Lemon Incest

There is clearly no question that this song is way way up on the list of the world’s most controversial songs. Would you believe that the video is way way up at the top of controversial videos as well?

I didn’t post this to advocate incest. I simply came across this controversial song/video and decided that I would share it. There are several questions I believe can be posed here.

For one. Can you call this art? I think so. I think art is not supposed to be about how politically correct you can be. I also do not think art has to necessarily endorse anything specific.

If I ask the question if this song/video endorses father/daughter incest. I would have to say not necessarily. It simply could be that the artist envisioned it as a very loving thing and wanted to express it in that manner.

My personal opinion is this. I think the male and female vocalizations harmonized well. I think the song expressed love as a beautiful thing, even in a controversial setting. The music wasn’t that good to me. I am not sure I would have enjoyed it even in the 80s when it was fresh. No matter, I listen to songs for a multitude of reasons.

Now I did mention that this video was way up on the list of controversial videos. The reason for that is that the only two people sang the song and are featured in the video are in fact father and daughter, and the girl was twelve at the time the video was shot. Both father and daughter have always denied ever having a sexual relationship and the girl has acknowledged that it was a “provocation”.

In the end, I will call this one an intentional use of controversy as means of artwork.