Deep Throat

Some memories stay with you. Even if they seem faded and fuzzy in our minds, they are still there and can still invoke emotions. When I was in college, I spent an intensely sexual week with a woman four years older than I was. That was a pretty big deal for a young man of eighteen.

Sindy and I met in a common area in the dorms. It started with conversation, then with touching, and moved to some really intense making out. Despite being in a more or less public place, our bodies were pressed together, our hands were caressing, and our tongues were intertwined in a dance of lust.

I can feel the heat radiating from her body. The desire brushing against my skin with every breath she exhales. I feel her want and desire in her fingertips through my clothes. I taste the pheromones on her skin with every brush of my tongue.

On another night, we made our way to the sort of privacy of the dorm room (please don’t let the roommate return now). She didn’t want to give in to having sex. Despite how much her body cried to feel me inside of her. She wanted to make herself wait. To make sure we had protection, to make sure I wouldn’t hurt her. At the time I was several years away from discovering there was a dom inside of me waiting to come out. I think she was quite safe.

She was willing to show me her oral skills though. How could I possibly say no?

Now throughout my adult life, I have been told many times that my cock is above average in both length and girth. I do not necessarily trust these statements. I have seen so many scenes in movies and heard so many stories that I think women are likely to appease a man’s ego during the moment (maybe tell the truth later). There was a point where measurements were taken, and compared to some research on the Internet, those measurements would fit at the high end of the average on some charts and above average on others. So maybe there is some truth to the statements that I have above average size. In the end, what really matters to me is that I can use this tool to cause a woman to have really intense orgasms and feel those orgasms rippling up and down the entire length.

I digress. I was about to talk about her demonstration of oral skills. Even in the privacy of the dorm room we spent a lot of time just kissing and touching. All of that kissing and touching was driving us to incredible levels of arousal and desire. I am not sure how we initiated going to the next level.

I just remember being out of my clothes laying on my back. She kissed her way down my body, sliding her body down to get between my legs. She touched and kissed me with confidence that she knew what she was doing and knew I would enjoy what she was going to do to me. She kissed her way around me, touching my rigid cock with her fingers and lips gently and teasingly at the same time. Letting the anticipation build.

At times I watched her, enjoying the sight of this woman’s fingers, lips, and tongue on my cock. At times I laid my head back with my eyes closed in ecstasy.

She took me into her mouth to show me what she could really do. It started slow. Just the head, then back up, then a little more, and back up. And she kept doing this. She kept taking in more and more. I felt that beautiful feeling of more and more of my cock engulfed by her warm mouth. Until I was sure she was taking in more than any woman had done before.

I looked to see what she was doing. I watched her lips wrapped around my cock, sliding down the length of it. Taking in more than I had seen a woman do to me before, and she kept going. She kept taking more and more of me into her mouth. I could hear her breathing and could tell she was focusing on how she was breathing as she took my cock to her deep throat. I could feel the difference. I could feel my cock in her throat as she literally swallowed to accept my cock so deep into her mouth.

I watched as she pushed her head and stretched her lips to take my cock into her mouth all the way to the base. I couldn’t believe it. I knew my cock was in her throat. The feeling was absolutely incredible. It was so hot and it felt like my entire body was consumed with pleasure.

With her skills, it didn’t take her long to make me cum. She pleasured me until my entire body was rigid with pre-release tension. I was panting with lust, desire, and the need to release all of the tension built up within my body. When I came, my entire body convulsed with my orgasm. I felt the shudders from head to toe, and felt my hips pushing my cock into her mouth. Panting changed to gasping and vain attempts to suck in enough air to fill my lungs. When I came, she took me deep again, back to her throat and she swallowed every drop without it getting in her mouth.

I don’t know what her trick was. I have no idea how she was able to take my cock all the way into her throat. I don’t know how she was able to push her lips all the way to the very base of my cock. Back then I didn’t know my size was above average. I just knew that she had done something that no one else had done to me, and I suspected no one else would do for a long time (I am still waiting).