Schoolgirl Part 1

She wanted something more than just a quick fuck. She wanted to be with a man she could trust and open herself to. She wanted to be close and intimate.

I wanted her to cum for me. The only way for me to get what I want is to give her something I do not normally give.

I am not talking about honesty. I am honest. When I am with a woman for sex, she knows that I have sex with others. She knows I do not want a relationship or a commitment. She knows I will not ask her to do something she is not willing to do.

What I needed to give to Lily, was more of my emotions and more of my mind than I normally give. I prefer to meet a woman for the purpose of sex. To explore the heights of pleasure that two people can share.

I tell Lily what I want. She cannot tell me exactly what she wants. It is the emotion, the feelings of the moment that she wants. She does not have the words to explain that. She also knows that to explain it to me would mean that she would question whether or not I acted like she wanted me to, or whether I gave her what she really wanted.

I can see her desire in her dark eyes. I can see by the way she looks at me, and the glances she gave other men that she wants and needs sex to be something more than just a fuck. It has to be something more than a cock sliding into a pussy. It has to be an experience that she really gets to share with the man she is with.

She looks at me and sees a man she thinks is old enough to be her father. I look at her and see a young woman who has already heard the lines, the sweet talk that disappeared after she gave into sex. I see a woman who is losing her belief in sex.

We talk and I tell her about me. I tell her these stories I write. I tell her about my experiences, from women whose pleasure was to serve me, to a woman who honored me beyond my imagination. I tell her about some of the details of the experiences. I can sense that she feels intimidated by what I relate.

She appreciates the honesty, and it keeps her from walking away. She wonders if she could move a man like women in my past have moved me.

She tells me that she likes sex to be fun. She likes to play games, play make believe, dress up, and be something or someone different and have fun with sex. I see the playfulness in her eyes. I see the bright smile which lights up all of her face. I see the spark of curiosity.

The conversation span days as Lily opens up about the person she is. She shares her past, her thoughts, her experiences, and her likes and dislikes. I give her the same and tell her about me. I always make sure I am straightforward and honest with her. I will not just say anything to her to get her to have sex with me. If she is seduced, I will give her all of the pleasure I can manage to give her, if she isn’t, then she and I will both find other partners. I have no need to be dishonest with her.

Through the conversations a closeness develops. It does not reach to love, nor does it become romantic, but it is still there. It is still something undeniable.

Lily has heard my stories, and she has seen what I have written. She has seen enough to know that I am telling her the truth about what I can do, and how much I want to bring pleasure to my partner. She is ready. She feels some discomfort that I am so much older than she is. She tells herself to do it anyway, to let herself enjoy what it is like to be with a man who really does care about what she feels instead of being with one who seems only to want to take care of himself.

She dresses as a schoolgirl. Her hair is braided with two pigtails over each ear. She wears sexy lingerie under the white shirt and short plaid skirt. The white stockings come up to her knees, leaving her thighs bare. She asked me to dress the part for her too and wear slacks, a white button down shirt, gray sport jacket, and glasses. We’ll role play the instructor and the student. With the difference in age, this role playing is exactly what we need.

To be continued in Schoolgirl Part 2

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