Daddy’s Little Girl

Last night I was contacted through my Facebook account.  A young woman seemingly a world away asked me to write a story for her.  We talked first.  I needed to know more about her, what she was like as a person, and especially what she was like as a sexual partner.  I needed to be able to imagine really having sex with her in order to write a story especially for her.  My stories are almost always from personal experience.  Though I will admit there are a couple stories which are purely fantasy (perhaps you can guess which ones).

So I wrote a story for Kristy.  We talked about the story as I wrote it.  I will allow her to share her reaction to the story.

Kristy is Daddy’s little girl.  I am her daddy.  Sometimes she is a naughty girl and has to be punished.  As much as I love my little girl, I do know that she has to be punished sometimes.

I pull her pants and panties down to her knees and bend her over.  I bring my hand back, and come down with enough force to make a loud smack and send a shock of force through her body.  Kristy’s ass stings from the bite of the palm of my hand on her bare flesh.

I reach back and come down again.  She lets out a moaning sound.  I pretend that she is crying in pain, though I know so well that she is moaning with pleasure.

Repeatedly I spank her bare ass, my hand begins to sting.  I realize that I got carried away and more than once my hand came down on her bare pussy instead of her ass.

I feel shocked that I spanked her pussy instead of her ass.  I can’t let this be.  Immediately I bend over and kiss her pussy to make it better.  My hand caresses her red ass, while my lips seek to make up for spanking her pussy.

It isn’t enough.  I quickly pull her pants and panties off, open her legs, and return to kissing her bare pussy.  I use my lips and my tongue to kiss her pussy to make it not hurt from accidentally hitting it with my hand.  I know it can hurt to be hit like that, so I kiss her pussy a lot.  I open my mouth and push my tongue into her pussy, kissing every bit of it I can possibly reach to make it feel better.

My hand caresses her ass still, letting Kristy know that even though I punished her, I do still love and care about her deeply.

I just don’t think my tongue is enough though.  I think her pussy needs more to feel better after my accidental spanking.  I ask Kristy to be a good girl and lick my cock for me.  I know it is already hard, but it is always so much nicer for her to lick me before I use my cock inside of her pussy.

I pull my pants down.  She kneels before me and takes my cock in her hand first.  Her fingers seem to barely fit around my cock.  She opens her mouth wide and takes as much of my cock into her mouth as she can.  It is so big inside her mouth that even the head barely fits, but she wants so much to please me and make me happy that she gladly pushes her head forward to take more of my cock into her mouth.  I love the way she tries so hard.  It means so much to me that she is so willing for me.

I do not want to cum in her mouth though.  So I give her the indication that it is time to stop.  She moves to her hands and knees for me.  Giving me full access to her ass and pussy from behind.  I get on my knees behind her and position my cock at the entrance to her pussy.  It looks like it is too big to possible fit inside my little girl, but I know she can take it.  I know she wants it, every inch of it inside of her.

She just opens up and my cock slides right into her pussy without any resistance.  She pushes back until her ass is pressed against my body.  I feel her muscles squeezing my cock, massaging the entire length buried inside of her pussy, teasing me all the way around my cock.  I pull back and thrust back in, pushing my body against her ass.

Kristy tells me how naughty she was.  She tells me in detail what she did wrong.  She was very naughty.  I pull back and I smack her ass again.  She cries out.  I still pretend it is in pain and shame, but I know she cried out with pleasure.  I thrust back in.

I pull back, and smack her ass.  I thrust back in.  Over and over I am thrusting and smacking her ass.  Her cries and moans become one continuous sound from her throat.

I feel Kristy let go of everything.  I can tell she has let the entire world fall away and all that is left is me spanking her and pounding my cock into her pussy over and over.  She cums on me, over and over as her body wracks with multiple orgasms.

I feel my cock grow in response.  I stop spanking and grab her hips.  I thrust harder and faster.  Driving my cum up the shaft of my cock as it readies to explode from my body.  I use my body to spank her ass until I can’t take any more.

The cum erupts from my cock deep into her pussy.  I pull out and aim my cock at her ass.  I spray my cum onto her the rosebud of her ass.  It shoots out of my body, directly onto her waiting ass.  My cock is throbbing and pulsing in my hand.

My hot sticky cum drips down her ass, back onto her pussy and down her leg.

When it is over.  I take my precious little girl in my arms and hold her close.  Letting her know I love her and care about her deeply.  I know she is dirty, I plan to clean up her nicely after we catch our breath.

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    1. Lol! I think that ALL of us girl’s want someone to be our Daddy. Unfortunately, we have to take care of ourselves.

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