First Sex With Bethany Part 2

My hands took in the bare skin of her back. I do so love the feel of a woman’s soft skin in my hands. My mouth sucked her nipple in so that my tongue could easily play with and tease her to hardness. I was more than happy to do just that. I was more than happy to get her really aroused and desperately wanting to come back for more.

More was clearly on her mind too. She reached down between us and stroked my very hard and very ready cock through my jeans. I felt my breath catch and shorten. I paused the work I was doing on her nipple and admitted that I wanted her right then. The feel of her hand squeezing my cock through my jeans had me wanting her and my resolve to accept not having sex with her was waning.

She had a choice though. She could stop. She could tell me we didn’t have time. She could tell me no. Any of which I would have respected. But by now you probably know that is not what she said. She said we needed to be quick. So time was still an issue. Especially considering that I do not like to rush something as pleasurable as sex (truly, I love to make it last and enjoy every moment).

We raced up the stairs to the bedroom for comfort and privacy. As soon as the door was closed and locked we were both scrambling out of our clothes. Watching her undress was a pleasure in itself, a pleasure that definitely did not last long enough.

She laid back on the bed. I slid onto the bed between her legs. I kissed her lips and decided I was going to do more than simply have quick sex with her. I kissed her chin, her neck, and her nipples. I continued down her body, down between her legs. I didn’t tease or taunt her as I am so fond of doing. Without pretense, I parted the lips of her pussy and slipped my tongue into her wetness and up to her clit. I sucked her clit into my mouth and pressed my face into her pussy.

In moments I felt the shifting of her hips. Telling me that I had found something she liked. Her breathing became shallower, her moans (though quiet) became more insistent. Her fingers moved into my hair, holding my head close, while she bit a finger on her other hand. She was so wet, she was coating my face with juice from her pussy. It was awesome and perfect. I love making a woman so wet, so excited, so ready to feel my cock inside her pussy.

I also love wrapping my arms around her thighs and feeling her cum on my face. My arms holding my face pressed against her pussy and holding her clit tightly in my mouth, her body unable to do anything but cum and just keep cumming on my face, until it is just too my much.

I release her clit. Letting Bethany catch her breath. I kiss my way slowly up her body, trailing her own juices on her skin. I let her savor the post orgasmic moment, let her body enjoy the feel of the trembling, and the gentle touch of my lips on her skin as realization would soon come to her that I was getting ready to slide my cock into her.

Continued in Part 3