Quickie Sex

We don’t have much time. We never do. I want so much to have a few hours of naked pleasure with Bethany. This is not likely to happen though. She is married and does not intend to end her marriage. I have no desire to take her away from her husband. She just wants the sex she cannot get at home. I just want the sex. We have a convenient relationship (and a good friendship too).

Sometimes we just hang out. No pressure, and no fuss. We both enjoy the time spent together.

Sometimes, though, she needs to fuck. She needs to have a man inside of her.

We never have enough time, and we always make the most of the time.

We go to the bedroom (our preferred place for comfort). She undresses quickly. I try to keep up. I can’t help but smile. I love the enthusiasm. I love the way she makes me feel just by wanting me.

My cock wasn’t hard when we entered the bedroom, but I can feel it stirring to life, rising to the occasion. She lays on her back, legs parted and waiting for me. I climb onto the bed moving up between her legs. I kiss her lips, her neck, and her nipples.

I can feel her impatience. I can feel her desire to enjoy the feel of my mouth on her skin, and her impatience to simply have me inside of her. The taste of her skin, and the feel of her desire complete the job make my cock hard and ready for her.

She is wet. I rub the head of my cock up and down her slit, teasing her clit, teasing her pussy with the cock she knows will soon slide into her. I give her what she wants. I slide my cock into her. Her muscles seem to grab and pull me in. She moans and pulls in my lust. She draws on my ego without even thinking about it.

I hold still for only a moment to savor the feeling of having my cock buried deep inside a hot pussy. Savoring the feel of going from the cool air to the hot pussy. It is a delight that I would not want to waste. I lay my body onto hers. I feel her skin rub against mine.

I begin thrusting, slowly but with certainty. I am still savoring the feel of her against my cock. I know the clock is ticking, but I can’t bring myself to rush it yet. I have to enjoy her body rubbing against mine. I have to enjoy the silky wet feel of her pussy wrapped around my cock.

I don’t think she is complaining. The soft sighs and moans definitely do not sound like complaints.

I straighten my arms and lift up. I position myself to thrust into her harder. I am ready to stop hearing the ticking of the clock and just let loose the lust. I am ready to make her cum on my cock and feel that incredible sensation of a throbbing pussy around me.

Each thrust I move a little faster, gently increasing the pace. Each thrust I push a little harder. Fucking her harder until my body is slapping into her pussy and my balls smack against her ass. I get into the rhythm. I let my body go. I enjoy the pleasure of my own muscles working to please Bethany.  I enjoy the pleasure her cunt is sending through all of the nerves of my cock.

I enjoy the increasing moans she is making. I can feel and hear her getting close. Her entire body is filling with tension that just needs to be released. I intend to release it. I want to feel it release on me. I thrust harder, knowing my body is slamming into her clit. I can feel my thrusts jarring her body up through her arms.

I feel her pussy squeeze my cock as she cries out with her orgasm. I feel it through my entire body and I feel it through my mind as my body gives into my orgasm. I push deep and hold my cock inside her just feeling the throbbing of my cock as it sends my cum deep inside her.

We smile at each other with our bodies still trembling. The clock is still ticking and both of us know she must leave soon. As much as we both want to lay there and enjoy being in each other’s arms, we get up, clean up, get dressed and too soon she is on her way.

But still. There is a lot to be said for these quick moments. Something about them just energizes me.