Support A New Author

This book is not an erotica book, but the author is a very good friend of mine and I am supporting his first published work.  I’ve personally read the book and it’s good.

You can find it at his e-store:

Jeremy’s Kiss

Or you can get on it on Kindle.

Jeremy’s Kiss Kindle version

Like I said.  It’s a good book.  I would have added more sex, but I am a pervert like that.  Enjoy the book as much as I did.

Here is a teaser from the book.

Natalie stood at the kitchen sink to wash the blood off her hands, the sweet luxurious blood covering her hands and her right arm up to her elbow.  Even the little drops of blood touching her skin on her face and neck felt like little pleasures of life to her skin.  The blood was life, the source of her nourishment and immortality.  She knew she needed to drink it to survive, but the feel of it on her skin was like a wondrous drug to her senses.

The scent of the blood filled her nostrils, urging her to taste it, to drink it and let it fill her with life.  She could feel her fangs pushing against the inside of her bottom lip.  She wouldn’t drink any of this blood though.  They deserved to be dead and she would not allow even a portion of their blood to live inside her.

She turned on the water and thoughts of Lady MacBeth crossed her mind.  The image of washing the blood from her hands passed through her mind before her hands touched the water.

The water was like a bucket of ice thrown onto her while relaxing in the bathtub.  Losing the pleasure of the blood on her skin was so intense it felt painful.

From the living room behind her, she could feel Steve’s sanity slipping.  He knew he had just helped kill the man who employed him.  He knew the two dead bodies in the living room were as close to friends as he known in his life.  He also knew he had been powerless to do anything but help Natalie kill them.

He wasn’t slipping away from her though; the link between them was going to last longer than his sanity.  The thoughts of sharing his fall into insanity were far more unsettling than washing the blood and flesh from off her hands and arms.

Looking back, she wondered how she got to this point.