My First Sexual Adventure

I won’t tell you my age, nor hers. Suffice to say, we were both young.

She got the message to me that she wanted to be my girlfriend. I, despite my intense shyness (something I no longer have), I got my nerve together and asked her to be my girlfriend. I knew she was not a virgin. She didn’t know I was. She just assumed that being a couple years older than her, I had some experience.

At the time, I lived with my parents (this was very normal for anyone my age). I had two siblings. The two siblings were out of the house playing with friends around the neighborhood. My parents were in their bedroom.

Lisa and I were in the living room kissing. Her body felt so warm against mine, even through our clothes. Her skin was so incredibly soft. I felt this must be what it feels like to be high. I was in sexual euphoria just from the taste of her lips and the brushing of her beautiful young body against my own.

She must have felt the same, for she broke a kiss and simply asked me “do you want to?” My reply was equally simple. Despite the tremor in my voice and my shyness and intense nervousness, I said “yes”.

I was on top kissing her, a blanket lay spread under her. I rolled off of her and removed my clothes while she undressed beside me. I pulled a condom out of my wallet and rolled it onto my cock. I say rolled like I knew what I was doing. My hands were shaking so much, and I hadn’t done this before, so it really wasn’t that easy, but I did manage. After all, it isn’t like those things are really that complicated. Bras were far more difficult for me to figure out (but I know those things quite well now).

She laid back and for the first time in my life I felt a young woman’s bare skin against mine. That is what I remember most. I remember the feel of her bare legs against my cock and against my legs and the feel of her stomach against mine. I can distinctly recall the feel of her very hard nipples against my chest and her breath against my neck.

I could feel the entirety of my cock all at once as it slowly slid into her. I wanted to just thrust into her, and I wanted to go slow and savor every bit of the feel of this brand new sensation. I wanted to savor the wetness, and the warmth, and just let my mind and body feel her pussy wrapping around my cock.

The feeling was so sensational. I couldn’t believe the incredible warmth surrounding my cock and radiating through my entire body and running through my mind. I couldn’t believe the softness of her body against me, causing every nerve to feel alive. Yet it was real, and it was finally happening.

I knew I didn’t want to cum too fast, and I knew there was no chance I was going to last more than a few moments. It was just too much, it was too overwhelming.

Just as I knew it would happen, after only a few thrusts, I could not hold back. My body tensed and I used all of my willpower to hold off just a couple more seconds, but the inevitable happened and I was cumming into the condom. I couldn’t believe how much my entire body was trembling. I am sure I bit my lip to keep from making any noise that could travel to my parent’s bedroom.

It was done. I was no longer a virgin. Lisa was my first. I didn’t have any idea what I was supposed to do now. All those hours of thinking about sex, all that time of learning what I could, and not once did I learn anything about what a person does after sex. Now I felt really awkward.

I kissed her. I was still inside her, but I could feel my body fidgeting. She asked me if something was wrong (yeah, could I feel any more awkward?). I confessed. I told her she was my first. Now she felt awkward. I wasn’t her first, but her previous partners were not virgins. Now she wasn’t sure what to do. Every time before her partner took the lead, she wasn’t used to being the experienced one.

Somehow we both got through that bout of shyness. We both knew it was a really good moment. Also, in what would become quite typical for me when it comes to good sex with a good partner, I recovered quite quickly, and she and had enjoyed sex one more time on that living room floor. What an adventure into a new life for me.