Toilet Seat Covers

I had every intention of putting a nice erotic story here. Then I had a rather interesting day at work. Not that work itself was interesting. Today a coworker decided to share so much more with me than I ever really wanted to know.

So I decided to share that with everyone else because I am such a nice guy like that.

Today’s topic of conversation was about toilet seat covers. I added two pictures because I needed both of them to really show what my coworker talked about. In the pictures, you see disposable paper toilet seat covers which can often be found in public restrooms.

They come out of a dispenser as a somewhat solid sheet with some perforations. My coworker pointed out that if you open the center hole, the tab (as seen in the second picture) may slip into toilet and into the pull the edges down into the toilet with it. Thus leaving the toilet seat you are attempting to cover, exposed.

So my coworker decided this was not the effective way to put the cover on the toilet. The scientific experiments ensued.

He decided the next thing to do was to not tear the perforated tabs. Then it would sit securely on the toilet seat.

Ok. ICK!!! The mental images are really killing me and the day is only 2 freaking hours old. I swear, it took every ounce of humor I had available to make it through this conversation.

I pointed out the ick factor of course and also mentioned there was no chance I was going to try that particular experiment.

He went back to do some research. He actually went onto the Internet and did some research for how to properly apply a disposable paper toilet seat cover. I couldn’t believe it. He actually printed out and showed me the instructions for how to apply one. But the instructions missed one part. What to do with that stupid tab.

He went back and did more research. Then he found it. The tab gets lifted up and moved to the back where it is out of the way and does not pull the cover down into the toilet. I pointed out that this is really an effective way to protect your tailbone too. We all know how important that is.

Later that day. I got the news that he actually tried it, and almost everything worked like it was supposed to. Then he stood up and the paper was stuck to his skin.

I can’t begin to describe how much I hope I have about a million things to work on tomorrow. I don’t know if I can handle another day long conversation like the one I went through today. At least it wasn’t boring though.

Observe, Listen, Pay Attention

Pay attention. Observe. Listen carefully.

Each individual is unique. Each with their own tastes, likes, and dislikes.

I study. I learn. I want the most for my partner, and I want the most for me. It is simple really. Just do as I stated above. Pay attention. Observe, and listen carefully. Study and learn.

The time I am spending with Leigh has given me the opportunity to do just that with her. Though we have known each other for many years, our opportunities to get together sexually were limited. Once upon a time we had one weekend together (and still that story may be waiting until later).

The opportunity gave me the chance to learn so much more. To study Leigh and understand the desires of her body, her mind, and her heart. Naturally, this post is about studying her body.

I have kissed Leigh, I have touched her. I have held her tight, embracing her close. I have gently and lightly caressed her skin with the tips of my fingers and with my lips. I have moved up and down her body, listening to her breathing, and her sighs. I paid attention to her hands on my skin. What did I do that caused her fingers to tense up on my skin? What touch? What kiss?

What could I do to bring out her most intense orgasms? Do you know me yet? Do you know how much I desire to cause intense orgasms in my partners? I don’t want my partner to simply cum, I want her to explode. I want her nails digging into my skin. I want her to either scream, or bite her tongue to stop herself from waking others in the house. I want her body shaking and trembling against me.

Is that too much to ask?

Not for me. I have my ego, and I get off on causing such intense orgasms. Thus I put forth the effort to learn how to bring those orgasms out.tremble

In Leigh it is twofold. Foreplay is first. Her mind and body are stimulated and teased. The more stimulation and teasing and the more she is ready to rip my clothes off, the better. Foreplay extends into undressing and touching each other’s bodies. Then I reach between her legs. I find and rub her clit, while kissing her lips, her neck, and her nipples.

She responds to my touch. I can feel her entire body tensing against me. I can feel her breathing faster. I can hear her sighs and moans become slightly louder. She tries to hold back. Her body becomes tense. My fingers are too persistent though. The needs of her body too much.

She digs her fingers into my skin, her hips move as if thrusting against me. She fights to keep from crying out with her pleasure. The house sleeps around us and we do not disturb any others. I keep rubbing her clit for as long as she can take it, and I keep her orgasm running through her body and mind until she closes her legs and holds my hand still. I lay against her, feeling her shivers against me. I hold her close while she enjoys the waves of pleasure still coursing through her body. Eventually I reclaim my hand.

I discovered a variation that we both enjoy immensely. Instead of my finger, I use my cock. I get between her legs. I reach between our bodies and take my hard cock in my hand. I guide it between the lips of her pussy and directly onto her clit. Using only the head of my cock, I rub her clit. She feels it intensely, probably more intensely than with my fingertips.

Rubbing her clit with my cock causes my hand to stroke my cock. I have to keep my control. Feeling her pleasure while stroking my cock could easily cause me to cum directly on her clit. That isn’t what I want (not yet). I stroke and tease her clit. I kiss her lips, sucking her tongue, and her neck, and her nipples. I push and stroke and build her up to another intense orgasm.

When I feel her body tense in orgasm, and her hips thrusting up against me, I shift and slide my cock into her waiting pussy. She is so wet, and so ready that I slide in easily. I can feel her orgasm happening against my cock as I slide in. I feel her go into another orgasm right away with no break in between. Both of her orgasms are incredibly intense, leaving Leigh barely breathing, and barely in control of her own muscles when the orgasms finally subside.

Now I can give her one more thing she really enjoys. Now I can give her my pleasure.

I am not done yet of course. There is still much more research and studying for me to do.