A Good King


What is it that makes a good King (you may substitute Queen for King)? There are many schools of thought. Here I can only show my own thoughts in the matter.

To begin with, there is how the King rules over his subjects. A King is fair with his subjects. He does not steal from them for his own gain. He levies taxes for the purposes of providing services to his subjects that are necessary (such as defending his subjects from hostile invaders), but does not levy taxes in order to fill his coffers with gold and riches. He manages the finances wisely so that he does not need to take any more taxes than is necessary.

He is there for his subjects when they need the guidance of leadership. When disaster strikes (such as storms or other natural disasters), he is there to make sure aid is rendered as quickly as possible.

In short, the King cares for the lives and the quality of life of his subjects and insures that everyone around him knows that he cares about them and will do all he can for them.

He is not a pushover who goes out of his way to just let them have anything they want whether they deserve it or not. He just does what is necessary to allow them to live their lives to the best of their ability. He does not fear to render punishments in and out of his country when punishment is deemed necessary to protect his subjects or to guide them to what is best.

In regards to how subjects respond to their King. The subjects love and respect their King. They accept his wisdom and give their best efforts to him as he gives his best efforts to their livelihoods.

The best chef’s compete to be charge of the King’s kitchen as a matter of pride to be the one to provide him the best meals. The best maids and butlers compete to work in the King’s castle as a matter of pride to insure he receives the best of their services. In the service of the country, the best economists, the best managers of various areas (such as farming, or defense) are available and want to offer their services to the King they admire and respect.

Because he is a good King who is loved and respected, the subjects will do their very best for him, for his needs to manage the country, and even for his comfort.

Why would I talk about something like this here on My Hot Sex Stories?

Because I know the kind of Dom I aspire to be.

The Room

Inside of me. There is a room. To me it looks like a medieval torture room. There is a stone table with chains and shackles in the center, with some blood stains on it. On one wall is a wooden X with chains and shackles attached to each end of the X. Those chains are adjustable to accommodate different sizes of people. Standing freely is a stockade where a person’s head and hands are held while their body is bent over, clearly leaving a person’s ass exposed to whoever put them there. There are more chains and shackles on the walls. On one wall by itself, and separate from everything else, are the tools. There are at least five different types of whips. There are paddles small and large, wood, leather, and felt. There are also a few blades and needles, all shiny and sharp.

What stands out on this shelf of tools, are the feathers and the dildos. So many different penis shapes, some that appear impossible, or possible like they may have been modeled from a demon. Some that seem far too large to handle, and some that are perfectly normal size. There are plain ones, and some that vibrate. Among them are egg shape, pen shape, and bullet shape vibrators. There are nipple clamps designed to squeeze, and if you look carefully you will see nipple clamps with needles that pierce as they squeeze.

One last piece of furniture adorns the room. A sturdy chair made of well worn wood and leather.

The room smells of wood, leather, sweat, a slight sharp tang of blood, and most of all it smells of lust, pure musky lust and sex.

There are only two kinds of people who enter this room. One is the master of this room. He is Prince, or he is Sir. To those who submit to his will, he is Master. The only others who enter this room are those who are willing. This Dom does not take any unwillingly.

I have not been myself lately. It is time to open the door to this room. The Dom may be sitting in his chair relaxing and waiting. He may be checking all of his “tools” to make sure they are ready to be used when the next willing person comes to give her pleasure to him.

It is time for the person I have been to step back and to let this Dom step into place.

I pull your hair, pulling your head back so that you look up into my face. I gaze into your eyes so you see steel and hardness in my green eyes before I allow my lips to touch your flesh.

Unbearable Punishment

A woman told me that she will be the woman I have written about as long as I call her Skylar.  You can read about the story she is referring to in Mental Punishment Part 1 and Unbearable Punishment.  I also noticed she has been reading other stories because there are little elements to her writing from other things I have written.  Skylar wrote this specifically as a response to the Mental Punishment Posts.

I’m sitting on Frank’s stomach. There’s no obvious expression on my face, but there’s something in my eyes. I’m truly in shock that I managed to convince him to allow me to tie him up this time. I’m not complaining, though. I’m not doing much of anything, just looking down into his green eyes. I seem to be examining his face. Every feature and every detail like I want it forever branded into my mind’s eye. Branding, hm, if only.

Frank didn’t know I had this much patience. Or at least, I never used it. I’m aroused, it’s obvious by the wet spot on his stomach, but I’m not regarding my arousal at all. I blink as though I’ve been in a trance and then smile a far from innocent smile. My eyes stay focused on his while I reach back and gently run my fingers along the length of his cock. My fingers are cold. They’re always cold, but he knows they are always cold. It’s strange, though, the rest of me feels almost feverish. I remove my hand from the erect cock and stand up on the bed over him. My eyes break from his and travel up his arms to where I’ve tied his hands. I didn’t tie them very tightly. If he tried, he would be rid of them easily, but he is curious and what’s not to trust in my wicked smile?

My blue eyes return to his again and I raise two of my fingers to rest on a large bruise on my neck. Frank gave me that bruise to me. I came when he did. I came so hard I was screaming his name. My smile gets bigger and darker. “You feel very, very good,” I whisper and curl my fingers deep into the bruise and let out a small hiss through my teeth, “I like pain. It makes the body so much more aware.” I rip my fingers away from the bruise and shut my eyes for a moment. When I open them again they are a deeper shade of blue. “But you feed only one side of the spectrum. Don’t confuse me for your pets, Daddy, I need more.” I drop to my knees and grip his shoulders, ghosting my lips over his neck as I speak. “And if I don’t get another playmate, someone still has to pay the price.”

I bite him then. Harder than I have before. Frank’s mouth opens but I don’t pay attention to what comes out of it because soon my mouth is covering it and this time my tongue is exploring his mouth, memorizing it like I did his face. My nails rake down his chest and I move my fingers around Frank’s nipples. I pull back but keep my face close to his for a moment before I slide down his body until my face is over his chest. I hold my stomach up so that my skin does not touch his hard cock. I lick the left nipple slowly, my hot breath warming it even when my tongue is gone. “Do you know what it feels like,” I ask, taking another long, slow lick, “when you do this to me?” I bite down, setting my jaw to the exact pressure I remember him using on my nipple then lick it again. Frank is tense under me and I’m smiling as I place a kiss in the center of his chest. “It feels something like that,” I say then move over and repeat the action on the right nipple before I lean up.

I tangle my fingers tightly in Frank’s hair and feel a few strands pull loose. “Do you know what it does to me when you do this?” I ask, then lean down for another bruising kiss that unexpectedly turns tender. I kiss his jaw before pulling back again. “Do you know what it does to me when I do it?” I ask. It’s clear I don’t really want an answer and I slide off of his body, leaving a cold spot on his stomach where my body was. I crawl over to his left hand and place mine against it, measuring the size before taking it and sucking the index finger into my mouth. I hear his gasp and it almost makes me giggle. I work my tongue around that finger as though it were his cock. When I begin sliding it out, I bite down on the pad. I blow on it and gently kiss it before taking the middle finger and taking its tip between my teeth gently at first then slowly begin adding pressure. Before he can tell me to stop, I’ve vanished and am now between his legs.

I’m staring up at him from this angle. This time, I’m examining his entire body. Every time my eyes pass over a place where my own body bears a mark, I touch the mark on me as though reminding myself it’s there. My eyes move down to his inner thigh and my fingers press the dark bruise on my own thigh. I meet his green eyes for a split second then raise my hand up and lick my fingers. I wrap my wet fingers around his cock and slowly begin pumping it up and down. I wait until his eyes close before I bend down and bite his thigh just like he did to me. He gasps in surprise, but he really shouldn’t have been surprised. I giggle and lean up, wiping saliva off my mouth.

I slither back up his body, allowing my pussy to rub over the hard cock as I go. I place my hands on either side of his face. I reach up with my left hand and place it on my cheek. For a while, I just stare at Frank again. Can he tell that I’m imagining his face being just as red as mine was? Does he know that the reason I’m imagining is because I know I’ll probably never see it for real? I’d never do it, not to him. There are limits I know, and I’m greedy. I don’t want to give him everything. My right hand leaves his cheek and tangles into his hair again. The hand on my cheek moves to claw down his chest as hard as I possibly can. I bite his lower lip. God I want him to bleed, but I restrain and don’t bite him that hard. I could, but there’s something different about this man. He is not the same. That dirty little secret is that inside Frank’s head is a dom, and as much as I’d love to piss it off and see what he would do to me, I don’t do that this time. It’s my turn to play and I don’t want my playtime disturbed. I move over and lick his earlobe before gently grazing it with my teeth. “I want to hurt you,” I confess and he understands what I mean, but I won’t hurt him. Maybe when I really want to see what he is made of. I like to manipulate emotions, he knows I do, it’s not like I haven’t done it before to get what I want. How else would I have gotten him in this position?

I run my nails over every inch of his torso. They’re blunt, but they do their work. I look at my nails and see pieces of skin under them. I lick each of my fingers, moaning as I do so. I place my hands on either side of his head and hold myself over him. His cock is lined up with my pussy. Then, I reach over and begin digging in the drawer. I hold up a dildo and grin. Still holding myself over his cock, I begin fucking myself with it, not holding back as I pant and groan. Frank raises his hips, but I’m too far away. My left hand squeezes the pillow his head is resting on. I’m about to cum, and Frank can sense it. I pull the dildo out before I make myself cum. I’m panting hard and sweat is covering my body. I toss the toy away without caring where it lands.

“It’s too small,” I hiss while I grab his cock and lower myself down onto it. I close my eyes and let out a long moan. “That’s much better,” I sigh, but don’t start moving just yet. I lower and press my forehead to his while I relax my breathing. I stretch out my arms and touch the ties around his wrists, then stroke slowly down his arms with my middle finger, barely touching at all. My hands draw down to either side of his neck and I kiss him savagely. In contrast, I begin sliding up and down his cock painfully slow. My patience is wearing thin, though, and I can’t stop myself from moving faster. I lean up, nails digging into his shoulders and dragging down his chest, then moving up to his arms and doing the same from there. Every sound I hear from his lips causes me to groan and I can tell I won’t last much longer, but then, neither will he. I clamp down on his nipple just as I did before and muffle my scream as I cum. His growl signals that I’ve pushed him over the edge at last. I can tell his hands are free of the ties and I sense them moving toward me. Before he can touch me, I grab hold of his wrists and pin them on either side of his head until I’ve ridden out my orgasm.

With a groan, I roll off of him and press myself against his side, using his shoulder as a pillow. I trace the marks I left on his torso with the tip of my index finger. Some got dangerously deep and I can see dropletts of blood pooling just under the surface. My heart beats faster as I picture it welling up onto his skin. I tilt my head up and place a kiss over the bite on his neck. Then, I grab his shoulder opposite me and pull his body over mine and look up into your eyes innocently, but my fingers are curled into his bruise. “You wanna play this time, Daddy?” I ask softly as my lips curl into yet another mischivious grin.

Mental Punishment Part I

Skylar is naked and securely bound to the four posts of the bed. Each wrist and ankle is held securely by a leather cuff. She has no way to undo any of the cuffs, for the first time, she is completely dependent on me in every way. She lies on her back in a room that seems almost too warm, yet feels just right at the same time. There is not a single chill on any part of her bare skin.

The room is lit by the fire in the fireplace and a few well placed candles. The drapes are dark and heavy, the wood of the posts for the bed and other furnishings are dark and appear aged. The cloth Skylar is laying on is soft cotton. The pillow cradling her head where her dark hair is fanned out seems extremely soft yet firm at the same time. The only sounds in the room are Skylar’s breathing, popping sparks from the fireplace, and the sounds of my movements nearby. She could turn her head to watch what I am doing, or she could lay there with her eyes closed, anticipating what I may be doing. She chooses to keep her eyes closed while imagining what I might be doing.

The rustlings which reach her ears, could it be the sound of cloth? Or leather? Am I getting out toys? If so, which toys? She knows by the sound that I am the only one in the room with her. She breathes in deeply through her nose to catch my scent, but still keeps her eyes closed. The bed shifts as I climb on beside Skylar. She opens her eyes now, turning to and catch me looking at and admiring her beautiful naked body. She looks into my piercing green gaze, noting the bright glint in my eyes, which promises of things to come. I smile for her before I place a black cloth over her eyes. She lies there unmoving and unresisting, as I reach behind her head to tie the cloth in place. I do not tie it too tightly. I feel her body shiver with anticipation. She does not know what I am about to do.

Something soft and light tickles the tip of her nipple. It traces a circle around her nipple, exactly along the lines of my teeth marks, still visible a few days after I bit her tit hard enough to bruise. She squirms from the tickling and her nipple grows hard against the soft feathery touch. Skylar realizes I am using a feather on her nipple. Instead of a clamp, or my teeth, or leather strap, or so many other things she might have expected, I am using a feather on her skin. She knows the feather, she has seen it. It is just over a foot long, very fluffy, but with a strong quill. The feather trails along her skin, to her sensitive neck. It traces a path to the marks I left on her neck with my lips and teeth. I bit and sucked on her sensitive skin. The feather caresses and tickles her throat. Soft strands tickle her ears as I slowly brush back and forth around her neck and throat.

Despite how different it feels, and despite that I am not causing any pain, she is getting aroused and wet. She squirms as her pussy begins to itch with need for attention and to feel my cock filling her completely. She cannot find her voice to tell me what her pussy wants. She gave herself to me to do with as I please, and she will wait on my pleasure, allowing me to do anything I want.

The feather caresses her cheek. She remembers my hand striking her cheek recently. A slap that left her cheek red for hours. The touch of the feather and the memory of the slap are such a contrast that she exhales a slight gasp. I watch as tension flows through her muscles from her neck, down through her body, and into her pussy. I gaze in admiration as I clearly notice her back arch in response to that tension. I have only to inhale through my nose and I can smell the scent of her arousal.

To be continued in Part 2

Spank Me ?

Frank thinks he’s going to “Spank me”? I have a few ideas of my own. I just ordered an Incognito Necktie & Leash from Good Vibes. I’ll wait until next week when my order comes in & surprise him with a fancy dancy necktie. My plan is to get him to take me out to a dimly lit restaurant. I’ll be wearing a really low-cut tank top to showcase my hefty cleavage (you know what a sucker he is for boobs) & a skirt that’s barely legal. He WILL be wearing that necktie. I’m gonna tease him. Maybe run my foot up & down his legs during dinner. He’ll caress my arms the whole time we’re there in anticipation. We’ll eat a bite & then take our dessert to my place. I’ll rub my hand on his hard dick the whole time he’s driving us home.

I have my apartment set up with candles all over — nice & romantic. At my place, we’ll only have a glass of wine or two. We’ll makeout like kids. Frank is a good kisser. When the time is right, I’ll flip the inner folds of the tie outwards, pull him with the leash towards me & make him taste me. Taste me good. I am hot just thinking about it. I’ll let you know what happens later. Before the dessert.

Happy Sexy New Year 2011

It is time for the New Year to begin. Which means it is time for vacation to come to a end and for me to get back to work providing hot erotic stories for your pleasure.

To begin with. My admin is due for a good sound spanking. This stuffed shirt is going to pull her pants and panties down to her ankles and I intend to hold over my knee and spank her bare bottom until it glows a nice pretty shade of red.

Whatever shall I do with her then after I have spanked her and made her really wet and hot? I am sure I will write out that story for your pleasure of course.

Oh, and I definitely won’t be removing the link my dear admin shared with you. Just looking at those luscious big tits held in that leather bra gets me hot. I just wanna grab the back of that leather bra and pull her around and make her do whatever I want. I just know that after I get a woman locked into that leather bra, she would be at my mercy and could not stop me from pushing my cock between her sweet red lips.

I can definitely get some story ideas with those kinds of pictures. The New Year’s girl above gives me some story ideas too. I do love the look of fishnet stockings on such pretty legs and that teasing hint of cleavage. Hmm, I wonder if I could get some more hot sexy pictures of my lady readers wearing fishnet stockings or showing their sexy cleavage. I would love to write some personal stories for any readers who provide the inspiration.

Happy New Year everyone. Have some incredible sex, and come back often to read some Hot Stories.

My Dom and My Sub Part 2

Continued from My Dom and My Sub Part 1

I made Zoey stand up, and then made her bend over so that her head was laying on the bed.

I thought of spanking her, but my cock was more interested in just taking her. I had gotten her very wet. I wish I could say I just get behind her and slid my cock in, but this was real. I needed a moment to get the angle right, but once it happened, my cock literally popped into her pussy. It was so sudden and so intense, she had a small orgasm.

I slowly stroked my cock in and out of her to get it nice and wet and ready for me to truly fuck her. I grabbed her hips, and pulled her onto my cock as I thrust into her hard. Over and over again. This was what I wanted. I wanted her at my mercy. I wanted her overcome by my cock, and completely submitted to me.

She wanted more though. I wasn’t dominant enough for her. She resisted my fantasies and talked back to me. I couldn’t allow that. I spanked her. I spanked her hard for her insubordination. It wasn’t enough. She was still resisting.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. My other hand grabbed her throat, my fingers applying gentle (and extremely careful) pressure. She stopped speaking, her body instantly becoming mine. I bit her ear just before I told her what she was going to do for being bad like that. I told her we were going to find a woman and she was going to pleasure that woman. I would grab her hair and push her face into the other woman’s cunt and I would expect her to make that woman cum hard.

Zoey came while listening to this fantasy. She could clearly picture being forced to go down on another woman and used to pleasure both me and her. I intend to make that fantasy happen still.

Back in reality though. I pushed Zoey’s head down onto the bed and pulled her hands behind her back, just like they would be if she were handcuffed. I had been fucking her steadily for nearly 30 minutes. Both of us were dripping sweat from fucking so hard. My own body felt slick and hot and I loved every bit of it. Zoey was fully submitted to me. I owned her body and mind and she had given it to me freely.

I don’t even know how many times she had cum. It was time for me to cum though.

It was time for me to release my control and just pour my cum deep inside her. I held her wrists, keeping her helpless while I drilled my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. I let that incredible feeling build. When it was time, I grabbed Z’s hips and pulled her ass tight against me, pushing my cock so deep into her that I am sure my balls were squeezing her clit. I unleashed a flood of cum deep inside her. I could feel it shooting through my cock, spurt after spurt of my hot cum. I just held her there, making sure every single drop went as deep into her pussy as possible.

I know she came with me. Her own orgasm shook her entire body and she was barely able to stay on her feet, even with the support of the bed under most of her body. We were so tired and exhausted that neither of us could move right away. But moving was necessary. My own legs were weak from the intense orgasm and the intense work out.

When I caught my breath, I gently nudged her forward as I stepped back. I felt our mixed cum slip out with me, some of it staying on my cock and running down onto my balls, and some running down her legs.

I laid down on the bed and just finished catching my breath while Z took a moment to get a much needed drink of water.

Part 3

Do you have a domination story to share?

My Dom and My Sub Part 1

I am not a submissive. I find no pleasure in being tied down, punished, brought to pain, or humiliated in any way. So this is not in any way about someone who dominates me.

I have a Dom inside of me though. For a long time I did not know this. I was always too shy, too uncertain to be dominant. Then recently, it changed. I found him inside of me. I call him my Dom. When he wants to play he takes charge, he becomes the man, and he will not accept anything less than his will being done.

I have known Zoey for years. We met sexually. Life separated us, but we remained friends. We came back together, sex returned with our presence. Zoey likes my Dom. Very much. So much so that she is becoming my sub. She submits to me when it is our pleasure, but she is submitting more and more, thus she is becoming my sub.

She came to me one afternoon. Before coming to me she had said something suggestive of spanking me or perhaps something close to that effect. I do not recall it clearly. What I do recall was that my Dom was in charge. I would not accept being told what to do, or accept being offered any punishment. I was the one in charge, and I was the one who would deliver punishment as warranted.

I instructed Zoey to go to the bedroom. It was an order even though it did not sound like an order. Once there she began to undress, but I stopped her. I didn’t want to watch her undress. I wanted to undress her myself. I did. I removed her clothing one article at a time with pauses for me to kiss her lips, her throat, her back, and her shoulders. I held her in my grip with each kiss, and each article of clothing removed. I kept her under my control with my hands and my mouth.

I made her wait while I undressed, then took her in my arms gave her a bruisingly hard kiss on the lips. We were standing beside the bed kissing. My hand moved up the bare skin of her back and I grabbed a handful of her hair. She loves so much when I pull her hair. I swear she could have an orgasm just from the feel of me pulling her hair. Her head pulled back, my mouth went to her neck. Sucking and biting the sensitive flesh and driving her wild with desire.

I pushed her back to the wall and pressed her hard against the wall while I kissed her. Then I pushed her down so that she was kneeling on the floor. She knew exactly what to do. She sat before me and sucked my cock into her mouth. And what a talented tongue she has. She knows how to lick the sensitive spots and to suck me into her mouth. I told her to show me how much of my cock she could suck into her mouth. She showed me what I wanted to see.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to the wall. She was held there unable to move and I fucked her face. She had shown me what she could handle and I carefully gave her as much of my cock as she could handle. I knew this was her fantasy, her desire to be used by me, and I used her. In my mind, I still had more ideas for how I would use her for our pleasure.

To be continued in My Dom and My Sub Part 2