Schoolgirl Part 2

I sit at my desk, some papers scattered in front of me. Lily approaches timidly. She places some papers in front of me. Boldly interrupting whatever I was working on. My eyes look at the papers and her hand. I follow the line of her arm up to her eyes.

“This is late.” I say with a reprimanding voice. “I cannot give you full credit for work that is turned in late.”

“Can you make an exception? Please?” She pleads. “I can’t afford for my grade to drop. I could lose my scholarship, and my parents would be really upset. Please Mr. Thornton.”

I set my pen on the desk carefully and turn my chair to face Lily. “You know it wouldn’t be fair to the other students for me to accept your paper late and give you full credit Lily. They all worked hard to turn their work in on time.”

Lily kneels down in front of me. “Please Mr. Thornton. I’ll do anything. Anything at all, I can’t let my grade slip. Please.” She begs and pleads now looking up into my eyes.

I find myself distracted looking into her face, at the red sensuous lips, the dark eyes, and the blushing in her cheeks. I can see the playfulness in her eyes, though she holds the pleading expression on her face.

“What are you saying Lily?” I ask in a whisper as my breath tries to catch in my throat.

She looks down toward the floor. “I’m saying I’ll do anything to get full credit. I’ll do anything you want Mr. Thornton, anything at all.” She covers her face with both hands, as if to hide her tears or shame.

My heart reaches out to her. I lean forward and gently take her wrists. I gently pull them from her face. “Lily, don’t. This would be wro…”

She cuts off my words with her lips on my mine. She turned her head up to me and pushed her way to kiss my lips without warning. I couldn’t help but respond. I couldn’t stop myself from kissing her back in that moment. I am still holding her wrists, but she is in control of this moment. I feel and hear a soft moan hum in her throat.

She breaks from my lips, moving her kisses to my cheek, then to my neck. “Please Mr. Thornton.” She whispers so close to my ear. “Please let me do something. I promise I’ll never be late again.” 

I can barely hear her words over the blood pounding in my ears. My eyes fall closed as her lips and tongue touch me in incredibly desirable ways. I can’t help but respond. My cock grows to its full hardness inside my slacks. My fingers loosen their grip on her wrists. The way her hair and skin keep brushing against my face and neck sends shivers through my body.

Her hands fall to my thighs as her lips return to mine. Boldly she pushes her tongue between my lips. I taste her. For the first time, I really taste her. She is so sweet, so powerful, and I can taste her arousal so clearly. I know now that she wants me every bit as much as I want her. My hands move to her head of their own volition. My tongue pushes back into her mouth.

I feel her fingers slide up my thighs to grasp my achingly hard cock through my slacks. I feel another moan humming in her throat as her fingers wrap around my cock through my pants. I feel her breath faster against my cheek, and she pushes her tongue against mine. Playfully fighting my tongue to show me how much she wants me. I push back against her tongue because I want her so much as well.

I feel my pants unbutton and hear the zipper sliding down. Her fingers feel cool against the heat of my cock. The feeling is absolutely amazing. I feel my cock grow harder and twitch with the soft, gentle touch of her fingertips.

She breaks away from kissing me and pushes me back enough so that she can lean in and take my cock into her mouth. She simply opens her mouth and lets my cock slip between her lips. I can feel the vibration of her moaning as her tongue slips across the head of cock and down to the sensitive ridge. Her breathing become even more ragged and she tries to inhale and exhale great gulps of breath through her nose.

She takes just over half of my cock into her mouth, and then comes back up. She pauses a moment to suck air in through her mouth. Her fingers run up and down my cock as she presses it against her cheek and catches her breath. Before I hear any change in her breathing, her lips go back down on my cock.

To Be Continued in Schoolgirl Part 3