I am a normal man. As a normal man, I do masturbate. How often I masturbate depends on how much sex I am having at the time. But I cannot recall the last time I went a full day without masturbating (and that includes days I had sex).

This story happened at a time I had a long and difficult week. I had a regular job and things had been much busier than normal, and I was also doing some very physical work. I had been going to work in the morning with muscles still sore from the day before. It has been a week of that kind of tired.

Sometime over the weekend, or on Monday, something got a little off in the going pee department. By Tuesday, I had that burning sensation that you get when you know you have to go pee bad, and your muscles are getting tired from holding it in. The problem was that I was like that all day, and I went frequently to try and get past that feeling, but even though I had that feeling, I didn’t always have to go pee. By Tuesday evening, I gave up on hoping it would go away and I took a dose of AZO standard.

If you are not familiar with this product, I’ll give the brief description. It is designed to provide urinary discomfort relief. It works (when you don’t have a significant problem that you should see a doctor about), and it also makes you pee a really funny shade of yellow or orange (usually orange). I can deal with peeing weird colors when it also comes with relief. I got the relief that I wanted.

By Wednesday, the burning like I have to pee sensation has gone away and I am not peeing funny colors.

My muscles are still really really tired though. So I called it an early night one night. I took a hot shower (as hot as I could stand). Crawled in between clean sheets and turned on the TV.

I drifted off with the TV and a light on (I have to be really really tired to be able to do that). The problem was that I didn’t stay asleep. I woke up (it was still relatively early).

I shut off the TV and lights, and settled back into trying go back to sleep. It didn’t work out quite that well. It was like something got switched on in my brain. I guess you could call it restless thoughts syndrome. I tossed and turned a bit, my muscles sore and exhausted, my brain all but fried, and I couldn’t sleep.

I knew I was going to have to do something. Usually the best way to fix my restless mind (when I am tired and need sleep) is sex. Maybe it is the endorphins or hormones or some weird chemical that hits my brain and turns off the restlessness.

I was way too tired for things to be “up” or for it to get “up” easily. So I turned the TV back on put on a recorded adult show. A few minutes of programming and things are working like they should. My body is rising to the occasion, and my mind is getting into sex mode.

I readjusted and made myself just a bit more comfortable (getting my underwear and blankets out of the way and such).

I moved my hand into place to touch myself. The show on TV moved into the background as my mind took over control of the eroticism my body needed. Images and feelings filtered through my imagination and memory, sending messages to my nerves through different parts of my body. I let my muscles feel the differences in the sheets beneath me, and the touch of my hand moving back and forth.

I didn’t need much time once my mind was engaged. My goal was my orgasm. I wasn’t doing this for foreplay or for prolonged pleasure. I felt the tension building, my body shifting slightly in response. My eyes closed as images and feelings continuing through my mind, my hand moving slightly faster. I felt it build higher and readied for it to release.

In moments I felt that release, the throbbing against my hand, tremors traveling through my muscles, and I could feel the cum under the skin as it traveled its course up the shaft and out of my body. I relaxed into those feelings, enjoying them and letting them go through my body and into my mind, taking all thoughts with it.

Then I noticed something a bit unusual. I made a new discovery. The cum sitting in a small puddle on my stomach was orange.

The next time I have urinary discomfort and take AZO for it, I will definitely make sure that any sex related activity is done in the dark. Seeing my semen looking a strangely orange color nearly ruined the whole thing. Lucky for me I knew why it looked orange, and I was so tired that I could no longer stay awake, so I cleaned up and fell back to sleep in minutes.