Sexy Christmas Break


The Holiday season came back on us very quickly as it always does. For those who follow me on Facebook, you may already be aware that I celebrated my birthday yesterday. This gentleman chooses not to divulge his age.

As so many others are going to do at this time, I am going to turn my attention to family members near and far, and to friends here and away. I’m taking a sexy Christmas break from updating My Hot Sexy Stories until after the New Year has been rung in.

Please feel welcome to browse through the stories and videos posted so far. Please feel free to share your own thoughts. I look forward to hearing from those who come to read my stories.

Thank You Everyone. Have a very wonderful, happy, and incredibly sexy Holiday Season.

***Heh-heh!! This is Frank’s Admin. I happen to know that Frank has an affinity for Both Big Tits & Redheads. So, while he’s gone — I’m gonna put this great link up for up you’all. Click here to check out this gorgeous Redhead with enormous boobs. Check it out now — ’cause that stuffed shirt will probably remove it when he gets back!!!