Sometimes You Need Someone To Listen


“If you ever need someone to talk to, you can always come to me.” “I am always here for you if you need to talk.” “I am your friend and will always be here for you.”

I imagine everyone has heard those quotes, or at least something close to them. Our lives can get difficult. Things come up. Things happen. We find ourselves stressed out, or sad, or angry, or who knows what it is. We find ourselves in those times when our friends and or family remind us they are here for us. They remind us they are willing to listen if we need someone to talk to.

Knowing we have someone to talk to can make a world of difference. It can make a difference to go and talk to a complete stranger (such as a therapist or priest). It can make a difference to find a group of people who have been through something the same (such as addicts do in support groups).

Sometimes, though, we want one specific person or group to listen. I find this to be most common when it comes to relationships. In a marriage, a person’s friends can listen to the frustrations of the marriage, but it is the spouse who we really want to know about those frustrations. Or maybe it is the fiance, or the boyfriend/girlfriend. The point isn’t the specific relationship, the point is the specific person.

It can carry past a relationship too. If a relationship ends badly, and you are left feeling as though the other person did not listen to you, did not give your thoughts and feelings the credit you believe they deserve. It leaves you wanting to find a way to make that person listen. Friends can listen, new lovers can listen, family can listen, but that one person is the one you want to listen to you. It is difficult to face the prospect that the one person you really need to hear you won’t listen.

It was difficult as a teenager when parents decreed how things would be and the voice of frustration rang through my head and I just needed to be heard. It was difficult as an adult when another adult decided to just run away and never give my thoughts or feelings a voice.

Dealing with such thoughts and feelings is not an easy task. It is possible though.

Sometimes you need someone to listen to you. Sometimes you need one specific person to listen. For if they would listen, then you could deal with the frustrations, and you could relieve the stress within your own mind.

The comments box is open if you want to share your story of needing someone to listen.

When Foreplay is Something Different

When I met Zoey, she and I lived a few miles apart. We met for the purpose of sex. Years later, she and I still remark that was the reason we met. This isn’t one of the stories about Zoey in itself. Those will come shortly, but they will not come as many times as she did.

At first, she drove to meet me. The trip was about forty five minutes each way. Eventually, we balanced and there were times for each of us to drive to see the other.

When she drove to see me, it was with the purpose of seeing me to have sex. She needed the sexual release and had chosen me to provide it for her. Over time, our relationship became something more than sexual. We developed a bond and shared more of our lives with each other than just sex.

The sex she and I shared was simply awesome. That is more than enough reason for me to write out the stories and share them with readers. Over the course of the relationship we learned a lot about each other sexually. We learned what pleases, and we learned what teases. We learned about tantalizing and building up to phenomenal orgasms, and we learned how to provide each other with a very quick release.

That means we learned about giving each other foreplay. She learned my mind and body well enough to build my cock up to incredible feats of hardness. I learned her mind and body well enough to make her soaking wet before I ever touched the waistband of her panties.

That is obvious foreplay though. The point of the post is that Zoey and I had foreplay that was something so different, that hardly anyone would recognize it as foreplay.

The different foreplay we had was that drive between where we lived. We had become so accustomed to having sex when we saw each other, that just making that drive got our blood pumping. The familiar sights along the way were like little markers telling our minds and bodies that we were getting closer to having great sex.

Just making that drive was enough to make her wet. It was enough to make me hard. Waiting at home knowing the other was on the way had the exact same effect. Just knowing that sex was coming became part of our foreplay. It wasn’t foreplay as we know foreplay, but the point of foreplay is to get your body ready for sex. That drive, or that wait, got our bodies ready for sex, and that makes it foreplay.

Have you noticed anything that isn’t normally described as foreplay, but always seems to get you ready for sex? Please share your story here.