7 Naughty Tips

If You’ve been in your relationship for quite some time, you may find that the sparkle has started to fade. This doesn’t mean that you should let the sexual side of things slide though. Great sex can bring you closer together and make sure that your man doesn’t have eyes for anyone else! Here are 7 naughty tips to fuel your imagination.

7 Naughty Tips:7 Naughty tips

If you own a vibrator, don’t just keep the pleasure to yourself. Seeing you use your favourite sex toy can be a massive turn-on, and it also shows your man what you really like and where you want to be touched.

Perform a striptease

You’re probably used to getting undressed in front of your partner, but do you really make the effort to make it sensual? Taking your clothes off in a slow and seductive way adds plenty of anticipation, and will have him going wild for what’s to come.

Take it outdoors

Sex inside can get boring. Getting intimate outdoors adds an element of spice and danger, and this is something that many people will love. Whether it be the back of your car or out in the countryside, a change of scenery can be just what you need!

Read erotic literature together

Lots of couples watch porn together, but have you thought of reading erotic books to each other? Without the visual stimulation, you’ll have to get a bit more creative and let your imagination take control.

Try some light bondage

S&M isn’t for everyone, and if you haven’t experimented before, it can be a bit daunting. To ease yourself in gently, try a bit of light bondage. Use a tie to fasten your man to the bed, and give him an oral treat. He might love the feeling of being completely at your mercy.

Ask him what he wants

This might seem obvious, but have you ever really asked your man what he wants in the bedroom? A bit of gently probing could make him willing to share his fantasies, and this can lead to immense satisfaction for both of you.

Use technology to get him hot

We all lead busy lifestyles, and it’s easy to forget about home life while at work. If you want to set temperatures soaring though and have him rushing home, send a saucy text message while he’s out. If you’re feeling really bold, you could even send a provocative picture.

If you’re worried about keeping your man happy and faithful, try putting a few of these 7 naughty tips into action. Whatever happens, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have lots of fun along the way!

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Zoey’s Orgy Dream Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Later that evening, I got to watch something I have wanted to watch for a very long time. I watched two of the men sucking each other off. I don’t know if it was Frank and one of the other men or if it was the other two men. It didn’t really matter to me who it was. I just wanted to watch. I watched them as they ran their hands over the other one’s chest and stomach. They were really enjoying giving the other one pleasure. It was interesting the amount of joy they received from giving the other one pleasure.

When the men were done, I started kissing the other woman.

I enjoyed running my hands down her body and feeling her soft skin. My fingers explored her tits, even pinching her nipples and feeling them harden under my touch. I felt her stomach shudder and she inhaled sharply when my hand moved down her stomach. I caressed across her ribs and I ran my hands down her back so I could grasp her ass. I could hear the moan in her throat.
She broke the kiss and made me lay back onto the bed.

“I want to taste you.” She told me.

She kissed me timidly. I sensed this was the first time for her to go down on a woman. Shyly, she started to lick my pussy. She would dart her tongue in and out of my pussy. She just seemed to know how I liked to have my clit played with, and she pushed three fingers inside of me at the same time. I couldn’t help but moan and grind my hips so that my pussy pushed against her face.

“Turn around so I can taste you too” I told her.

She positioned herself over me so she could go right back to eating me. She wasted no time pushing her fingers back into my pussy and using her wonderful lips and tongue on my clit.

I wrapped my arms around her legs and used my hands to open the lips of her pussy. I felt nervous because I had never done this to a woman before. I opened my mouth and led with my tongue as I lifted my head straight to her pussy. I inhaled the scent. It was an incredibly strong scent of sex. I had smelled this scent before at times I had gone down on Frank to get him hard enough to fuck me again.

In moments my tongue was fully against the lips of her pussy and I liked the taste. I stopped hesitating and licked her. I pushed my tongue into the folds of her pussy and felt it slide inside. I liked the feel of her pussy around my tongue every time I slid my tongue into her. It was almost as though her muscles were trying to draw my tongue deeper into her.

The things she was doing to my pussy were so intense. There was no chance I could hold back an orgasm. I felt it building and I grew tense trying to hold it back. I wanted to feel her cum on my tongue. I wanted her to push down on my face hard and fuck my mouth with her pussy and just cum on me until she couldn’t breathe.

My hands grabbed her ass and legs even tighter and I pulled her tight against my face just like I wanted her to do on her own. I felt her push her fingers even deeper into my pussy and she started sucking my clit. Her other hand had a death grip on my leg and I realized she was going to cum soon.
I pushed my tongue deeper into her pussy, forcing it in as far as it would go. I felt her pussy pressed hard against my chin and realized her clit was rubbing against my chin. My face was so wet that her clit was easily sliding back and forth over my chin while my tongue flicked in and out of her pussy.

I couldn’t take anymore and I cried out into her pussy when she made me cum. I felt the vibration of her moaning into my clit when she came with me. I felt my body trying to buck against her, and I felt her body trying to buck against me. I had her ass held so tightly she couldn’t possibly move my head and tongue away from her pussy.

In moments I couldn’t take anymore, my clit was getting too sensitive and I pulled my head back. I was just about to find a way to make her stop when she turned her head away from my clit. I could feel her hot breath on the inside of my thigh. She was panting just like I was, and we were both sweating from the pleasure we gave each other. I held her there and she gladly didn’t move while we just continued to tremble with pleasure with our bodies held so closely together.

After a few minutes we both had regained our breath enough to move. She rolled off of me toward the two men she came in with. I realized Frank was on the other side of me when he slid close to me and pulled me into his arms. I turned to face the other three, pressing my back against Frank. His soft wet cock pressed against my ass, while he held me close, as if to pull me into his body, or to reclaim me as his. I smiled in the afterglow of really amazing sex and just relaxed into Frank’s embrace.