Lipstick Kisses

This is another special guest post by an author identified as Skylar. Please leave comments to let her know you would love to hear more from her.

Unlike the men I prefer, Natasha is close to my age, only a few months older than me. She’s better endowed than I am, but that’s just fine with me. Her skin is darker than mine, but her eyes are a sharp blue that makes me insane whenever she closes them and I can’t see them. Her hair is short, swinging at her shoulders, but thick and very black except for the tips which she’s dyed purple. Dark black lines are drawn around her eyes, it reminds me of an Egyptian. Her lips are dark and, now, free of any lipstick. She doesn’t wear much make-up because she knows I don’t like having to deal with it. However, she always wears that damn lipstick. I think she likes seeing it stain my lips when I get rid of it. Her fingernails aren’t very long, but longer than mine and painted black. It’s a cliche, but I don’t mind. Her build is similar to mine, thin, tall. Muscles aren’t very prominent, but that also doesn’t matter. She’s wearing a black T-shirt with a red long-sleeve shirt underneath and dark jeans. However, of the things she’s wearing, I really don’t care much about her clothes. I care more about a leather choker she’s got around her neck. The clothes will be gone soon, but I think the choker will stay.

I’ve just finished removing that damned lipstick she was wearing and I know the dark red is now smeared across my own lips, likely staining my teeth as well if the taste in my mouth is any indication. She’s grinning at me, so proud. I’ll wipe the grin off her face. I place my hands on her shoulders and shove. She knew the bed was behind her, but I don’t think she realized how close I’d gotten her to it during our kiss because her eyes fly wide when her knees suddenly strike the edge of the mattress and she’s flung backward onto the blanket with her arms spread out at either side. She looks up at me, now I’m the one that’s grinning. She climbs onto the bed and gets up on her knees. She grabs my shoulders and pulls me forward hard enough that I fall face-first onto the bed next to her. She’s laughing and I glare up at her. Quickly, I wrap an arm around her waist and fling her and myself more fully onto the bed. I straddle her waist and sit back triumphantly.

She pouts up at me and I can’t hide my amusement. I shift lower on her legs and lean down, my face hovering inches above hers as I slide my hands under her shirts. I feel goosebumps rise under my cold touch and she arches ever so slightly into my touch. My fingers hit the fabric of her bra and I frown. I tug her shirts off and look at the simple black bra she’s wearing. I’ll leave that for now. My hands move up to her breasts and I palm them through the fabric. She whines and squirms under me. The feeling through the fabric is nice, but she’d rather the fabric be out of the way.

I leave her chest and my hands run over her stomach until my fingers meet the new barrier of her pants. She really shouldn’t look so hopeful, there’s no way I’m just gonna take them off before playing first. Keeping my hands on her hips, I shift so that I have my right leg between her legs and pressed fully against her crotch. Once my hands release her hips, she grinds against my thigh and I smirk. She gets rid of the smirk easily enough by pulling me in for a deep kiss. I place my hands on either side of her head so I can support myself as I move my leg in time with her hips. She squirms under me and her nails dig into my arms. I move my left hand down between us and press my thumb directly against her clit. She cries into the kiss and her knee raises up, pressing hard against my crotch. I let out a muffled groan and quickly undo the button and zipper of her pants and work them down her legs.

She doesn’t help me with her pants, instead she grabs my tanktop and wrenches it up over my head. I loose my balance and fall to the side next to her. I didn’t need a bra under the tanktop due to how tight it was so I’m now naked from the waist up. I move my hand from her jeans to the back of her bra and quickly unhook it and toss it away before using both hands to yank her pants completely off her legs, dragging her panties with them. She moves to remove my pants as well, but I smack her hands away and scoot down the bed. I slide between her legs and roll her onto her back again and hook her legs over my shoulders. Her eyes darken drastically when I smirk up at her.

I lick at her pussy lips with the flat of my tongue. She’s so wet that I can already taste her. She doesn’t taste like honey or flowers or any of that fantasy shit. She tastes distinctly like sex, no disguising it with romanticisms and I’m glad for that. Salty, slightly sour, with that musky hint of a taste that comes from nothing else. That’s the taste I plunge my tongue into as deep as I possibly can. She almost burns me with her heat and I love it. My nose is pressed against her clit and my hot breath steams over it. I keep my eyes open and look at her body jerk and arch and break out in sweat as I move my tongue in ways that would be sinful even if it wasn’t inside of this woman. Her heels dig into my back as I explore every crevice of her pussy with my tongue.

Her legs clamp tight against me and she cums on my mouth. I don’t swallow. Instead I slide through her grip and latch my tongue onto her left breast, lubricating it with her own juices. She groans and shudders, tossing her head back. Her hips grind against mine. She lets out a cry when her sensitized clit rubs against the rough denim of the jeans she forgot I was still wearing. She hooks her legs around my waist and continues making a mess of the front of my jeans, but I’m not complaining as I move to her other breast and then up to the hollow of her neck.

Before she can orgasm all over my pants, I pull her legs off of my waist. I intend to take my jeans off myself, but she’s up in a flash and does it so quickly that they are already off before I can process that I’m now laying on my back. She crawls on top of me and kisses me deeply. Slipping a hand between us, I thrust two fingers up into her pussy. She tosses her head back and moans, riding my fingers without my needing to do a thing.

She latches her mouth onto the side of my throat and her own hand slips between us. I pull my fingers out of her and grab her wrist just before her hand reaches its destination. She pulls away from my throat and compliantly moves down my body as I push her gently. She trails the way down with open-mouthed kisses and I groan when they reach my pussy. She nips gently on both of my inner thighs before giving me another of those sinful kisses. My fists grip the sheets and I throw my head back as she works. I pant so hard I’d probably be dangerously close to blacking out were I not so determined to not miss a second of this.

Suddenly, my vision goes black but I don’t know whether or not I closed my eyes. My back arches and her lips are on mine, muffling my loud cry. I wrap my arms around her torso and pull her onto her side next to me, deepening the kiss and intensifying it until we are both too out of breath to continue for several minutes.