Weird Sex Stories From Around The World

Find out what countries have weird sex practices.  I thought I was strange. From an article in Marie Claire —
Check this out here:

TOKYO, JAPAN: The latest sex fetish in the Harajuku neighborhood is called “injured idol.” It requires healthy women to wrap bandages around their heads or other body parts to attract men.

“BEIJING, CHINA: After 14 years, the government here has promised to end a ban on allowing HIV-positive travelers into the country.

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND: A stunned high-school drama class watched while a stripper performed for a 16-year-old boy’s birthday. His mother had ordered the gorilla with balloons to visit the school, but due to a scheduling mishap, the dancer, dressed as a cop, came instead.

BERLIN, GERMANY: After a 19-year-old woman refused to sleep with him because he was too old, playboy Rolf Eden, 78, decided to sue for ageism.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: A company now offers pole-dancing classes as an exercise tool for girls as young as 7.

ROME, ITALY: An adult-ed teacher was suspended from school when it was discovered she moonlights as an Internet hard-core porn star.

SINGAPORE: A man is suing a woman for more than $200,000 for giving him herpes.

MADRID, SPAIN: Two newspaper cartoonists were fined $4400 each for a cartoon depicting Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe and his wife having sex.

MOMBASA, KENYA: The tourism board and local hotel managers are considering measures to discourage the new sex tourism: older white women picking up younger (but of-age) local men and offering them gifts in exchange for sex.”

Will They Be Blocking Porn?

Was just reading this article from the Huffington Post. British Lawmakers want to block porn & would require customers to request access to pornography websites. Hmm. Maybe not such a good idea. Trefor Davies, ISP Timico’s chief technology officer said, “”If we take this step it will not take very long to end up with an internet that’s a walled garden of sites the governments is happy for you to see.”

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I agree with this video from “The Young Turks” on YouTube:

How To Choose A Vibrator

Carol Queen — the queen of sex tips at Good Vibrations explains a little bit about vibrators. It can be confusing to choose a vibrator. An important tip to remember is to try one & then — if you don’t like that one, try another. It’s not like you’re cheating on your partner or anything.

We’re all a little bit different when it comes to our sexual needs. Some people are more sensitive in certain areas than others. When we use a vibrator, we get to explore our own sexuality & determine what feels best to us. Your significant other will have more fun with you in bed if you know what pleases you. For more Info Click Here

Enigma – Principles of Lust

I think it is about time that I write a post from a more personal level.

Hi. I am Frank Thornton. The man who has been writing the hot sex stories, posting a couple videos, and a couple other posts. I suppose my introduction was a personal post, but that was just a beginning post.

Now as much as I would love to go on and on about me and my thoughts and so forth. That isn’t exactly why I am writing a personal post. My original intention was to provide you with the entertainment of another hot sexy story. Honest to goodness, that really was what I wanted to do.

But I have found myself under attack by a disorganized nefarious organization. They have been absolutely ruthless in their attacks on me. So much so that I need to turn my attention to stopping these attacks. In fact, I need to turn my attention to doing everything I can render this dastardly group impotent against me.

If I am being too cryptic, just take a look at the picture above.

Now. I do not want my wonderful readers to leave without providing something pleasurable. So I am including another very hot and sexy music video. I have always thought this song would be awesome to fuck to (who am I kidding, it is awesome to fuck while this song is playing, and I’ll do it again). If you want to know what I really wish I could be doing. Then listen carefully to the woman in the background.

Real Guys Without Shirts

Hi, This is Hanna –I’m Frank’s Admin here on “My Hot Sex Storys”.  Frank is inherently hot — to be sure. But, just like men enjoy looking at women, we don’t mind looking at men (especially without shirts on!). Here is a video of real men without shirts on. Enjoy.