My Dom and My Sub Part 2

Continued from My Dom and My Sub Part 1

I made Zoey stand up, and then made her bend over so that her head was laying on the bed.

I thought of spanking her, but my cock was more interested in just taking her. I had gotten her very wet. I wish I could say I just get behind her and slid my cock in, but this was real. I needed a moment to get the angle right, but once it happened, my cock literally popped into her pussy. It was so sudden and so intense, she had a small orgasm.

I slowly stroked my cock in and out of her to get it nice and wet and ready for me to truly fuck her. I grabbed her hips, and pulled her onto my cock as I thrust into her hard. Over and over again. This was what I wanted. I wanted her at my mercy. I wanted her overcome by my cock, and completely submitted to me.

She wanted more though. I wasn’t dominant enough for her. She resisted my fantasies and talked back to me. I couldn’t allow that. I spanked her. I spanked her hard for her insubordination. It wasn’t enough. She was still resisting.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. My other hand grabbed her throat, my fingers applying gentle (and extremely careful) pressure. She stopped speaking, her body instantly becoming mine. I bit her ear just before I told her what she was going to do for being bad like that. I told her we were going to find a woman and she was going to pleasure that woman. I would grab her hair and push her face into the other woman’s cunt and I would expect her to make that woman cum hard.

Zoey came while listening to this fantasy. She could clearly picture being forced to go down on another woman and used to pleasure both me and her. I intend to make that fantasy happen still.

Back in reality though. I pushed Zoey’s head down onto the bed and pulled her hands behind her back, just like they would be if she were handcuffed. I had been fucking her steadily for nearly 30 minutes. Both of us were dripping sweat from fucking so hard. My own body felt slick and hot and I loved every bit of it. Zoey was fully submitted to me. I owned her body and mind and she had given it to me freely.

I don’t even know how many times she had cum. It was time for me to cum though.

It was time for me to release my control and just pour my cum deep inside her. I held her wrists, keeping her helpless while I drilled my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. I let that incredible feeling build. When it was time, I grabbed Z’s hips and pulled her ass tight against me, pushing my cock so deep into her that I am sure my balls were squeezing her clit. I unleashed a flood of cum deep inside her. I could feel it shooting through my cock, spurt after spurt of my hot cum. I just held her there, making sure every single drop went as deep into her pussy as possible.

I know she came with me. Her own orgasm shook her entire body and she was barely able to stay on her feet, even with the support of the bed under most of her body. We were so tired and exhausted that neither of us could move right away. But moving was necessary. My own legs were weak from the intense orgasm and the intense work out.

When I caught my breath, I gently nudged her forward as I stepped back. I felt our mixed cum slip out with me, some of it staying on my cock and running down onto my balls, and some running down her legs.

I laid down on the bed and just finished catching my breath while Z took a moment to get a much needed drink of water.

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