First Sex With Bethany Part 3


My lips met hers, and my cock made contact with her pussy. I reached between us and made only a slight adjustment to get my cock into position at the entrance to her pussy. Immediately I began entering her, as if her pussy was drawing me in. I pushed gently, once again savoring the feel of sliding into her pussy, savoring the feel of her muscles throbbing against my cock.

Quick though? Simply not in my vocabulary when it comes to sex. I would do my best though. And I did. I managed to get my body to accept her pleasure and not last much more than ten minutes.

I began thrusting into her. She told me to go as fast and hard as I wanted. I smiled a delicious and ready to take her smile. I replied, “how about I go as hard as you want instead?” I gave her what she asked her. I pounded into her body. I drove into her so hard that I was pushing her ass down into the mattress with every thrust. I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock tighter and tighter every time I thrust into her. I could feel her fingernails scratching into my arms as she got closer and closer to a huge orgasm.

It hit her, and it hit her as hard as my body hit hers with ever thrust. She strained not to scream when she came on my cock. Her entire body tensed and shook and throbbed with the release of her orgasm.

Now I had what I wanted. I wanted to feel her cum before I would let me cum. I held myself in place and just let her catch her breath. As her trembling subsided, I began moving slowly, focusing on the feel of her pussy rubbing against my cock. Slowly I increased my speed. Moving just a little faster, and changing the way my cock pushed into her, causing her pussy to press against me in different ways with each thrust.

The walls of her wet pussy sliding against my cock pushed me to orgasm. I could feel it building. My body growing more tense in that incredible way. The way that says I will have a great release when my orgasm hits. The way that says my cum will explode out of my cock in several incredible spurts.

I smiled with the pleasure, before the tension turned my face to an expression of pleasure. The point of no return overcame me. I still held out, trying to keep from cumming just yet. It was no use though. The orgasm could not be denied at this point. No matter what I did, no matter what she did, and no matter what happened, I was going to cum.

I came, and I came hard. I thrust deep into her pussy. I pushed hard against his clit, and forced my throbbing cock deep into her. Bethany came with me. I could feel her pussy throbbing around my cock. The muscles of her pussy milking my cum out of me. Once again it lasted forever. The throbbing of my cock, the delicious feelings coursing through my entire body and once again it ended much too soon.

I relaxed and let my weight rest on Bethany. She accepted me and held me. Even though we had only moments before we needed to get up and get dressed. She held me and let me catch my breath, and let my trembling muscles subside to normal.

After a couple of minutes to catch my breath, we were up and getting dressed. Smiling at each other, stopping to touch and caress at moments. Then we held each other again kissed before leaving the bedroom.

So why am I a dope? That is what Zoey called me after I talked with her about this encounter. I explained to Zoey how Bethany and I were not going to have sex because it was the first meeting and not enough time. She told me I was a dope. I explained that even though Bethany and I kissed, and I kissed her neck, that didn’t mean it was going to end in sex. Once again, Zoey called me a dope. Why? Because she knew before Bethany came to my house that I was going to have sex with her. When she heard me talk about kissing Bethany’s neck, that it was all over and sex was definitely going to happen. I was a dope because I didn’t realize this.

I did talk to Bethany about that night later. She admited that she was ready and wanting to have sex with me the night she met me. She told me that she said we were not going to have sex because she wanted to make sure I would be respectful of her. I was. Of course, I admitted to her that if I had wanted to have sex with her, and she had told me that, then I would have put in the effort to change her mind so that she would want to have sex with me.

Anyway. I’m a dope.


First Sex With Bethany Part 2

My hands took in the bare skin of her back. I do so love the feel of a woman’s soft skin in my hands. My mouth sucked her nipple in so that my tongue could easily play with and tease her to hardness. I was more than happy to do just that. I was more than happy to get her really aroused and desperately wanting to come back for more.

More was clearly on her mind too. She reached down between us and stroked my very hard and very ready cock through my jeans. I felt my breath catch and shorten. I paused the work I was doing on her nipple and admitted that I wanted her right then. The feel of her hand squeezing my cock through my jeans had me wanting her and my resolve to accept not having sex with her was waning.

She had a choice though. She could stop. She could tell me we didn’t have time. She could tell me no. Any of which I would have respected. But by now you probably know that is not what she said. She said we needed to be quick. So time was still an issue. Especially considering that I do not like to rush something as pleasurable as sex (truly, I love to make it last and enjoy every moment).

We raced up the stairs to the bedroom for comfort and privacy. As soon as the door was closed and locked we were both scrambling out of our clothes. Watching her undress was a pleasure in itself, a pleasure that definitely did not last long enough.

She laid back on the bed. I slid onto the bed between her legs. I kissed her lips and decided I was going to do more than simply have quick sex with her. I kissed her chin, her neck, and her nipples. I continued down her body, down between her legs. I didn’t tease or taunt her as I am so fond of doing. Without pretense, I parted the lips of her pussy and slipped my tongue into her wetness and up to her clit. I sucked her clit into my mouth and pressed my face into her pussy.

In moments I felt the shifting of her hips. Telling me that I had found something she liked. Her breathing became shallower, her moans (though quiet) became more insistent. Her fingers moved into my hair, holding my head close, while she bit a finger on her other hand. She was so wet, she was coating my face with juice from her pussy. It was awesome and perfect. I love making a woman so wet, so excited, so ready to feel my cock inside her pussy.

I also love wrapping my arms around her thighs and feeling her cum on my face. My arms holding my face pressed against her pussy and holding her clit tightly in my mouth, her body unable to do anything but cum and just keep cumming on my face, until it is just too my much.

I release her clit. Letting Bethany catch her breath. I kiss my way slowly up her body, trailing her own juices on her skin. I let her savor the post orgasmic moment, let her body enjoy the feel of the trembling, and the gentle touch of my lips on her skin as realization would soon come to her that I was getting ready to slide my cock into her.

Continued in Part 3

First Sex With Bethany Part 1

Sometimes I am a dope. I’ll get to that in a bit. I just need to share a little story with you first.

I met Bethany through an adult dating site. She and I shared a few e-mails, and a couple of phone calls before we decided to meet in person. I found myself in a situation where I could not leave my house, and she agreed to meet me there. As I mentioned previously, I knew she was married, and that she had chosen to see men without her husband’s knowledge.

We agreed that it would be a short visit because she had prior commitments. In our conversations, we agreed not to have sex when we first met. I decided not to seduce her for sex (Unlike I did with Jolene), but I intended to seduce her into wanting to come back and enjoy sex with me.

We met. I was surprised to find her attractive as I did. It wasn’t because she had a model’s figure or a cover girl face. It was because she just had that something about her that I find attractive. Yes. I was seriously considering changing my mind about having sex with her before she had to run do her thing for the night. The TV was on with my favorite football (American Style) team playing. I turned completely to face Bethany and talk to her making plenty of eye contact.

The conversation came easily, perhaps naturally. The topics varied as we flitted from topic to topic. Including what each of us wanted in a partner. I did not withhold who I was and want I wanted. I was completely honest that I did not want monogamy. I was completely honest that I had no desire to try and fuck every woman in a 50 mile radius. I could say I don’t have that kind of time (who does?). No, I know that I want at least a little connection with the women who come to my bed (or couch, or kitchen, or bathroom, or garage, etc. etc. etc.).

I was going to show Bethany my full profile on the adult site. She had not seen the pictures I had posted there. I stood, but I stopped and let her know I wanted to kiss her. She agreed. We kissed. There was definitely shyness in the kissing, and there was definitely a spark. She didn’t keep her lips against mine, but turned her head and let my lips move to her neck.

Ah. Yes, letting me know something she liked and desired. I was more than happy to comply. There was no way I could leave a visible mark on her. That would cause far too many complications. I could definitely enjoy arousing her through this sensitive skin. My teeth gently scraping, my tongue licking, gently and carefully sucking, I went to her neck and she held me there.

In moments she is sitting on the couch again, my lips remaining fixed on her neck as she clearly indicated she wanted. I was on my knees in front of her, my arms around her back, pulling her body close to mine. Pressing against her. I must have done something right, because she lifted her shirt, and pulled her bra back, offering her nipple to my eager lips.

I have to interrupt here and tell you that I still believed she and I were not going to have sex on this first meeting. I am pretty sure my female readers have guessed what I had not managed to catch onto yet.

To be continued in First Sex With Bethany Part 2

Waking Up For Sex

Do you know that feeling you get when the phone rings in the middle of the night? You know. You are there sleeping peacefully, perhaps in the middle of a dream of any sort, and the phone starts ringing? When I say middle of the night, I mean anytime between midnight and 5am middle of the night. When I say ringing phone, I mean it sounds way too loud because the entire house is way too quiet. It shocks you awake, but not completely awake.

There I am lying in bed, hearing the phone ringing. Going through the flash of thoughts of what could be wrong. Who could be hurt? What happened and who needs help? Somehow, in my sleep induced fog state, I recognize the ring tone. It is Bethany. But what could be happening? Why would she call me at this time?

I answer. She is just getting off work, and she is wide awake, and she wants something. Something she knows she won’t get at home. Would I be willing to help her out? Oh seriously, we are talking about the Frank Thornton here. You know exactly what I answered (a post about going back to sleep would be rather boring I suspect).

I unlocked the front door for her. I went back and waited in my nice warm bed. It was cold outside and the heater had been running off and on through the night. When Bethany arrived, she let herself in and quietly snuck up to my room. She undressed and climbed under the covers with me. Her skin was thoroughly chilled from the wintry air outside. I shifted her into the bed where I had just been laying, where it was warmest, and I held her close to warm up her skin.

I could sense she was ready, but I just couldn’t bring myself to start before she was warmer. I have no idea why. Besides, it gave us a moment to just talk a few minutes first, which meant a chance for me to wake up a little more and be as ready as she was.

Like I said, she was ready. She didn’t need any foreplay, she needed to be warm, and she needed me inside of her. After her skin was warm, I was more than willing to oblige. The memory seems so hazy now. I guess I was more tired than I realized.

I do remember that delicious feel of sliding into the wet slippery folds of her pussy. The feel of her body under me, and the quiet noises of pleasure she made are things I did not forget. I felt I could last as long as I wanted, and knew that I couldn’t take too long, she did need return home to her husband and her own bed.

So I fucked. I gave her what she came for. I knew she didn’t wake me in the middle of the night so she could have a slow sensual moment of love making. She came to me wet and ready to fuck and I gave her a fuck. I picked up my pace and pistoned my cock in and out of her slippery pussy.

I felt her tensing up under me, her moans increasing with orgasm approaching. And it came so quickly. She came quickly and she came hard. I could feel her pussy squirting around my cock and I loved it. I could feel the increased wetness and how much slicker and hotter her pussy felt around my cock.

I slowed down just to savor that feeling, but it took my control away. My entire mind and all of my body gave into the pleasure of sliding into this super wet pussy and in only a few strokes I was cumming inside of her. My body rigid and I pushed as deeply into her body as I could manage. Releasing all of my cum, my energy, and my orgasm deeply into her.

Tired, exhausted, and sleepy, I laid on the bed beside her. We took only moments to catch our breath before she got out of the bed to get dressed and return home. I got up as well and gathered a towel. I placed the towel on the bed to cover the wet spot which was quickly growing cold.