1) Woman confronts husband with woman he’s been dating via Adulterers. (“I knew that wernt no lamp. I dont wanna – but, I gots to.”)
2) Husband of mistress arrives with Philanders.
3) Second wife/girlfriend of husband #1 arrives.
4) Unfaithfullers reveals host of Philanders holding hands with the husband of mistress #1 via double agent Nicky.
5) Wrongdoers host JD reveals host of Unfaithfullers is still under contract with Fuckarounders.
6) Hans Christiansen of To Apprehend a Deviant reveals that producer of Fuckarounders is friends with JD who is actually a female.

What I don’t understand is why is the producer of Fuckarounders friends with the host of Wrongdoers? And why would Hans Christenson send an undercover female to pose as a metrosexual generic looking cheating show host?

Joey Greco is still under contract with Cheaters. He should have been outed by Wrongdoers for fucking around with Clusterfucks.

Clusterfucks kills them all. Ha-Ha!!  Really thought this was funny.