Mental Punishment Part 2

Continued from Part 1

The feather moves slowly from her neck to the center of her chest.  The soft tickling touch trails between her tits and onto her stomach.  The feather moves to the side of her stomach while still trailing down. She feels it caressing the side of her ass.  I can see the marks from the leather strap I used on that soft skin of her ass.  No doubt it still stings some, but with this gentle feather, it only tickles and she does not feel the stinging from the lashings.  Skylar remembers them though.  She realizes now that I am using the feather to give pleasure of pain from her memories.  I am allowing her body to heal before I punish it again, but her mind is still mine to torture, and I am torturing it.  She recalls the memory of being bound across a footstool, unable to move while the leather strap smacked against her unprotected ass over and over.  She remembers the tears she cried when she felt such intensely pleasurable pain that night.  She recalls that she needed to have me inside her pussy so bad, that she wanted to rip out of the restraints, straddle me and ride me until neither of us could take any more.

The tension courses through her body again, her back arches with the need building inside her pussy.  A moan escapes her lips just as her cries escaped her lips when I whipped her with the leather straps

I move the feather around to her leg.  Caressing and tickling her thigh.  The soft strands tease and tickle the short hairs surrounding her pussy.  She lifts gently, as if wishing for the feather to give the pleasure her pussy craves.  The feather slips to the inside of her thighs to tease and tickle one spot on the inside of one thigh, barely an inch from her pussy.  Skylar remembers that spot so well.  She remembers my head between her legs, my arms wrapped around her thighs.  She anticipated my lips and tongue on her clit, she was laying on her back waiting for that delicious moment.  Before that happened though, my head turned slightly and I bit the inside of her thigh.  I bit that spot about an inch from her pussy.  I bit hard.  So hard that she cried out and tried to grab my head with both hands.  She tried to push my head away, but my arms were locked in place and she couldn’t push me away.  Then Skylar came, she came so hard against my cheek that all she could do was dig her fingers into my scalp while I held her legs, biting her thigh, and feeling that sweet orgasm from her pussy against my cheek.  When I came up, my cheek was glistening from the juices of her orgasm.

A spasm of pleasure courses through her body with that memory.  She pulls against the restraints so hard you can hear the leather and wood creaking.

The feather disappears.  How long did I use it?  She is no longer certain of time.  It might have been an hour.  She does not care, her body cries out with the need to have me inside her pussy now, though no sound escapes her lips.  She can feel the heat of my legs as I slip between her thighs.  Skylar is aware of the presence of my body above her own.  She listens to the sound of my breathing.  I place the head of my cock against her pussy.  I am pushing and it is sliding into her.  She is so wet that I slide all the way in without any resistance, without stopping once.  I am there.  My cock is fully engulfed by her hot cunt.

Skylar cums.  Her pussy squeezes my cock.  The muscles try to pull me in, wanting to be sure all of my cock it is inside.  Her hips shift up and down, rubbing against my hips and legs with her thighs during her orgasm.

As her orgasm subsides, I begin moving, sliding in and out of her pussy.  I get into a rhythm.  Each minute I go a little faster, a little harder, until I am fucking her intensely.  I somehow push the blindfold out of the way.  I kiss her lips without losing the rhythm.  She can tell by my breathing that I won’t last much longer.  She knows me so well.  She knows that once I am inside her pussy, I can’t maintain my control

I grab the back of her neck and guide her lips to my chest.  I push deep inside her pussy and I cum.  I cum hard and she feels it.  She feels my throbbing cock hard inside her cunt.  She feels my cum shooting deep inside her pussy.  Skylar cums with me, her pussy wrapping tightly around my throbbing cock, gripping me and willing me to just keep cumming.

She opens her mouth, and bites my nipple hard.

I gasp with pain and pleasure and I keep cumming inside of her.