Can You Connect With Someone Online?

Britain’s population has surpassed 60 million. About 600,000 people have come to work in the UK from the new European Union nations since 2004.  Quite a few people have connected with someone online.

The concept of love and sex has changed over the years. Psychology depicts love and sex as a cognitive and social phenomenon comprised of three different components: intimacy, commitment and passion. People haven’t changed – we’ve just realized that we needn’t be so uptight about our sexual needs.

Having sex is obviously the natural and desired physical manifestation of attraction. Most people want something more from a dating relationship – including honest and meaningful communication, vacations together, date nights, time together with friends, etc. Of course, sex is important to everyone.

But, sex is more than an act of enjoyment, it’s the aptitude to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, & so comfortable that it’s almost breathtaking to the point that you feel you can’t take it. You become one with another.

Here are some ideas to make  your sex  & dating relationship better:
• Enjoy a romantic dinner together.
• Give one another a long, sensual massage.
• Try watching an erotic video together.
• Explore new sexual positions, push your boundaries.
• Go on a romantic vacation or getaway with one another, free of distractions.
• Find common ground to share, like a hobby or sport you can enjoy together.

If you really interested in spicing up your romantic sex life,   Online dating services can help.  I know several people that have gotten married because they met in an Online Forum. The  member forums  are filled with useful information on dating, relationships, sex and love. Read the personal stories of others, ask members for advice, and more.

There are lots of Online dating services where you can find fun, friendship, love, marriage, romance and more. Check them out now and get connected with someone special today. Browse free personal ads and photos, share your deep feelings, and express yourself with your own blog.  You can tell people your thoughts and publish your fantasies instantly.  What freedom for your spirit!

My First Memory of Sex with Nicole

This experience seems like lifetimes ago and I will freely and honestly admit I am nervous to write it because I do not want to miss out on special details. I am certain Nicole’s memories are different than my own and that the details she would recall are different that what I would recall. But still, I want to write this in a way to honor that special moment for each of us. So here it is.

Shortly after Nicole and I began dating I attempted to kiss her, but she shied away from me. I felt so unsure about what she really wanted afterwards that it was nearly a month later before I attempted to kiss her again. She told me later that she was beginning to wonder if she was going to have to kiss me instead. There really was so much shyness and so much hesitancy on my part. I even kind of wonder how she and I made it to the point that we did.

I can’t even recall how long she and I had been dating before the first time we had sex. At the time I am sure it seemed like forever. Now I think it probably was not very long at all. I picked her up from home to go out on a date. The car I drove was not the same as the one I described before. Unfortunately it developed far more problems than could be fixed.

When we went on our date we did not have many options. We were not yet old enough to drink, and that meant we were not old enough to go to the main dance clubs whose main source of revenue was selling alcohol. Luckily there was a place which set up a dance floor and for a few hours on Friday and Saturday nights permitted only teens (no one over 20 allowed). It was a strange mix because some teens are still so young to be out dancing like that, and the majority of them are still too shy to get out on the dance floor.

We did dance though. We smiled for each other, and tried to talk over the loud music, and enjoyed the lights. My favorite memory from that club was sitting with my back against the wall, while Nicole leaned against me. My right arm was over her shoulder and my finger tips caressed her thigh through her tight jeans.

I don’t know how long we stayed, but we both wanted something quieter and just to spend time with each other before we both had to return to our respective homes. We left and went to the same place to park where the other story (Sex With Nicole In A Car) would take place later. I remember my ears still ringing from the music, and I remember we talked some but I can’t recall any of the words we said now.

I think after I parked the car we started kissing. I am sure it started shyly, but very quickly evolved into more excitement and passion. I did not know it at the time, but I tasted her arousal in her kisses. I also didn’t know it, but tasting a woman’s arousal through her kiss is an incredible aphrodisiac for me. The more we kissed, the more inflamed my lust became.

Each moment of kissing pushed me to be bolder. I touched her through her clothes, nervously moving my hand closer and closer to her breast until it was warmly pressed under my palm. She shifted to press it into my palm even more giving me the sign that she wanted me touching her.

We kept kissing, sometimes pausing to whisper something to each other, but mostly enjoying the thrill of our tongues together, and the way our bodies were becoming so inflamed with lust and desire for each other.

When I finally dared to let my hand slip into the waist of her pants, she offered only desire and no resistance. My fingers slid into her pants and lifted the waistband of her panties to allow those same fingers to slip between her legs. What I found took my breath away and pushed me to the height of my desire for her.

She was so wet that her panties were coated with her juice, and my fingers were sliding against the fabric and against her skin easily. I knew then how ready she was to have sex and I couldn’t resist any longer. I pulled my hand back and worked to remove her pants. Unbuttoned, unzipped and sliding down her hips.

As soon as they were out of my way, I released my cock from the restraint of denim and cotton. I moved over to her seat. My knees were on the rough floor of the passenger side. It took some shifting and moving before I was properly lined up.

I was past the point of waiting, but not past the point of being gentle. I let my cock slide into her gently. There was no resistance because she was so wet. I couldn’t even slide all the way in, but she felt so incredible. I have never been able to think of any words that could possible describe the feeling of being inside of her that first time. I just know that in that moment I could feel the entirety of my cock surrounded by the most beautiful and pleasurable sensation I have ever known.

When I recall that moment, I do not remember thinking of the person under me who was sharing the experience. I just remember that moment and that feeling of pleasure surrounding my cock.

When I moved, sliding my cock back so I could thrust into her, I became aware of her intensely. I tried to study her, to understand her pleasure and desire. I think my effort to study that night was futile though. All of my senses were being overwhelmed with pleasure. The scent of her was clean and clearly and unmistakable within the small confines of my old car with its old car smells. The movements of her body sent shivers of pleasure through me. The soft moans she allowed herself to make were a thrill to my ears, and the sight of her body underneath me, where her bare skin was glowing from lamplight was a feast to my eyes. The softness of her everywhere she touched me and the heat radiating from her body permeated me. Lastly, I could still taste her kisses in my mouth.

I never had a chance to last. In that moment, and in that feeling, I am not sure any man could have lasted for very long. When I came, I tried to push deep into Nicole, but the seat was still in my way. I could feel my cum flooding out of me and into her. I could feel each spurt of my cum fill the shaft of my cock to overflowing before the throbbing sent it jetting into her. My entire body trembled with my orgasm, but I remained quiet for fear of being overheard.

When it was over, we kissed and shared the moment of pleasure for a few minutes more before we had to rush to leave.

Later we talked and we both admitted that the first time we were more in lust than in love, but we did fall in love.


The position we were in, and the seat prevented me from breaking her hymen. Nicole was a virgin, and technically was still a virgin after that night. I have not told the story of when she truly gave her virginity to me. This story, about the night in the car was like the first for me. My cock was wet from her, and my seat was stained from my cum and her juices. I will be very demanding of myself when I write the story of taking her virginity, because that is when it was her real first time. To this day, so many years later, I do still love her and care about her, and I want her to read that story and remember with the same feelings that I remember it with.


Leigh is a long term friend. She and I knew each other for a lot of years before we had sex with each other. You can read about that weekend story in The First Time with Leigh. This story is something more current.

Leigh is a giver. She is like me and finds her pleasure in seeing her partner pleasured. It is not quite the same ego as it is with me though. It is more natural to her to simply enjoy the pleasure in her partner. Our first meeting was too brief for me to have learned much about this aspect of her. The more recent meeting though, she learned about my desire to pleasure her, to cause her to lose herself in lust with me. I learned about her desire to do that to me.

How does one pleasure a partner who desires to give pleasure more than to receive it? Simple, let go and let her give me pleasure. This was not an easy thing to do, but I managed.

I lay on my back while we talked. Our naked bodies laying together, skin caressing skin. Between words, we kissed. Between kisses on the lips, we kissed necks, cheeks, ears, and shoulders.

Leigh kept me on my back and kissed her way onto my chest. She licked my skin, and sucked my nipples. She continued kissing my skin, sucking and gently nibbling my chest, then my stomach. Her hand gently caressed and led the way. Her fingers lightly traced my hard cock and between my legs to caress my balls.

It was my turn to suck in my breath. My turn to sigh, and my turn to moan with pleasure. Her lips found my cock. She kissed the length of my cock. She licked and gently sucked the tender skin from tip to base. Her tongue traced the lines of the head, and her lips left a trail of moisture up and down the entire length.

In a previous relationship, I was not allowed to cum in my partner’s mouth. It was a long term relationship which lasted for several years. I was not allowed to cum in her mouth for medical reasons. I knew, understood, and accepted that situation. It was not her fault and would not be held against her at all. The result was that I changed and it became difficult for me to allow myself to cum in a partner’s mouth. We are adaptable, we change, and this was one of my changes.

I knew what Leigh wanted though. I knew she wanted to have control of pleasuring me. I released all inhibitions. I released all reservations. I let any and all sexual images pass through my mind as they would. I reached out to my own body and fully experience the sensation of Leigh’s lips and tongue working magic on my cock. She is very good at this. She wants me to feel this pleasure and she is listening to my body and adjusting to give me the most pleasure she can.

Her talent and my not holding anything back let it happen. I was going to cum. She was going to make me cum. I almost asked if she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I refrained from asking. I let her know with my moans, and with the tension of my body that I was going to cum. I grabbed the cover under me and gripped it tightly in my fist. I pushed up with my hips, as if asking her to suck more of my cock into her mouth. Leigh moved with me and for me.

She stayed with me, keeping her mouth fixed on my cock, my cum pulsated into the shaft. It released. I moaned as quiet as I could manage, it sounded more like a growl than a moan, or maybe it was a nice combination of a growl and a moan. Whatever it was, I really don’t care, I was in the throes of a nice orgasm. I was enjoying a really rare moment of cumming in my partner’s mouth.

When I was done. Leigh kissed her way back up my body and to my lips where I gladly kissed her. She relaxed against me. I could feel satisfaction oozing from her body molding against mine. I could feel my own satisfaction while relaxing against her.

We talked in the darkness. Then she said one thing that struck home. If I could see her, I would see that she had a big shit eating smile on. She was truly happy with pleasuring me. I was happy that I had let go and allowed her to give me that pleasure without feeling that I had to do something in return. I had done something in return. I had given her my pleasure, and she gladly accepted it.

Hot Blowjob

It seems such a long time ago that I saw this movie. This isn’t exactly the video scene I wanted to find, but sometimes you have to make due. If you forward to about the 6 minute mark, you’ll see a depiction of a blowjob. That scene depicting that blowjob stayed in my mind and for a long time was the source of fantasy material. I do not know if she gave the actor a real blowjob or merely did a good job of making it look like she was, but part of me always wanted to believe that she couldn’t resist taking his cock into her mouth during the filming of that scene.

What I want to write about though is not a fantasy from a movie.

My pet Zoey was visiting me. I don’t know how many times we had already had sex, and I cannot recall how many times we had sex again before she returned to her home. Though she was submissive to me, she was also very sexually aggressive. What I mean is that when she is with me, she becomes very aroused and seems to remain that way the entire time she is with me. She wants to feel my skin, she wants me to touch her, she wants to give me her body, and she wants to do everything she can to pleasure me.

It was not uncommon for her to take my hand and lead the way to the bedroom or any other room so she could give me pleasure in privacy. She knew and always accepted that if I did not want sexual pleasure at that time, then I would say so. I enjoyed giving her permission to please me like this. I enjoyed her enthusiasm to bring me these pleasures. So even though I was in charge, it was no issue to allow her to lead us to the bedroom.

Or in this case. To the bathroom. She wanted to satisfy me with her mouth. It was her pleasure just to know that I was pleasured and she knew in the bedroom I might have taken her pussy instead of her mouth. I understood what she wanted, and I accepted it.

I leaned back against the wall. Zoey unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled them down enough to free my cock. I took my shirt off and dropped it to the floor. Zoey was on her knees in front of me. Her fingers massaging my cock while her eyes simply took in the sight. I imagine she was memorizing the soft head and the hard shaft. The softness of the skin and the pulsating hardness just under that skin. I have no doubts she could feel the speed of my heartbeat pounding through the shaft of my cock.

Across from me, I could see both of us in the mirror. Me leaning back against the wall, my chest and stomach bare. My hips exposed just on either side of her head. Zoey’s straight brown hair falling from her head kept my cock hidden from view. Somehow that made it seem that much more erotic. I could see enough of my skin to know that I was completely naked from my thighs to my head.

When I felt her breath against the head of my cock, I closed my eyes in anticipation of her lips. I did not wait long. Zoey’s tongue met the tip of my cock first. She licked me, taking in the taste of my cock just with her tongue. I felt my cock throb with the velvety touch of her tongue.

I don’t know how long she licked me, but I know the head of my cock was wet from her mouth when I felt her lips sliding onto me. He mouth was so hot and so wet it sent waves of pleasure through my entire body. My hand braced against the wall as if to keep me from falling. Sounds of pleasure started low in my lungs and traveled up until they released from my mouth.

I opened my eyes and watched the back of her head in the mirror. I watched the movement that I felt in time with her lips sliding up and down my cock. All of the feelings of arousal I felt from watching one scene in one movie came back into me all at once. In that moment, Zoey had complete control over my lust. She had me, but I would not tell her so. I was the plaything for her mouth and her hands.

I had no control and I knew she would make me cum whether I wanted it or not. My body trembled from the lust coursing through my own veins. I wondered if the muscles in my legs would give out, but I stiffened them, vowing that at least I would not collapse.

The orgasm rushed on me like an out of control train. It was coming fast and it was unstoppable. I think my fingernails dug into sheetrock I was leaning against. I could not take my eyes off of the back of her head. Though my eyes were on the back of her head, the rest of my body seemed engulfed by the heat, the wetness, and the softness of her mouth sliding up and down the shaft of my cock.

She knew I was close, she could feel the tension coming off my body and hear it in my voice. She made sure she was ready for me to cum when I did. She made sure that when I came, the spurts of cum shot into her mouth and onto her tongue. She held me and let me cum a few spurts into her mouth, she removed my cock from her mouth and let my cum shoot onto her neck and dribble onto shirt and jeans. She pumped my cock with her hand to make me give her all of my cum in that moment.

Nothing was held back. She had cum in her mouth, her hair, her neck, on her shirt and jeans, and on the floor next to her before I finished cumming. I could barely stand there leaning against the wall panting. My cock still felt like it was throbbing from cumming so hard. Even as it grow soft in her fingers, it was still twitching.

Zoey looked up at me, smiling radiantly. Enjoying the thrill of knowing she just did that to me and for me. There was no question in my mind that I would give her a special treat later that night. She knows she gets rewarded for doing so well at pleasuring me.

The First Time With Leigh

This is another of my old memories. Not as old as the memories with Nicole. Still, it predates much of what has been written here.

Leigh and I met at a time I was dating a friend of hers. Even then I should have known better. It was obvious that Leigh’s friend and I were on different paths. She was destined to go Westward, and I was destined to go Eastward with both of us crossing large bodies of water. At the time, Leigh was on the same path as her friend.

The relationship between Leigh’s friend and I ended just before she and Leigh moved to another city (one which I would join them in later). This gave Leigh and I a chance to spend a two day road trip with each other in my latest small car. It wasn’t all bells and whistles. I hadn’t gotten over the friend or the end of that relationship, and we witnessed a tragic event during that trip. Still, we did talk and got to know each other during that time.

Two months later I caught up to Leigh in the next city, but she was already packed and leaving again. Her path had changed and now we did not know where she was going. My path remained unchanged for the next six months. During that time I chose to marry, and because of that marriage, I did not go East across the ocean as planned. I found myself in the middle of America.

To my surprise, Leigh was there too. She was married by this time and pregnant. It was not long afterwards that my own wife became pregnant. We were friends in all ways, and neither of us was willing to cheat on our spouses. I can also safely say that Leigh hid her feelings well. I did not know that she wanted to get to know me better since before the two day car trip. Circumstances were always against us.

Years later, and more moves to other cities for both us found us each single. We did not live close to each other, but she traveled to see me. We spent a weekend together and it was the first time we were both single, and without the distraction dating or having dated a friend.

I knew it was possible that she and I would have sex while she was visiting. I didn’t know how to feel about that though. She was my friend, and I really cared for her as my friend. I feared sex was something that could cost me that friendship which I treasured.

I drove four hours to meet her at the airport. She kindly drove on the way back (too many hours awake for me). We were both completely exhausted by the time we got back to my home. We briefly talked about sleeping arrangements and decided to share the bed and for each of us to sleep as we were used to. For her that was a loose t-shirt and underwear. For me, it was underwear only.

We climbed between the sheets, and talked a few minutes before sleep claimed both of us.

We have talked about that night since then and neither of us really knows what truly happened. Maybe it was the proximity of warm skin and that we both snuggled with each other during our sleep. Maybe it was the scent of the opposite sex filling our senses during our rest. Maybe it was the skin, or the touches, or maybe there was always something there.

We awoke, and we kissed. It was shy and tentative for both of us. We were both uncertain about whether or not we were doing the right thing for ourselves, and for our friendship. We were both wanting though. For both of us, it had been too long since we had enjoyed the pleasure of the opposite sex.

The hands started exploring and it was not long before the only three articles of clothing were gone and we lay naked in each other’s arms. I was hard and ready and I wanted her. She was wet and ready to accept me.

I took control and I slid into her. Caught between the needs of my own lust and the desires to insure she received her pleasure as well. I kept enough control to bring her to satisfaction. It was not easy because my own lust just wanted to take over and get its own satisfaction. I kept it reined in just enough. Enough to prolong the pleasure and it enjoy it that much more and enough to give Leigh as much or more pleasure than she was giving me.

We spent the majority of that weekend together like that. We were caught up in each other’s arms, exploring each other’s bodies. Discussing the past and wondering why we waited even though we well knew the exact reason. We shared time together without distraction. We did not lose our friendship, or how much we cared for and about each other. Sex just added a new dimension.

That weekend I confessed a responsibility that I had to attend to. One that kept her and I apart for a few more years before she and I came back together again.


I am a normal man. As a normal man, I do masturbate. How often I masturbate depends on how much sex I am having at the time. But I cannot recall the last time I went a full day without masturbating (and that includes days I had sex).

This story happened at a time I had a long and difficult week. I had a regular job and things had been much busier than normal, and I was also doing some very physical work. I had been going to work in the morning with muscles still sore from the day before. It has been a week of that kind of tired.

Sometime over the weekend, or on Monday, something got a little off in the going pee department. By Tuesday, I had that burning sensation that you get when you know you have to go pee bad, and your muscles are getting tired from holding it in. The problem was that I was like that all day, and I went frequently to try and get past that feeling, but even though I had that feeling, I didn’t always have to go pee. By Tuesday evening, I gave up on hoping it would go away and I took a dose of AZO standard.

If you are not familiar with this product, I’ll give the brief description. It is designed to provide urinary discomfort relief. It works (when you don’t have a significant problem that you should see a doctor about), and it also makes you pee a really funny shade of yellow or orange (usually orange). I can deal with peeing weird colors when it also comes with relief. I got the relief that I wanted.

By Wednesday, the burning like I have to pee sensation has gone away and I am not peeing funny colors.

My muscles are still really really tired though. So I called it an early night one night. I took a hot shower (as hot as I could stand). Crawled in between clean sheets and turned on the TV.

I drifted off with the TV and a light on (I have to be really really tired to be able to do that). The problem was that I didn’t stay asleep. I woke up (it was still relatively early).

I shut off the TV and lights, and settled back into trying go back to sleep. It didn’t work out quite that well. It was like something got switched on in my brain. I guess you could call it restless thoughts syndrome. I tossed and turned a bit, my muscles sore and exhausted, my brain all but fried, and I couldn’t sleep.

I knew I was going to have to do something. Usually the best way to fix my restless mind (when I am tired and need sleep) is sex. Maybe it is the endorphins or hormones or some weird chemical that hits my brain and turns off the restlessness.

I was way too tired for things to be “up” or for it to get “up” easily. So I turned the TV back on put on a recorded adult show. A few minutes of programming and things are working like they should. My body is rising to the occasion, and my mind is getting into sex mode.

I readjusted and made myself just a bit more comfortable (getting my underwear and blankets out of the way and such).

I moved my hand into place to touch myself. The show on TV moved into the background as my mind took over control of the eroticism my body needed. Images and feelings filtered through my imagination and memory, sending messages to my nerves through different parts of my body. I let my muscles feel the differences in the sheets beneath me, and the touch of my hand moving back and forth.

I didn’t need much time once my mind was engaged. My goal was my orgasm. I wasn’t doing this for foreplay or for prolonged pleasure. I felt the tension building, my body shifting slightly in response. My eyes closed as images and feelings continuing through my mind, my hand moving slightly faster. I felt it build higher and readied for it to release.

In moments I felt that release, the throbbing against my hand, tremors traveling through my muscles, and I could feel the cum under the skin as it traveled its course up the shaft and out of my body. I relaxed into those feelings, enjoying them and letting them go through my body and into my mind, taking all thoughts with it.

Then I noticed something a bit unusual. I made a new discovery. The cum sitting in a small puddle on my stomach was orange.

The next time I have urinary discomfort and take AZO for it, I will definitely make sure that any sex related activity is done in the dark. Seeing my semen looking a strangely orange color nearly ruined the whole thing. Lucky for me I knew why it looked orange, and I was so tired that I could no longer stay awake, so I cleaned up and fell back to sleep in minutes.

Eating Pussy

Why do cats get hairballs?

Cunnilingus: The act or practice of orally stimulating the female genitals.

That is the definition from a dictionary.  Clearly I need to practice more.

I don’t know if I am the best at going down on a woman.  I have my own technique and tricks that I have come to believe work for me.  I know that I have lots of readers of both sexes.  Even though the comments come from women.  There are still plenty of men coming by to read.  Hopefully we can get at least a little discussion going about this topic.  After all, I truly wouldn’t mind getting a few ideas for things that I could do better.

Here is the art of eating pussy from my perspective.  I know there is no one technique that works for every single woman.  Some women can be stimulated by tongue and mouth for much longer than the endurance of my tongue and mouth.  Some are so sensitive that they seemingly cannot endure more than a few seconds.

When I go down on a woman.  I try to determine what she needs more in that moment.  Do I go very slowly and tantalizing across as much of her skin as possible, delaying as long as possible before my lips touch her pussy?  Or do I seemingly without warning suck her clit between my lips?

When I go slow.  I kiss and nuzzle lots of skin.  My tongue takes in the taste of neck, tits, stomach, thighs, knees, and more if I am of a mind to do so.  When I do this, I especially like teasing with my tongue by getting as close to the pussy as I can without actually letting any part of my body touch the pussy.  The crease of the leg at the top of the thigh, the inside of the thigh are two of my favorite spots to tease with when I do this.

I have never used what I call the porn technique where my tongue simply goes in circles around the labia and sometimes brushes the clit.  When I finally get to the pussy.  The tip of my tongue separates the lips of the labia and holds it open as I move my head in closer.  My tongue licks the clit in multiple directions.

I enjoy sucking the clit between my lips and teasing the tip of it with the tip of my tongue.  My arms will wrap around the thighs and leave the woman no choice but to have my face pushed hard into her pussy, and her clit sucked as far into my mouth as I can manage.

I have no inhibition about pushing my tongue inside the pussy.  I love the feel of a pussy wrapping around my tongue and feeling the muscles squeezing my tongue like they will squeeze my cock when I bury it inside her.  I especially love doing this during orgasm so that I can taste the orgasm as it happens.

Obviously I could go on with more and more descriptions of what I like to do to pleasure a woman when I go down on her.  I am stopping her with the description of the two things I like to do the most.  Please share your thoughts on eating pussy and let’s create a world of incredibly awesome pussy eaters.

The Answer to the question above.  They get hairballs from licking so much pussy.

Things I Like

We have five senses.  I like to use all of them.


I like to look at the curves of a woman’s body.
I like the look of a feminine face.
The sensuous lips and seductive eyes.
The graceful curve of a neck exposed, the gentle underlying pulse in the throat.
The sight of cleavage which promises more to see.
The tantalizing sight of a thigh exposed beneath a skirt.
The hands with those graceful fingers I can imagine wrapped around my cock.
The nails I can imagine scratching my skin.
The soft skin.
The exposed breasts, ready and needing to be sucked.
The curve of a woman’s ass, so inviting to be caressed or spanked.
The arousing sight of a woman’s pussy, knowing the pleasure of my cock finding its way there.

The rustle of a woman’s clothes, so very different than the sound of a man’s clothes.
The click of heels of a hard floor.
A feminine voice, high pitched or low, just distinctly feminine and musical to my ears.
The soft whispery sound of my fingers rubbing against her soft skin.
The sound of a kiss, lips touching, tongues sliding, moisture clicking.
The sound of a woman breathing, shallow with increasing passing, or sharply inhaling.
The soft moans, the gasps of pleasure, the sharp quick moans, the squeals and screams of ecstasy.

The scent of perfume from a few feet away.
The smell of a woman’s clothes, so imbued with her natural scent, her perfume, and more.
The smell of a woman’s hair, especially along the hairline near her neck, with the slight scent of her sweat, her hair spray, her perfume, and her makeup combined (while my lips are on her neck and throat).
The smell of her chest where it is mostly perfume and sweat.
The smell of her face made up mostly of her natural scent combined with makeup, as I inhale sharply while kissing.
The smell of her pussy, the raw musky scent of arousal and desire. Sweat and lubrication combine to form a strong and intensely arousing scent that is just plain sex.

A woman’s lips, with so many different possible lipsticks.
The taste of a woman in general. The slightly different taste of a woman aroused.
The taste of a woman’s skin, the slight taste of perfume, of makeup, and of sweat.
The clean tastes of women’s shampoo and soap still lingering even several hours after the shower.
The taste of a woman’s pussy. Sometimes light and sometimes strong. Sometimes fairly sweet, and sometimes salty. The always different tastes of clit as compared to pushing my tongue into the pussy itself. And the different taste of a pussy after orgasm.

The softness and silkiness of women’s clothes.
The soft hair.
Soft skin.
Wet lips.
Hot throat.
Tight ass.
Squeezable tits.
Full body pressed against mine.
Tits pressed against my chest.
Legs wrapped around my waist.
Hot, silky, wet pussy wrapped around my cock.

I could go on and on. These are things and details I try so hard to notice when I write a sex story. I want to bring these things to life for everyone who reads them. I want it so real you can see yourself in my stories. You can imagine that you are there with your lover.

If you feel these things, and noticed any details I missed. Please share them with me. I have no doubts that your input could only help my stories.


I have a fantasy I have not shared yet. I want to push the limits of pain. Not mine. Another’s pain – my submissive. I want her to get on her hands and knees for me. I want to get out my paddle and my small whip and I want to lay into her ass with both. I want to hear them crack with each hit. I want to hear her gasp with pain with each hit until she can’t take any more.

When I am done with her ass, I want her to crawl to my feet, kiss them, and beg for permission to please me. I will simply stand there silently. Watching her. Watching her kiss my feet and beg. Watching her bare back and her bright red ass.

I don’t know exactly what I will do to her next. I may grab her hair and pull her up. I can see me keeping her on her knees and holding her up by her hair while I guide my cock into her waiting mouth. Filling it completely and stopping her from begging me anymore.

I can see me getting behind her. Sliding my cock into her pussy. Grabbing her hips and thrusting into her raw ass with all the power I can muster in each thrust. With every intention of making her ass sting and hurt every time my cock buries itself inside her cunt. My body slapping her tender skin every time my balls slam into her clit.

Whatever it is. It will be my choice and it will be me using her in any way that I want. Right now I couldn’t care less if she cums or not. I don’t care how much pain she feels as long as she is not hurt. Before I am done, her tits will be bruised, her neck will bear red marks from my teeth and fingers, and she will know that I have used her.

I wonder which of us would be using the other the most though.