Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Victors & Spoils on Vimeo.

Red HOT sexy mama morphs into Santa Claus in a bikini. Just for fun! Enjoy.

It’s interesting to watch how they completely transform this “less attractive” woman into an absolute goddess. The altercations made to her body are almost painful to watch as a woman in today’s society.

Unless you are completely clueless, most people understand that even the TOP Models in the fashion industry are air-brushed to be absolutely perfect. They usually make them about two inches thinner on each side (even though they are super skinny!). Any other minor imperfections, such as a bump somewhere are also air-brushed out.

It makes me question the ethics of the industry and certain brands. If we are constantly feeding this ideal, but fake, image to the public eye, we are continuing the cycle of unreal expectations for women’s body and image.

Luckily, the agency Victors & Spoils turns the whole idea into a comedy, editing the photo into a fat Santa in a bikini. They demonstrate how certain agencies go to a discomforting length for that perfect advertisement.

They used the PUPPET WARP tool. It’s very clever.I hope they remember to turn the old geezer back into the hot blonde by January 1st.

Naughty Sex Tips

If You’ve been in your relationship for quite some time, you may find that the sparkle has started to fade. This doesn’t mean that you should let the sexual side of things slide though. Great sex can bring you closer together and make sure that your man doesn’t have eyes for anyone else! Here are 7 naughty tips to fuel your imagination.

7 Naughty Tips:7 Naughty tips

If you own a vibrator, don’t just keep the pleasure to yourself. Seeing you use your favourite sex toy can be a massive turn-on, and it also shows your man what you really like and where you want to be touched.

Perform a striptease

You’re probably used to getting undressed in front of your partner, but do you really make the effort to make it sensual? Taking your clothes off in a slow and seductive way adds plenty of anticipation, and will have him going wild for what’s to come.

Take it outdoors

Sex inside can get boring. Getting intimate outdoors adds an element of spice and danger, and this is something that many people will love. Whether it be the back of your car or out in the countryside, a change of scenery can be just what you need!

Read erotic literature together

Lots of couples watch porn together, but have you thought of reading erotic books to each other? Without the visual stimulation, you’ll have to get a bit more creative and let your imagination take control.

Try some light bondage

S&M isn’t for everyone, and if you haven’t experimented before, it can be a bit daunting. To ease yourself in gently, try a bit of light bondage. Use a tie to fasten your man to the bed, and give him an oral treat. He might love the feeling of being completely at your mercy.

Ask him what he wants

This might seem obvious, but have you ever really asked your man what he wants in the bedroom? A bit of gently probing could make him willing to share his fantasies, and this can lead to immense satisfaction for both of you.

Use technology to get him hot

We all lead busy lifestyles, and it’s easy to forget about home life while at work. If you want to set temperatures soaring though and have him rushing home, send a saucy text message while he’s out. If you’re feeling really bold, you could even send a provocative picture.

If you’re worried about keeping your man happy and faithful, try putting a few of these 7 naughty tips into action. Whatever happens, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have lots of fun along the way!

Good Sex Moves From Redbook

Can You Connect With Someone Online?

Britain’s population has surpassed 60 million. About 600,000 people have come to work in the UK from the new European Union nations since 2004.  Quite a few people have connected with someone online.

The concept of love and sex has changed over the years. Psychology depicts love and sex as a cognitive and social phenomenon comprised of three different components: intimacy, commitment and passion. People haven’t changed – we’ve just realized that we needn’t be so uptight about our sexual needs.

Having sex is obviously the natural and desired physical manifestation of attraction. Most people want something more from a dating relationship – including honest and meaningful communication, vacations together, date nights, time together with friends, etc. Of course, sex is important to everyone.

But, sex is more than an act of enjoyment, it’s the aptitude to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, & so comfortable that it’s almost breathtaking to the point that you feel you can’t take it. You become one with another.

Here are some ideas to make  your sex  & dating relationship better:
• Enjoy a romantic dinner together.
• Give one another a long, sensual massage.
• Try watching an erotic video together.
• Explore new sexual positions, push your boundaries.
• Go on a romantic vacation or getaway with one another, free of distractions.
• Find common ground to share, like a hobby or sport you can enjoy together.

If you really interested in spicing up your romantic sex life,   Online dating services can help.  I know several people that have gotten married because they met in an Online Forum. The  member forums  are filled with useful information on dating, relationships, sex and love. Read the personal stories of others, ask members for advice, and more.

There are lots of Online dating services where you can find fun, friendship, love, marriage, romance and more. Check them out now and get connected with someone special today. Browse free personal ads and photos, share your deep feelings, and express yourself with your own blog.  You can tell people your thoughts and publish your fantasies instantly.  What freedom for your spirit!

Frank’s Hot Sex Stories

Where are Frank’s sex stories???

Right now I am working on writing mainstream books (full length novels) under a pen name. I have one published, another with a goal to complete this year, then two more over the next 2 – 3 years following that.

Should I achieve commercial success (which is quite possible based on the incredible reviews I’ve received), then I will not have to work for a company, which would give me the freedom to truly write under 2 names and get those hot stories going again.

If sex stories could support me, I would do them full time, but the money just isn’t there.

Please be patient with me, and I will bring the steamy sex back to this space.  Plus I am diligently seeking other writers who could help make that site even hotter than it’s ever been.  Send those positive vibes.

Where Have You Been by Rihanna

Thought you guys would like this Veerry sexy  video by Rihanna. She’s singing,  “Where Have You Been” – from The Island Def Jam Music Group. The choreography in this music video is amazing! You have to give the industry credit for churning out one of the best music videos of all time.

I wonder if Rihanna and Chris Brown really  are into S & M??   Rihanna is not a stupid person.  Her & Chris Brown have got it going on.

Not the first interview to comment on Rihanna and S & M – but, this from the Miss Red Blog:

“”Rihanna has said that she really does love S&M and admits that she is a masochist. The ‘What’s My Name‘ singer told Rolling Stones magazine that she always wants to feel ‘owned’:

“I love feeling like I’m somebody’s girl. I love to be tied up and spanked. Using whips and chains is too planned… you have to stop and look for the whip. I prefer them to use their hands.”

Ok I think every man in the world just got hard there! The singer added that she calls herself a masochist and that she is not proud of that fact. She goes on to admit that she believes her desire to be hurt stems from abuse from her father as a child. She told the magazine that he used to hurt her:

“I was always terrified on Friday because he could come home drunk. That was payday, and half of it went on alcohol.””

And – so it goes.  I would argue that domestic violence and S&M as sexual kink are two very different things. A person can be turned on by pain in a consensual situation with a trusted person. Having someone beat you out of rage is clearly not the same thing.  I can only hope that she’s really into S & M & is simply not confused by the fact that her father beat her as a child.

Even though there’s controversy afoot -Rihanna’s pussydancing in Where Have You Been is truly amazing.




Support A New Author

This book is not an erotica book, but the author is a very good friend of mine and I am supporting his first published work.  I’ve personally read the book and it’s good.

You can find it at his e-store:

Jeremy’s Kiss

Or you can get on it on Kindle.

Jeremy’s Kiss Kindle version

Like I said.  It’s a good book.  I would have added more sex, but I am a pervert like that.  Enjoy the book as much as I did.

Here is a teaser from the book.

Natalie stood at the kitchen sink to wash the blood off her hands, the sweet luxurious blood covering her hands and her right arm up to her elbow.  Even the little drops of blood touching her skin on her face and neck felt like little pleasures of life to her skin.  The blood was life, the source of her nourishment and immortality.  She knew she needed to drink it to survive, but the feel of it on her skin was like a wondrous drug to her senses.

The scent of the blood filled her nostrils, urging her to taste it, to drink it and let it fill her with life.  She could feel her fangs pushing against the inside of her bottom lip.  She wouldn’t drink any of this blood though.  They deserved to be dead and she would not allow even a portion of their blood to live inside her.

She turned on the water and thoughts of Lady MacBeth crossed her mind.  The image of washing the blood from her hands passed through her mind before her hands touched the water.

The water was like a bucket of ice thrown onto her while relaxing in the bathtub.  Losing the pleasure of the blood on her skin was so intense it felt painful.

From the living room behind her, she could feel Steve’s sanity slipping.  He knew he had just helped kill the man who employed him.  He knew the two dead bodies in the living room were as close to friends as he known in his life.  He also knew he had been powerless to do anything but help Natalie kill them.

He wasn’t slipping away from her though; the link between them was going to last longer than his sanity.  The thoughts of sharing his fall into insanity were far more unsettling than washing the blood and flesh from off her hands and arms.

Looking back, she wondered how she got to this point.