Mental Punishment Part I

Skylar is naked and securely bound to the four posts of the bed. Each wrist and ankle is held securely by a leather cuff. She has no way to undo any of the cuffs, for the first time, she is completely dependent on me in every way. She lies on her back in a room that seems almost too warm, yet feels just right at the same time. There is not a single chill on any part of her bare skin.

The room is lit by the fire in the fireplace and a few well placed candles. The drapes are dark and heavy, the wood of the posts for the bed and other furnishings are dark and appear aged. The cloth Skylar is laying on is soft cotton. The pillow cradling her head where her dark hair is fanned out seems extremely soft yet firm at the same time. The only sounds in the room are Skylar’s breathing, popping sparks from the fireplace, and the sounds of my movements nearby. She could turn her head to watch what I am doing, or she could lay there with her eyes closed, anticipating what I may be doing. She chooses to keep her eyes closed while imagining what I might be doing.

The rustlings which reach her ears, could it be the sound of cloth? Or leather? Am I getting out toys? If so, which toys? She knows by the sound that I am the only one in the room with her. She breathes in deeply through her nose to catch my scent, but still keeps her eyes closed. The bed shifts as I climb on beside Skylar. She opens her eyes now, turning to and catch me looking at and admiring her beautiful naked body. She looks into my piercing green gaze, noting the bright glint in my eyes, which promises of things to come. I smile for her before I place a black cloth over her eyes. She lies there unmoving and unresisting, as I reach behind her head to tie the cloth in place. I do not tie it too tightly. I feel her body shiver with anticipation. She does not know what I am about to do.

Something soft and light tickles the tip of her nipple. It traces a circle around her nipple, exactly along the lines of my teeth marks, still visible a few days after I bit her tit hard enough to bruise. She squirms from the tickling and her nipple grows hard against the soft feathery touch. Skylar realizes I am using a feather on her nipple. Instead of a clamp, or my teeth, or leather strap, or so many other things she might have expected, I am using a feather on her skin. She knows the feather, she has seen it. It is just over a foot long, very fluffy, but with a strong quill. The feather trails along her skin, to her sensitive neck. It traces a path to the marks I left on her neck with my lips and teeth. I bit and sucked on her sensitive skin. The feather caresses and tickles her throat. Soft strands tickle her ears as I slowly brush back and forth around her neck and throat.

Despite how different it feels, and despite that I am not causing any pain, she is getting aroused and wet. She squirms as her pussy begins to itch with need for attention and to feel my cock filling her completely. She cannot find her voice to tell me what her pussy wants. She gave herself to me to do with as I please, and she will wait on my pleasure, allowing me to do anything I want.

The feather caresses her cheek. She remembers my hand striking her cheek recently. A slap that left her cheek red for hours. The touch of the feather and the memory of the slap are such a contrast that she exhales a slight gasp. I watch as tension flows through her muscles from her neck, down through her body, and into her pussy. I gaze in admiration as I clearly notice her back arch in response to that tension. I have only to inhale through my nose and I can smell the scent of her arousal.

To be continued in Part 2

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