How To Get Laid On Adult Dating Sites

Using an adult site to get laid.

Adult Friend Finder
Adult Dating

These are examples of “dating” sites where the principle idea is sex. Maybe long term relationships are involved, and maybe not. The real point is that people really do log into sites like these for the purpose of meeting someone to have sex with.

What I have to write is more for men than for women. For my female readers, this may give you a bit of insight into a male mind, and to completely honest, I would ask you to read and offer your comments and thoughts.

A lot of the stories I have written are true stories that occurred at a time I was using an adult dating site. I am not going to name which one I was using, but I will tell you that it is in the list above, and I will also tell you that if you sign up for any of those sites, then Hannah and I may receive compensation for advertising their site.

For the guys, this is only a sharing of what did and did not work for me, and what I really learned while on the dating site.

The first thing you do on a dating site is create a profile. The profile is one of the top two impressions others will have of you. That means it is important to write a profile that will get you what you want. The first and foremost I would say is being honest. Don’t put in your profile that you are CIA operative, or British Secret Service agent unless you truly are (and anyone who is will never identify their work on a dating site like these). If your job isn’t “sexy” enough, then don’t mention it. Don’t talk about how big your cock is unless you can back up every single word. Don’t talk about how you can go down on a woman for hours unless you have done that to just about every woman you have been with.

In your profile, don’t give just a laundry list of what you expect in a sexual partner. Share at least something about yourself. It is preferable to share something you like instead of something you dislike. Avoid sharing information about past partners. If they want to brag, let them, but don’t do the bragging yourself.

The picture or pictures are the other most important part of your first impression. In truth, your picture can be the most important because it will catch the eye before anything else will. If you do not have a picture, the number of potential partners who will look at your profile will drop incredibly low. Give very careful consideration to your picture. In fact, take the time to go out and look at pictures other men are posting. Unless things have changed, you will see way more cock that you thought would ever see in one day (unless on purpose). So do something different. Avoid the “cock” shot. It doesn’t matter how impressive or “pretty” your cock is. There are lots of impressive and lots of pretty cocks already pictured. You need to do something different to set yourself apart from the other “studs”. If you cannot show your face (very common when wanting to protect your job), then say that in your profile. Add a note that says you will provide face pictures by request only. Then do pictures of you dressed but in natural settings. Like outdoors, or doing something you like (on a bike, or relaxing with a drink, or whatever suits you). Let the picture give at least an idea of what kind of person you are, as much as you feel comfortable to do. The picture I used was me in shorts in my bedroom. My head was cut off (for privacy), and I stated I would provide a face picture on request (which included me being sure the person was not family, co-worker, or could get it back to either). It was a subtle I am available, but not hanging everything out there picture, which invited seekers to consider asking for more.

Despite having a good profile and a decent picture, I wasn’t done yet. The men to women ratio on these sites is not in men’s favor. Women don’t have to have a picture or a profile, just sign up and indicate they are female and they will get more email than they can handle (just repeating what I have been told).

In order to really be successful, I had to purchase an account with the site so that I could initiate contact with women. A basic account on any of these sites will not allow you to initiate contact, and often times either restricts or does not allow you to respond if someone does contact you.

Once I had an active more than basic account, I searched. I went through profiles looking for women who fit what I was interested in. Then I narrowed it down by excluding women who had not logged in within a certain time frame (no point sending an email that won’t get read), and by excluding women whose profile indicated they wanted something significantly different than me. With the list available, I initiated contact. I initiated contact with all of them. It wasn’t an email that said “hey babe, let’s fuck”. You have to give women a bit more credit than that. If your profile and picture are so important toward giving a woman an impression of who you are, then it means they want to get to know you. So send an email to them to let them know you are interested, and would love to hear back from them and get to know them and share more of yourself.

Start with conversation. Let conversation lead to meeting. Let meeting lead to the final goal of having sex.

There are some things to keep in mind in this kind of dating environment. The average male is noticeably physically stronger than the average female. This can cause women to feel some fear for their safety. Don’t expect that just because you made some effort, that a woman will just right away overcome fears and come running to jump into bed with you. Women have their own fears and desires. Those fears have to be overcome, and those desires need to be met in order for them to come running to jump into bed with you.

Success on adult dating sites is most definitely possible. If that is what you are wanting, then go for it. Sign yourself up and put forth some effort to meet new partners for sex. When I was actively using the dating site, I made contacts for almost a dozen potential sex partners and met about half that many for sex within a two month period. I am open to questions in the comment box and will try to respond to everyone with sincere questions.

Zoey’s Orgy Dream Part 1

At one point in time Frank and I were able to see each other on a regular basis. Circumstances have changed since that time and unfortunately, that is no longer the case. It has been a long time since I have seen Frank. Honestly, a few hours used to seem like an eternity. However, there are occasions that I dream about being with Frank. This happens to be one of those dreams.

At the beginning of the dream, Frank and I have just had very satisfying orgasms. This is strange because most of the time at the beginning sex hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, Frank is above me up on his arms looking into my eyes. We smile at each other, and Frank drops his head so our foreheads are touching. He tells me, “Sweetie, I have to move.” I frown at this statement, but I unwrap my legs from around his legs. I know I was holding him there on purpose because I wanted to keep him on top of me as well as inside of me for as long as I could.

Frank moves off of me and lies on his side with his head propped up on his hand. He has this look in his eyes. I’ve seen this look. I know this look. He has something planned. I ask the question with the look on my face.

He smiles at me and tells me, “I invited some friends over.”

That explains what he was doing at the door. He was making sure it was unlocked so we wouldn’t have to get out of bed to let them in. I roll over so I can press my back against his chest. He knows I want him to hold me and he wraps his arms around me. I love it when he holds me. It’s like he is trying to pull me full length into his body. It always made me feel safe, secure, and loved.

Frank starts to kiss and nuzzle my neck. He latches on with his mouth. I put my hand in his hair to hold him to the spot, begging him with my actions to brand me as his.
A short time later, Frank’s friends showed up. Two men and a woman. Frank and I are still in bed, completely and gloriously naked. The others decide they are overdressed and they begin undressing. I assist the two men, and Frank assists the woman.

I got the better end of this deal. I help the men out of their shirts, and help myself to the pleasure of caressing their bare chests with my fingertips. I can’t resist but to lean forward and kiss and taste their bare skin one after the other.

Each one takes hold of one of my tits as if they are in perfect sync with each other. With a brief look passed between them, they lean forward and each takes a nipple into their mouths. The sensation of having both of my nipples sucked at the same time causes me to shudder uncontrollably. Without thinking clearly, my fingers wind into their hair and I hold them both there.

I remove my hands from their hair and caress their bodies as I work my fingers down to their pants so I can undo the buttons and get their pants off. The feel of their tongues on my nipples and their hands caressing my back, my ass, my legs, and even my pussy are making my pussy throb and I need to feel a cock inside of me soon.

In the back of my mind I know Frank is enjoying taking the clothes off the woman, but at this point in time, I don’t really care.

Both of the men help me get them out of their pants, while somehow always keeping a hand on my skin, and mouths kissing and sucking on me.

I hear the woman moaning and I realize Frank has slid his hard cock into her. I know exactly what she is feeling. I find myself laying on my back and the soft head of a cock pressing against my pussy. I know I have become incredibly wet, and that my juices have mixed with Frank’s cum inside of my pussy. There is no resistance as this man pushes his cock into my already well fucked pussy.

I feel the cock of the other man rubbing against my lips. He wants some satisfaction as well. I enjoy the taste of the cock on my tongue. I start to lick and suck him so that he knows that I enjoy pleasing a man with my mouth.

It doesn’t take long to get the cock in my mouth about ready to explode. I can feel the cum starting to move up his shaft. I have never liked the feel of a man cumming in my mouth so at the last second I pull him out right before he cums. The angle he is at when he releases shoots his cum onto my chest. The man inside of me starts to pump harder because he wants to be able to feel the satisfaction as well.

An orgasm starts to build in me as he pumps harder and faster. I try to hold it off, but it’s building too quickly. I cry out as the orgasm wracks my body.

Continued in Part 2

Sex & Laughter

Is it ever ok to laugh during sex?  Hell yes!

This isn’t a response to a comment or even a question I have read.  I just wanted to take a break from writing a strictly sex story and write out my own thoughts about something related to sex.  So I chose laughter.

There was no major process or epiphany or any such.  I was simply reading and came about the topic of laughter on a site dedicated to sex.  Then my brain decided to run with it.  So here are my thoughts on this.

Number one, sex is just plain fun.  Laughing is just plain fun.  Mix them together and have twice the fun.

Sex is not some serious dark secret that we have to hide away in some closet somewhere.  I used to keep it completely hidden.  I couldn’t dare to let anyone know that I actually had sex.  I couldn’t share it with people I worked with, or family, or friends.  I am past that now.  Close friends read what I write here.  I have family members who read what I write here.  I choose not to tell them exactly which stories are true, which are embellished, and which are fantasy.  They either know, figure it out, or don’t ask.

Now about that laughing thing.  Sex is not always perfect.  Honestly, some of these stories here involved some embarrassing moments that I didn’t include in the story.  Sometimes just before, or during, or after sex, something embarrassing would happen and it often left me and my partner laughing.

It is so easy to get so focused on that physical connection that you miss the side of the bed you intended to lean on.  Or you both move at the same time and end up butting heads together instead of lips meeting for a passionate kiss.  These things are simply reality.  They happen and they don’t have to spoil the moment.

In fact, the moment can be that free and open and I will dare to say child like laughter that your whole body just gives into.  Leaving your whole body feeling totally alive and happy and ready to just live.

I love to hear a woman’s laugh.  Especially when she is a sexual partner as well.  I delight in the pleasure a woman feels because of me.  Whether it is sex or laughing.  I feel no shame or reservation about sharing jokes or whatever to bring about laughter, even during sex.

After all, why should several hours of the day be devoid of laughter.

Let yourself be free to laugh.  Give yourself freedom for sex.  Bring them together and make it an experience that leaves your stomach sore and body trembling and completely satisfied.


Heterosexual – A person who is attracted to persons of the opposite sex

Homosexual – A person who is attracted to persons of the same sex

Bisexual – A person who is attracted to persons of either sex (not necessarily equal)

Trysexual – A person who expresses willingness to try anything sexual

Monogamous – A person who has only one sexual partner

Serial Monogamous – A person who has only one sexual partner at a time (no limit on how many)

Polygamous – A person who has multiple sexual partners at a time

Transsexual – A person who dresses as a person of the opposite sex (may be Hetero, Homo, Bi, or even Try). The person may quite honestly believe he or she is a member of the opposite sex living within the wrong gender body

Metrosexual – A person who is heterosexual, but outwardly displays characteristics common to homosexuals (such as a man who cares about grooming, clothing, personal products, etc)

Retrosexual – A person who is heterosexual, but strives to be the opposite of metrosexual

Flexisexual – A female who describes herself as heterosexual, but is willing to flirt with or kiss other females

Recently I read a news article about “flexisexual” women. It is a new term to me. Or maybe we could call it a new label. I do not particularly care. If you are not familiar with it, I’ll give the paraphrasing here.

Females who kiss (and/or flirt with) other females, but only have sex with males.

One possible example is Britney getting kissed publicly (and quite thoroughly) by Madonna or Katy Perry singing her cute little song about kissing a girl (video below).

This kind of thing has been going on a long time. I have either been through personal experience or talked to people who have personal experience to know that girls have done this since at least the 1960’s (just for FYI, I am not old enough to have known that far back personally). Maybe they are more open about it lately. I know from seeing old footage that women were very open about it during the 1960’s also. Then it faded away and girls didn’t publicly flirt with, or kiss, or talk about flirting with or kissing other girls publicly (or even where other friends could know about it). It still happened though.

So why does it have to be a big deal now? Why do we have to have a new label for it? Why do we even care?

My answers: It is not a big deal, it doesn’t need a label, and I don’t care.

What is next? Are we going to label Frank (aka me)? That really isn’t hard. Frank is male and so far no writings about encounters with men, so that eliminates homosexual and bisexual (actually, it doesn’t eliminate anything, we are just using the proof found in the writings). There is a whole lot of sexual stuff I have not written about, so it would be premature to describe Frank as Trysexual.

If we assume just half the stories are true (actually more than half are true as of this writing), then we can safely say I am not Monogamous. Since I am not going to admit which of the stories are true, then saying I am Serial Monogamous or I am Polygamous would be guessing (not that I think this one is a difficult one to guess anyway).

I have not discussed what I choose to wear, so the Transexual label would be a guess also.

As for being Metrosexual or Retrosexual, I could honestly care less. I take care of my appearance to a degree that suits me. I will state that I am not Metrosexual, and I just don’t care enough to reject it and call myself a Retrosexual. I think the best description I can give is that I am secure in my masculinity. I don’t have to prove or disprove it. I will just be me and I will enjoy it and every woman who wants to enjoy it with me.

But if you really insist on putting a label on me. I guess you could call me a Writasexual.

Strip Tease Art

What happened to the art of strip tease? Every “gentlemen’s” club I visit has erotic dancers. They may start off dressed, but they stop dancing to take off whatever clothes they take off and then go back to dancing.

There is Burlesque, but Burlesque is so focused on it’s “art” that it is not really erotic stripping.

This video is from quite a few years ago. It was taken from a show that featured supposedly amateur strippers in a strip off competition. As you can see, this is not Burlesque, and it is more than simply erotic dancing.

I wish there was more of this available for people like me who really enjoy it.

The “Old Spice Man”

I love this Old Spice Guy. He is so hot. I love the scent of Old Spice too. I guess I am too, too lame. He also has some advice for finding a man worthy of buying Old Spice for. The “Old Spice Man” recommends any man hanging around aircraft factories (the Green Lantern), or one who can stand five feet from the sun (Superman) or who can live underwater (Aquaman). What masterful marketing.

I Love Oral Sex

I am one man, and this post is me talking about oral sex. I just wanted to be clear on that because I don’t want anyone to think I am speaking for other men in general. Hopefully things I am about to say are things that other men can agree with though.

This is not about receiving oral sex (no matter how much I wish I had a pair of really sweet lips wrapped around my hard cock right now).

I felt inspired to write this after reading what a woman wrote about how much she would like to recieve more oral sex or more reciprocated oral sex. I have read thoughts like these before and each time I would think, maybe I should share my viewpoint, but then never did. So finally, the motivation has hit and I am sharing my point of view.

I will admit that I probably receive oral sex more often than I give oral sex. I will discuss why I think this imbalance has happened.

For the record. I enjoy giving oral sex to my sexual partner. I get very aroused by making a woman sigh and moan and breathe heavily (and cry out my name at times). I get aroused by being so intimately close to where I can give a woman so much pleasure. I don’t think it an accident that some cultures have referred to genitalia in a holy way. I don’t think of the vagina in holy terms, but it has such significance that I can understand the concept.

Now I will discuss why there is this imbalance (you can call this my reasons or excuses, the wording is up to you) in why I don’t give oral sex more often.

The biggest factor that comes to my mind is oxygen. Very often when giving oral sex, it becomes difficult to breath, and the more difficult it is to breath, the less enjoyable the whole experience is for me.

My experience is that my partners prefer to lay on their back to enjoy receiving oral sex. The best way I can imagine describing how this affects me is to give a simple exercise. Stand in the middle of a room, look up at the center of the ceiling, hold one finger under your nose (so it partially blocks your breathing), stick your tongue out and maintain this position for about 3 – 7 minutes. That would be simulating what it is like to be between a woman’s legs (where you can see her face). As much as I love watching a woman’s expressions of pleasure, this position is very stressful on my neck and my tongue.

If I try turning around so that I am parallel with my partner (sort of like 69, but I don’t actually move on top). I can position my head between her legs, and this is far easier on my neck (and strangely easier on my tongue too). The problem here is that I am risking rug (or sheet) burns on my forehead. Also, this position is really bad for getting a good supply of air. Between the legs and sheets, things can get kind of stuffy. On the plus side, it is a great way to feel my partner’s body shift and move in pleasure.

I kind of like laying on my back and letting my partner straddle my face, but I have noticed most of the women I have been with were not as into this position. I suspect because when I do it right, they find it difficult to maintain balance and hold themselves from letting their weight fall onto my face.

I really like 69 (woman on top). Once again this has not been the most popular among my partners. I wish I really knew why because I do like this position a lot. I really don’t like guy on top 69. I am not exactly lightweight (I am a full grown man after all). It gets a little distracting keeping my body weight held up like that, and from above you’ll notice that I said something about the oxygen issue.

One other issue, and it can be the big issue, but usually isn’t. Being clean and fresh. If anything smells or tastes funny, it can really mess up the mood. I haven’t experienced that very often, but unfortunately, it has happened.

So there is one guy’s thoughts on giving oral sex. At this point, it doesn’t seem like much to me, and I could probably write another page or two (and may end up doing that in comments). The overall thing is that I really do enjoy giving oral sex to my female partners, but I find it difficult and that kind of hurts the motivation.

Happy Sexy New Year 2011

It is time for the New Year to begin. Which means it is time for vacation to come to a end and for me to get back to work providing hot erotic stories for your pleasure.

To begin with. My admin is due for a good sound spanking. This stuffed shirt is going to pull her pants and panties down to her ankles and I intend to hold over my knee and spank her bare bottom until it glows a nice pretty shade of red.

Whatever shall I do with her then after I have spanked her and made her really wet and hot? I am sure I will write out that story for your pleasure of course.

Oh, and I definitely won’t be removing the link my dear admin shared with you. Just looking at those luscious big tits held in that leather bra gets me hot. I just wanna grab the back of that leather bra and pull her around and make her do whatever I want. I just know that after I get a woman locked into that leather bra, she would be at my mercy and could not stop me from pushing my cock between her sweet red lips.

I can definitely get some story ideas with those kinds of pictures. The New Year’s girl above gives me some story ideas too. I do love the look of fishnet stockings on such pretty legs and that teasing hint of cleavage. Hmm, I wonder if I could get some more hot sexy pictures of my lady readers wearing fishnet stockings or showing their sexy cleavage. I would love to write some personal stories for any readers who provide the inspiration.

Happy New Year everyone. Have some incredible sex, and come back often to read some Hot Stories.

Sexy Christmas Break


The Holiday season came back on us very quickly as it always does. For those who follow me on Facebook, you may already be aware that I celebrated my birthday yesterday. This gentleman chooses not to divulge his age.

As so many others are going to do at this time, I am going to turn my attention to family members near and far, and to friends here and away. I’m taking a sexy Christmas break from updating My Hot Sexy Stories until after the New Year has been rung in.

Please feel welcome to browse through the stories and videos posted so far. Please feel free to share your own thoughts. I look forward to hearing from those who come to read my stories.

Thank You Everyone. Have a very wonderful, happy, and incredibly sexy Holiday Season.

***Heh-heh!! This is Frank’s Admin. I happen to know that Frank has an affinity for Both Big Tits & Redheads. So, while he’s gone — I’m gonna put this great link up for up you’all. Click here to check out this gorgeous Redhead with enormous boobs. Check it out now — ’cause that stuffed shirt will probably remove it when he gets back!!!