Too HOT Lady Gaga Photo Shoot


When doing a photo shoot, the directing and photography play a huge role in just how sexual the pictures will turn out to be. In some cases, the subject just exudes such an extraordinary sense of sexuality that it is like they need no help at all. But seriously, watch this video all the way through to the end.

Did you watch all of the video?

Because I have a question. If an extremely sexy man, I mean just really fucking hot man, did a really sexual photo shoot, and somewhere in the video there was a young pre-pubescent girl in the scene with him while he was just wearing underwear. What would society say about that man?

Happy Sexy New Year 2011

It is time for the New Year to begin. Which means it is time for vacation to come to a end and for me to get back to work providing hot erotic stories for your pleasure.

To begin with. My admin is due for a good sound spanking. This stuffed shirt is going to pull her pants and panties down to her ankles and I intend to hold over my knee and spank her bare bottom until it glows a nice pretty shade of red.

Whatever shall I do with her then after I have spanked her and made her really wet and hot? I am sure I will write out that story for your pleasure of course.

Oh, and I definitely won’t be removing the link my dear admin shared with you. Just looking at those luscious big tits held in that leather bra gets me hot. I just wanna grab the back of that leather bra and pull her around and make her do whatever I want. I just know that after I get a woman locked into that leather bra, she would be at my mercy and could not stop me from pushing my cock between her sweet red lips.

I can definitely get some story ideas with those kinds of pictures. The New Year’s girl above gives me some story ideas too. I do love the look of fishnet stockings on such pretty legs and that teasing hint of cleavage. Hmm, I wonder if I could get some more hot sexy pictures of my lady readers wearing fishnet stockings or showing their sexy cleavage. I would love to write some personal stories for any readers who provide the inspiration.

Happy New Year everyone. Have some incredible sex, and come back often to read some Hot Stories.