Link Exchange

It’s a common practice among bloggers and other website owners to exchange links as a means of helping readers find other blogs and websites they may be interested in.

After giving it careful consideration, I have decided to include a list for link exchanges. To begin with, the links will be on the main page to the right of the posts. If I have too many requests for links, then I will create an additional page where links can be easily found without the “clutter” of blog posts and other widgets.

To all bloggers and other website owners who want to exchange links. Please let me know, and I will get started right away with setting up a place where your blog or website can be noticed, in exchange for a link on your website which should be in a place where it will get noticed.

Thank you in advance. I look forward to the opportunities to increase the number of readers here, and to also help my blogging friends find readers for their writings.