. I let her know I wanted to touch her more. I asked her straight forward if she felt comfortable to ask me to stop if I did anything she did not feel comfortable with. I assured her that if she asked me to stop, I would stop. I meant those words. I would not push her if she asked me to stop.

We began kissing again. I moved closer, letting my body move against hers. My hands roamed over the outside of her clothes. I touched her through her jeans, shirt, and bustier. I could feel her desire rise more as she felt mine pressing against her leg. She put her hand on my cheek, holding my lips against hers. She teased my tongue with hers. I drank in her desire. Feeling it pulse through her body in time with my own.

I suggested moving to the bedroom. She accepted, still saying we wouldn’t do anything. I assured her we wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to do. I gave her one of my t-shirts so that she would be more comfortable than she would in the shirt she was wearing. The t-shirt allowed my fingers room to slip under and touch her skin. There was no question I would take advantage of this for as long as she would allow.

We kissed with more and more intensity. She pressed her body against me as much as I pressed against her. I could feel her rubbing her legs and stomach against my erect cock. I feel her delighting in the feel of my cock as she kissed my lips. My fingers caressed the skin of her back, and her stomach. Inching higher and higher, feeling more and more of her skin under my hands.

To be continued in Part 2