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Need someone to go out with? Are you tired of spending Saturday nights alone?? I know I am. Here’s a great idea: Check out “Speed Dating”. Spend five minutes chatting with someone online & see if you two share some common interests. If not – then – NEXT.

I’ve spent Waay too much time on my profile on e-Harmony, sending winks and flirts & what-have-you. Only to be totally ignored by the masses (okay, not the masses). I’m hot & allz I want is someone to spend time with and to have hot, sweaty sex with. Okay? (Well, they also have to not be a ‘tard & not look too terribly unattractive.)

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How To Get Laid On Adult Dating Sites

Using an adult site to get laid.

Adult Friend Finder
Adult Dating

These are examples of “dating” sites where the principle idea is sex. Maybe long term relationships are involved, and maybe not. The real point is that people really do log into sites like these for the purpose of meeting someone to have sex with.

What I have to write is more for men than for women. For my female readers, this may give you a bit of insight into a male mind, and to completely honest, I would ask you to read and offer your comments and thoughts.

A lot of the stories I have written are true stories that occurred at a time I was using an adult dating site. I am not going to name which one I was using, but I will tell you that it is in the list above, and I will also tell you that if you sign up for any of those sites, then Hannah and I may receive compensation for advertising their site.

For the guys, this is only a sharing of what did and did not work for me, and what I really learned while on the dating site.

The first thing you do on a dating site is create a profile. The profile is one of the top two impressions others will have of you. That means it is important to write a profile that will get you what you want. The first and foremost I would say is being honest. Don’t put in your profile that you are CIA operative, or British Secret Service agent unless you truly are (and anyone who is will never identify their work on a dating site like these). If your job isn’t “sexy” enough, then don’t mention it. Don’t talk about how big your cock is unless you can back up every single word. Don’t talk about how you can go down on a woman for hours unless you have done that to just about every woman you have been with.

In your profile, don’t give just a laundry list of what you expect in a sexual partner. Share at least something about yourself. It is preferable to share something you like instead of something you dislike. Avoid sharing information about past partners. If they want to brag, let them, but don’t do the bragging yourself.

The picture or pictures are the other most important part of your first impression. In truth, your picture can be the most important because it will catch the eye before anything else will. If you do not have a picture, the number of potential partners who will look at your profile will drop incredibly low. Give very careful consideration to your picture. In fact, take the time to go out and look at pictures other men are posting. Unless things have changed, you will see way more cock that you thought would ever see in one day (unless on purpose). So do something different. Avoid the “cock” shot. It doesn’t matter how impressive or “pretty” your cock is. There are lots of impressive and lots of pretty cocks already pictured. You need to do something different to set yourself apart from the other “studs”. If you cannot show your face (very common when wanting to protect your job), then say that in your profile. Add a note that says you will provide face pictures by request only. Then do pictures of you dressed but in natural settings. Like outdoors, or doing something you like (on a bike, or relaxing with a drink, or whatever suits you). Let the picture give at least an idea of what kind of person you are, as much as you feel comfortable to do. The picture I used was me in shorts in my bedroom. My head was cut off (for privacy), and I stated I would provide a face picture on request (which included me being sure the person was not family, co-worker, or could get it back to either). It was a subtle I am available, but not hanging everything out there picture, which invited seekers to consider asking for more.

Despite having a good profile and a decent picture, I wasn’t done yet. The men to women ratio on these sites is not in men’s favor. Women don’t have to have a picture or a profile, just sign up and indicate they are female and they will get more email than they can handle (just repeating what I have been told).

In order to really be successful, I had to purchase an account with the site so that I could initiate contact with women. A basic account on any of these sites will not allow you to initiate contact, and often times either restricts or does not allow you to respond if someone does contact you.

Once I had an active more than basic account, I searched. I went through profiles looking for women who fit what I was interested in. Then I narrowed it down by excluding women who had not logged in within a certain time frame (no point sending an email that won’t get read), and by excluding women whose profile indicated they wanted something significantly different than me. With the list available, I initiated contact. I initiated contact with all of them. It wasn’t an email that said “hey babe, let’s fuck”. You have to give women a bit more credit than that. If your profile and picture are so important toward giving a woman an impression of who you are, then it means they want to get to know you. So send an email to them to let them know you are interested, and would love to hear back from them and get to know them and share more of yourself.

Start with conversation. Let conversation lead to meeting. Let meeting lead to the final goal of having sex.

There are some things to keep in mind in this kind of dating environment. The average male is noticeably physically stronger than the average female. This can cause women to feel some fear for their safety. Don’t expect that just because you made some effort, that a woman will just right away overcome fears and come running to jump into bed with you. Women have their own fears and desires. Those fears have to be overcome, and those desires need to be met in order for them to come running to jump into bed with you.

Success on adult dating sites is most definitely possible. If that is what you are wanting, then go for it. Sign yourself up and put forth some effort to meet new partners for sex. When I was actively using the dating site, I made contacts for almost a dozen potential sex partners and met about half that many for sex within a two month period. I am open to questions in the comment box and will try to respond to everyone with sincere questions.