The Room

Inside of me. There is a room. To me it looks like a medieval torture room. There is a stone table with chains and shackles in the center, with some blood stains on it. On one wall is a wooden X with chains and shackles attached to each end of the X. Those chains are adjustable to accommodate different sizes of people. Standing freely is a stockade where a person’s head and hands are held while their body is bent over, clearly leaving a person’s ass exposed to whoever put them there. There are more chains and shackles on the walls. On one wall by itself, and separate from everything else, are the tools. There are at least five different types of whips. There are paddles small and large, wood, leather, and felt. There are also a few blades and needles, all shiny and sharp.

What stands out on this shelf of tools, are the feathers and the dildos. So many different penis shapes, some that appear impossible, or possible like they may have been modeled from a demon. Some that seem far too large to handle, and some that are perfectly normal size. There are plain ones, and some that vibrate. Among them are egg shape, pen shape, and bullet shape vibrators. There are nipple clamps designed to squeeze, and if you look carefully you will see nipple clamps with needles that pierce as they squeeze.

One last piece of furniture adorns the room. A sturdy chair made of well worn wood and leather.

The room smells of wood, leather, sweat, a slight sharp tang of blood, and most of all it smells of lust, pure musky lust and sex.

There are only two kinds of people who enter this room. One is the master of this room. He is Prince, or he is Sir. To those who submit to his will, he is Master. The only others who enter this room are those who are willing. This Dom does not take any unwillingly.

I have not been myself lately. It is time to open the door to this room. The Dom may be sitting in his chair relaxing and waiting. He may be checking all of his “tools” to make sure they are ready to be used when the next willing person comes to give her pleasure to him.

It is time for the person I have been to step back and to let this Dom step into place.

I pull your hair, pulling your head back so that you look up into my face. I gaze into your eyes so you see steel and hardness in my green eyes before I allow my lips to touch your flesh.