I have a fantasy I have not shared yet. I want to push the limits of pain. Not mine. Another’s pain – my submissive. I want her to get on her hands and knees for me. I want to get out my paddle and my small whip and I want to lay into her ass with both. I want to hear them crack with each hit. I want to hear her gasp with pain with each hit until she can’t take any more.

When I am done with her ass, I want her to crawl to my feet, kiss them, and beg for permission to please me. I will simply stand there silently. Watching her. Watching her kiss my feet and beg. Watching her bare back and her bright red ass.

I don’t know exactly what I will do to her next. I may grab her hair and pull her up. I can see me keeping her on her knees and holding her up by her hair while I guide my cock into her waiting mouth. Filling it completely and stopping her from begging me anymore.

I can see me getting behind her. Sliding my cock into her pussy. Grabbing her hips and thrusting into her raw ass with all the power I can muster in each thrust. With every intention of making her ass sting and hurt every time my cock buries itself inside her cunt. My body slapping her tender skin every time my balls slam into her clit.

Whatever it is. It will be my choice and it will be me using her in any way that I want. Right now I couldn’t care less if she cums or not. I don’t care how much pain she feels as long as she is not hurt. Before I am done, her tits will be bruised, her neck will bear red marks from my teeth and fingers, and she will know that I have used her.

I wonder which of us would be using the other the most though.

Toilet Seat Covers

I had every intention of putting a nice erotic story here. Then I had a rather interesting day at work. Not that work itself was interesting. Today a coworker decided to share so much more with me than I ever really wanted to know.

So I decided to share that with everyone else because I am such a nice guy like that.

Today’s topic of conversation was about toilet seat covers. I added two pictures because I needed both of them to really show what my coworker talked about. In the pictures, you see disposable paper toilet seat covers which can often be found in public restrooms.

They come out of a dispenser as a somewhat solid sheet with some perforations. My coworker pointed out that if you open the center hole, the tab (as seen in the second picture) may slip into toilet and into the pull the edges down into the toilet with it. Thus leaving the toilet seat you are attempting to cover, exposed.

So my coworker decided this was not the effective way to put the cover on the toilet. The scientific experiments ensued.

He decided the next thing to do was to not tear the perforated tabs. Then it would sit securely on the toilet seat.

Ok. ICK!!! The mental images are really killing me and the day is only 2 freaking hours old. I swear, it took every ounce of humor I had available to make it through this conversation.

I pointed out the ick factor of course and also mentioned there was no chance I was going to try that particular experiment.

He went back to do some research. He actually went onto the Internet and did some research for how to properly apply a disposable paper toilet seat cover. I couldn’t believe it. He actually printed out and showed me the instructions for how to apply one. But the instructions missed one part. What to do with that stupid tab.

He went back and did more research. Then he found it. The tab gets lifted up and moved to the back where it is out of the way and does not pull the cover down into the toilet. I pointed out that this is really an effective way to protect your tailbone too. We all know how important that is.

Later that day. I got the news that he actually tried it, and almost everything worked like it was supposed to. Then he stood up and the paper was stuck to his skin.

I can’t begin to describe how much I hope I have about a million things to work on tomorrow. I don’t know if I can handle another day long conversation like the one I went through today. At least it wasn’t boring though.

Weird Sex Stories From Around The World

Find out what countries have weird sex practices.  I thought I was strange. From an article in Marie Claire —
Check this out here:

TOKYO, JAPAN: The latest sex fetish in the Harajuku neighborhood is called “injured idol.” It requires healthy women to wrap bandages around their heads or other body parts to attract men.

“BEIJING, CHINA: After 14 years, the government here has promised to end a ban on allowing HIV-positive travelers into the country.

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND: A stunned high-school drama class watched while a stripper performed for a 16-year-old boy’s birthday. His mother had ordered the gorilla with balloons to visit the school, but due to a scheduling mishap, the dancer, dressed as a cop, came instead.

BERLIN, GERMANY: After a 19-year-old woman refused to sleep with him because he was too old, playboy Rolf Eden, 78, decided to sue for ageism.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: A company now offers pole-dancing classes as an exercise tool for girls as young as 7.

ROME, ITALY: An adult-ed teacher was suspended from school when it was discovered she moonlights as an Internet hard-core porn star.

SINGAPORE: A man is suing a woman for more than $200,000 for giving him herpes.

MADRID, SPAIN: Two newspaper cartoonists were fined $4400 each for a cartoon depicting Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe and his wife having sex.

MOMBASA, KENYA: The tourism board and local hotel managers are considering measures to discourage the new sex tourism: older white women picking up younger (but of-age) local men and offering them gifts in exchange for sex.”