A Good King


What is it that makes a good King (you may substitute Queen for King)? There are many schools of thought. Here I can only show my own thoughts in the matter.

To begin with, there is how the King rules over his subjects. A King is fair with his subjects. He does not steal from them for his own gain. He levies taxes for the purposes of providing services to his subjects that are necessary (such as defending his subjects from hostile invaders), but does not levy taxes in order to fill his coffers with gold and riches. He manages the finances wisely so that he does not need to take any more taxes than is necessary.

He is there for his subjects when they need the guidance of leadership. When disaster strikes (such as storms or other natural disasters), he is there to make sure aid is rendered as quickly as possible.

In short, the King cares for the lives and the quality of life of his subjects and insures that everyone around him knows that he cares about them and will do all he can for them.

He is not a pushover who goes out of his way to just let them have anything they want whether they deserve it or not. He just does what is necessary to allow them to live their lives to the best of their ability. He does not fear to render punishments in and out of his country when punishment is deemed necessary to protect his subjects or to guide them to what is best.

In regards to how subjects respond to their King. The subjects love and respect their King. They accept his wisdom and give their best efforts to him as he gives his best efforts to their livelihoods.

The best chef’s compete to be charge of the King’s kitchen as a matter of pride to be the one to provide him the best meals. The best maids and butlers compete to work in the King’s castle as a matter of pride to insure he receives the best of their services. In the service of the country, the best economists, the best managers of various areas (such as farming, or defense) are available and want to offer their services to the King they admire and respect.

Because he is a good King who is loved and respected, the subjects will do their very best for him, for his needs to manage the country, and even for his comfort.

Why would I talk about something like this here on My Hot Sex Stories?

Because I know the kind of Dom I aspire to be.

Link Exchange

It’s a common practice among bloggers and other website owners to exchange links as a means of helping readers find other blogs and websites they may be interested in.

After giving it careful consideration, I have decided to include a list for link exchanges. To begin with, the links will be on the main page to the right of the posts. If I have too many requests for links, then I will create an additional page where links can be easily found without the “clutter” of blog posts and other widgets.

To all bloggers and other website owners who want to exchange links. Please let me know, and I will get started right away with setting up a place where your blog or website can be noticed, in exchange for a link on your website which should be in a place where it will get noticed.

Thank you in advance. I look forward to the opportunities to increase the number of readers here, and to also help my blogging friends find readers for their writings.

Your Story

What is your most memorable sex? What made it memorable? Was it the romance? Was it just incredibly hot? Did you do something that made it incredible? Did your partner do something for you?

Is there something you have done several times because you just love it?

What is your story? What sexual story replays in your mind again and again?

I want to share that story. I want My Hot Sexy Storys to be more than me. There are so many Hot Sexy Storys out there, happening even as I type.

There are so many stories that have happened, are happening, and will happen that deserve a place to be told. This site is now open for submissions. The rules will be clear and simple.  No stories involving children, non consensual sex, animals, extreme pain, death, and a few others as determined by Hannah and me will be published.

We look forward to reading and sharing your stories.  I know there are lots of people who would love to read those stories too.  Send your story submissions to myhotsexystorys@gmail.com

The Introduction

I’ve written several sex stories over the course of more than a year.  I finally decided that this is the place to put those stories.  This is the place to share those interesting thoughts, fantasies, and realities that are in my head.

This is also a place where I will open up some of my thoughts about social things I have observed.  Often these will be about people who have done something or another which do not present themselves in a good light.

For years I’ve kept either my writing hidden, or my identity hidden.  Now I’m gonna open up and share more about who and what I am.

The stories will begin soon.