Sex & Laughter

Is it ever ok to laugh during sex?  Hell yes!

This isn’t a response to a comment or even a question I have read.  I just wanted to take a break from writing a strictly sex story and write out my own thoughts about something related to sex.  So I chose laughter.

There was no major process or epiphany or any such.  I was simply reading and came about the topic of laughter on a site dedicated to sex.  Then my brain decided to run with it.  So here are my thoughts on this.

Number one, sex is just plain fun.  Laughing is just plain fun.  Mix them together and have twice the fun.

Sex is not some serious dark secret that we have to hide away in some closet somewhere.  I used to keep it completely hidden.  I couldn’t dare to let anyone know that I actually had sex.  I couldn’t share it with people I worked with, or family, or friends.  I am past that now.  Close friends read what I write here.  I have family members who read what I write here.  I choose not to tell them exactly which stories are true, which are embellished, and which are fantasy.  They either know, figure it out, or don’t ask.

Now about that laughing thing.  Sex is not always perfect.  Honestly, some of these stories here involved some embarrassing moments that I didn’t include in the story.  Sometimes just before, or during, or after sex, something embarrassing would happen and it often left me and my partner laughing.

It is so easy to get so focused on that physical connection that you miss the side of the bed you intended to lean on.  Or you both move at the same time and end up butting heads together instead of lips meeting for a passionate kiss.  These things are simply reality.  They happen and they don’t have to spoil the moment.

In fact, the moment can be that free and open and I will dare to say child like laughter that your whole body just gives into.  Leaving your whole body feeling totally alive and happy and ready to just live.

I love to hear a woman’s laugh.  Especially when she is a sexual partner as well.  I delight in the pleasure a woman feels because of me.  Whether it is sex or laughing.  I feel no shame or reservation about sharing jokes or whatever to bring about laughter, even during sex.

After all, why should several hours of the day be devoid of laughter.

Let yourself be free to laugh.  Give yourself freedom for sex.  Bring them together and make it an experience that leaves your stomach sore and body trembling and completely satisfied.