Condom Electrifies Penis

The main detractor of condoms is that they decrease sensation in the penis, sometimes even making it difficult to perform. So, if a condom didn’t decrease sensation, there wouldn’t be much of a reason to avoid using it and not practicing safe sex.  That’s the direction where the creator of the “Electric Eel” is going in.

Andrew Quitmeyer has developed an open source digital condom that delivers a  mild electric stimulation to the wearer’s penis. He named it after the electric eel (from the ocean) – that also shocks people and other fish.  Only this eel delivers a pleasurable shock!

The current prototype is built with a conductive fabric and Lilypad microcontroller.  A small battery sends a small shock through the bottom of the condom in order to provide stimulation to the underside of the penis.

The electric currents are manipulated by a microcontroller connected to the condom and operated by the user, or by “various Internet APIs” accessed from a mobile device. Men would get to determine the exact stimulation that they want.  Sounds like fun to me and it would give safe sex an upgrade.

The development team have personally tested the Electric Eel themselves. The campaign is only in very early stages.  It was an Indiegogo project last February (2014) and if you paid them $350 or more, you would get a handmade electric eel. Looks like they didn’t reach their goal of $10,000.  (They only raised $1,750.)

That is a real shame because I think that it would definitely encourage more men to volunteer to wear protection.  Men are acting like big babies about getting their penis shocked right now.  But, I bet that it will become more traditional in a few years.  I know from personal experience that an electric vibrator is essential to my sanity.  Guys are just too chicken to explore the parameters of ecstasy.

Frank’s Hot Sex Stories

Where are Frank’s sex stories???

Right now I am working on writing mainstream books (full length novels) under a pen name. I have one published, another with a goal to complete this year, then two more over the next 2 – 3 years following that.

Should I achieve commercial success (which is quite possible based on the incredible reviews I’ve received), then I will not have to work for a company, which would give me the freedom to truly write under 2 names and get those hot stories going again.

If sex stories could support me, I would do them full time, but the money just isn’t there.

Please be patient with me, and I will bring the steamy sex back to this space.  Plus I am diligently seeking other writers who could help make that site even hotter than it’s ever been.  Send those positive vibes.

Support A New Author

This book is not an erotica book, but the author is a very good friend of mine and I am supporting his first published work.  I’ve personally read the book and it’s good.

You can find it at his e-store:

Jeremy’s Kiss

Or you can get on it on Kindle.

Jeremy’s Kiss Kindle version

Like I said.  It’s a good book.  I would have added more sex, but I am a pervert like that.  Enjoy the book as much as I did.

Here is a teaser from the book.

Natalie stood at the kitchen sink to wash the blood off her hands, the sweet luxurious blood covering her hands and her right arm up to her elbow.  Even the little drops of blood touching her skin on her face and neck felt like little pleasures of life to her skin.  The blood was life, the source of her nourishment and immortality.  She knew she needed to drink it to survive, but the feel of it on her skin was like a wondrous drug to her senses.

The scent of the blood filled her nostrils, urging her to taste it, to drink it and let it fill her with life.  She could feel her fangs pushing against the inside of her bottom lip.  She wouldn’t drink any of this blood though.  They deserved to be dead and she would not allow even a portion of their blood to live inside her.

She turned on the water and thoughts of Lady MacBeth crossed her mind.  The image of washing the blood from her hands passed through her mind before her hands touched the water.

The water was like a bucket of ice thrown onto her while relaxing in the bathtub.  Losing the pleasure of the blood on her skin was so intense it felt painful.

From the living room behind her, she could feel Steve’s sanity slipping.  He knew he had just helped kill the man who employed him.  He knew the two dead bodies in the living room were as close to friends as he known in his life.  He also knew he had been powerless to do anything but help Natalie kill them.

He wasn’t slipping away from her though; the link between them was going to last longer than his sanity.  The thoughts of sharing his fall into insanity were far more unsettling than washing the blood and flesh from off her hands and arms.

Looking back, she wondered how she got to this point.

The Price of Sex


My Hot Sex Stories has been on a hiatus to take care of matters that could not be avoided.

Such is life sometimes.  For business reasons though.  The majority of my writings will be published by ebook instead of here at My Hot Sex Stories.  I will still come here to post a story now and then (when I have completed taking care of the matters that cannot be avoided).

Please continue to enjoy the existing stories.  My Hot Sex Stories will not be going away.

Favorite Way To Get a Blow Job

This is a partial repeat of a post I wrote about a year ago. Enjoy.

I enjoy receiving oral sex. My favorite way to get a blow job is fairly normal for most men.

First of all, there is no ONE way to receive oral sex. When I was younger and a gentle breeze was enough to get me aroused maybe one way was enough. But I am quite evolved past that point. After a certain amount of time and interaction, there are scars on the inside as well as pleasant memories. Both of those combine to make me into something new and unique and no longer the same as I was as a teenager.

Be into it. Seriously. Don’t treat giving a man oral sex as a favor to him. If you don’t enjoy it, or you are not really into it, it will show. Treat it is as something you really do want to do. As something that arouses you, makes you wetter and hotter. Revel in the power you have over him through the attention focused mostly on one part of his body. Whatever it is that works for you, that makes you enjoy giving oral sex, then open yourself to that and let it show to the man you are sucking.

Don’t be a porn star about it. Maybe that works for some guys, but not me. Porn is fun to watch, but it comes across as so fake. I don’t want fake in my sex life. I think there are very few people who would ever say they want sex to be fake in some way (toys may be excluded from that statement).

About technique. There are three things that generate the most sensation for me when receiving oral (all of this is pre-orgasm). The first is slickness. The more slippery your mouth and my skin become, the more I notice and enjoy what is happening. If your mouth becomes dry, the sensation becomes rougher and less and enjoyable to me.

The second thing is depth. I’ve been told (many times) that I am well endowed, and I also know I have been deep throated (but only one person really did that). It isn’t a contest, it is just what you enjoy and testing your limits. Whatever you do, don’t push past your limit. Getting sick at this time really would kill the mood. I am not sure if some guys enjoy the gagging thing or not, but I know I don’t.

If I see a video where the giver is gagging herself on the male actor, I get totally turned off and tune out the video. It is just that bad to me. But I do very much enjoy having as much of my cock inside of the warm and welcoming mouth as possible. One thing that I have noticed helps is using your hand at the base of the cock. Let your fingers get wet so they slide up and down the shaft while your lips slide up and down the shaft and when I close my eyes I can hardly tell where one begins and one ends.

The third thing is the position of the tongue. For me there is only one side of my cock that is truly sensitive to the feeling of the tongue rubbing against it. If I am laying on my back, and my partner is positioned between my legs where she can look up my body to see me, then her tongue is going to hit that side. The ridge the goes up and down the entire shaft and also happens to be where one can feel my cum when it travels up the shaft. I have had many an orgasm when the mouth covered my cock from other angles (my second favorite is 69). I don’t have to have it this way, this is one way that I really like it.

Swallowing? Spitting? It really doesn’t matter to me. But it does make a difference if the orgasm happens in the mouth or if the mouth is pulled away. I think that makes a difference for everyone. If you are a woman, imagine a man is sucking on your clit and the moment your orgasm starts, he pulls his mouth away. If the moment was built up properly, you’ll still have your orgasm, but it won’t be the same or have the same intensity. Does that mean you should let a man cum in your mouth no matter what? Nope, refer back to the paragraph about getting sick. If you honestly can’t handle it, then don’t do it.

Ok. I hope you enjoyed my favorite way to get a blow job. Of course there is still more to it than this. The main things I wanted to stress were getting into the mind aspect, and honestly enjoying it. After that, there are little things that vary from guy to guy, and learning each man’s likes and dislikes just takes a little time and practice.

Break Time

We apologize for the delay and getting new, fresh, hot sexy stories and videos published for everyone.

Life threw me a major twist last week.  I will not go into details.  I will share that the idea of writing or doing anything much productive was last on my mind, so I took a break.

Hannah has been very busy with her personal projects, and a few minor issues where she lives.  She will get caught up and back here being very helpful very soon.

I am working to get fresh stories written, while at the same time dealing with the issues of the days.  It is not an easy process by any means, but it is necessary.

On a side note.  Hannah and I have been looking at the expenses of maintaining this blog (like web hosting, time investment, etc), and questioning whether or not the money received has been worth the efforts.

We have chosen to accept donations and to use advertising to generate money to cover the expenses involved in providing awesome stories for the pleasure of our readers.  The advertising only pays if someone clicks the link from this site and actually purchases something from the advertiser.  If there is an advertiser you would like to see, please feel free to contact Hannah or myself to let us know.

For now.  I will go back to working on the writing.  Thank you for visiting.  We do appreciate everyone who has come here to read these stories.


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I am a normal man. As a normal man, I do masturbate. How often I masturbate depends on how much sex I am having at the time. But I cannot recall the last time I went a full day without masturbating (and that includes days I had sex).

This story happened at a time I had a long and difficult week. I had a regular job and things had been much busier than normal, and I was also doing some very physical work. I had been going to work in the morning with muscles still sore from the day before. It has been a week of that kind of tired.

Sometime over the weekend, or on Monday, something got a little off in the going pee department. By Tuesday, I had that burning sensation that you get when you know you have to go pee bad, and your muscles are getting tired from holding it in. The problem was that I was like that all day, and I went frequently to try and get past that feeling, but even though I had that feeling, I didn’t always have to go pee. By Tuesday evening, I gave up on hoping it would go away and I took a dose of AZO standard.

If you are not familiar with this product, I’ll give the brief description. It is designed to provide urinary discomfort relief. It works (when you don’t have a significant problem that you should see a doctor about), and it also makes you pee a really funny shade of yellow or orange (usually orange). I can deal with peeing weird colors when it also comes with relief. I got the relief that I wanted.

By Wednesday, the burning like I have to pee sensation has gone away and I am not peeing funny colors.

My muscles are still really really tired though. So I called it an early night one night. I took a hot shower (as hot as I could stand). Crawled in between clean sheets and turned on the TV.

I drifted off with the TV and a light on (I have to be really really tired to be able to do that). The problem was that I didn’t stay asleep. I woke up (it was still relatively early).

I shut off the TV and lights, and settled back into trying go back to sleep. It didn’t work out quite that well. It was like something got switched on in my brain. I guess you could call it restless thoughts syndrome. I tossed and turned a bit, my muscles sore and exhausted, my brain all but fried, and I couldn’t sleep.

I knew I was going to have to do something. Usually the best way to fix my restless mind (when I am tired and need sleep) is sex. Maybe it is the endorphins or hormones or some weird chemical that hits my brain and turns off the restlessness.

I was way too tired for things to be “up” or for it to get “up” easily. So I turned the TV back on put on a recorded adult show. A few minutes of programming and things are working like they should. My body is rising to the occasion, and my mind is getting into sex mode.

I readjusted and made myself just a bit more comfortable (getting my underwear and blankets out of the way and such).

I moved my hand into place to touch myself. The show on TV moved into the background as my mind took over control of the eroticism my body needed. Images and feelings filtered through my imagination and memory, sending messages to my nerves through different parts of my body. I let my muscles feel the differences in the sheets beneath me, and the touch of my hand moving back and forth.

I didn’t need much time once my mind was engaged. My goal was my orgasm. I wasn’t doing this for foreplay or for prolonged pleasure. I felt the tension building, my body shifting slightly in response. My eyes closed as images and feelings continuing through my mind, my hand moving slightly faster. I felt it build higher and readied for it to release.

In moments I felt that release, the throbbing against my hand, tremors traveling through my muscles, and I could feel the cum under the skin as it traveled its course up the shaft and out of my body. I relaxed into those feelings, enjoying them and letting them go through my body and into my mind, taking all thoughts with it.

Then I noticed something a bit unusual. I made a new discovery. The cum sitting in a small puddle on my stomach was orange.

The next time I have urinary discomfort and take AZO for it, I will definitely make sure that any sex related activity is done in the dark. Seeing my semen looking a strangely orange color nearly ruined the whole thing. Lucky for me I knew why it looked orange, and I was so tired that I could no longer stay awake, so I cleaned up and fell back to sleep in minutes.

Eating Pussy

Why do cats get hairballs?

Cunnilingus: The act or practice of orally stimulating the female genitals.

That is the definition from a dictionary.  Clearly I need to practice more.

I don’t know if I am the best at going down on a woman.  I have my own technique and tricks that I have come to believe work for me.  I know that I have lots of readers of both sexes.  Even though the comments come from women.  There are still plenty of men coming by to read.  Hopefully we can get at least a little discussion going about this topic.  After all, I truly wouldn’t mind getting a few ideas for things that I could do better.

Here is the art of eating pussy from my perspective.  I know there is no one technique that works for every single woman.  Some women can be stimulated by tongue and mouth for much longer than the endurance of my tongue and mouth.  Some are so sensitive that they seemingly cannot endure more than a few seconds.

When I go down on a woman.  I try to determine what she needs more in that moment.  Do I go very slowly and tantalizing across as much of her skin as possible, delaying as long as possible before my lips touch her pussy?  Or do I seemingly without warning suck her clit between my lips?

When I go slow.  I kiss and nuzzle lots of skin.  My tongue takes in the taste of neck, tits, stomach, thighs, knees, and more if I am of a mind to do so.  When I do this, I especially like teasing with my tongue by getting as close to the pussy as I can without actually letting any part of my body touch the pussy.  The crease of the leg at the top of the thigh, the inside of the thigh are two of my favorite spots to tease with when I do this.

I have never used what I call the porn technique where my tongue simply goes in circles around the labia and sometimes brushes the clit.  When I finally get to the pussy.  The tip of my tongue separates the lips of the labia and holds it open as I move my head in closer.  My tongue licks the clit in multiple directions.

I enjoy sucking the clit between my lips and teasing the tip of it with the tip of my tongue.  My arms will wrap around the thighs and leave the woman no choice but to have my face pushed hard into her pussy, and her clit sucked as far into my mouth as I can manage.

I have no inhibition about pushing my tongue inside the pussy.  I love the feel of a pussy wrapping around my tongue and feeling the muscles squeezing my tongue like they will squeeze my cock when I bury it inside her.  I especially love doing this during orgasm so that I can taste the orgasm as it happens.

Obviously I could go on with more and more descriptions of what I like to do to pleasure a woman when I go down on her.  I am stopping her with the description of the two things I like to do the most.  Please share your thoughts on eating pussy and let’s create a world of incredibly awesome pussy eaters.

The Answer to the question above.  They get hairballs from licking so much pussy.

Things I Like

We have five senses.  I like to use all of them.


I like to look at the curves of a woman’s body.
I like the look of a feminine face.
The sensuous lips and seductive eyes.
The graceful curve of a neck exposed, the gentle underlying pulse in the throat.
The sight of cleavage which promises more to see.
The tantalizing sight of a thigh exposed beneath a skirt.
The hands with those graceful fingers I can imagine wrapped around my cock.
The nails I can imagine scratching my skin.
The soft skin.
The exposed breasts, ready and needing to be sucked.
The curve of a woman’s ass, so inviting to be caressed or spanked.
The arousing sight of a woman’s pussy, knowing the pleasure of my cock finding its way there.

The rustle of a woman’s clothes, so very different than the sound of a man’s clothes.
The click of heels of a hard floor.
A feminine voice, high pitched or low, just distinctly feminine and musical to my ears.
The soft whispery sound of my fingers rubbing against her soft skin.
The sound of a kiss, lips touching, tongues sliding, moisture clicking.
The sound of a woman breathing, shallow with increasing passing, or sharply inhaling.
The soft moans, the gasps of pleasure, the sharp quick moans, the squeals and screams of ecstasy.

The scent of perfume from a few feet away.
The smell of a woman’s clothes, so imbued with her natural scent, her perfume, and more.
The smell of a woman’s hair, especially along the hairline near her neck, with the slight scent of her sweat, her hair spray, her perfume, and her makeup combined (while my lips are on her neck and throat).
The smell of her chest where it is mostly perfume and sweat.
The smell of her face made up mostly of her natural scent combined with makeup, as I inhale sharply while kissing.
The smell of her pussy, the raw musky scent of arousal and desire. Sweat and lubrication combine to form a strong and intensely arousing scent that is just plain sex.

A woman’s lips, with so many different possible lipsticks.
The taste of a woman in general. The slightly different taste of a woman aroused.
The taste of a woman’s skin, the slight taste of perfume, of makeup, and of sweat.
The clean tastes of women’s shampoo and soap still lingering even several hours after the shower.
The taste of a woman’s pussy. Sometimes light and sometimes strong. Sometimes fairly sweet, and sometimes salty. The always different tastes of clit as compared to pushing my tongue into the pussy itself. And the different taste of a pussy after orgasm.

The softness and silkiness of women’s clothes.
The soft hair.
Soft skin.
Wet lips.
Hot throat.
Tight ass.
Squeezable tits.
Full body pressed against mine.
Tits pressed against my chest.
Legs wrapped around my waist.
Hot, silky, wet pussy wrapped around my cock.

I could go on and on. These are things and details I try so hard to notice when I write a sex story. I want to bring these things to life for everyone who reads them. I want it so real you can see yourself in my stories. You can imagine that you are there with your lover.

If you feel these things, and noticed any details I missed. Please share them with me. I have no doubts that your input could only help my stories.