Unbearable Punishment

A woman told me that she will be the woman I have written about as long as I call her Skylar.  You can read about the story she is referring to in Mental Punishment Part 1 and Unbearable Punishment.  I also noticed she has been reading other stories because there are little elements to her writing from other things I have written.  Skylar wrote this specifically as a response to the Mental Punishment Posts.

I’m sitting on Frank’s stomach. There’s no obvious expression on my face, but there’s something in my eyes. I’m truly in shock that I managed to convince him to allow me to tie him up this time. I’m not complaining, though. I’m not doing much of anything, just looking down into his green eyes. I seem to be examining his face. Every feature and every detail like I want it forever branded into my mind’s eye. Branding, hm, if only.

Frank didn’t know I had this much patience. Or at least, I never used it. I’m aroused, it’s obvious by the wet spot on his stomach, but I’m not regarding my arousal at all. I blink as though I’ve been in a trance and then smile a far from innocent smile. My eyes stay focused on his while I reach back and gently run my fingers along the length of his cock. My fingers are cold. They’re always cold, but he knows they are always cold. It’s strange, though, the rest of me feels almost feverish. I remove my hand from the erect cock and stand up on the bed over him. My eyes break from his and travel up his arms to where I’ve tied his hands. I didn’t tie them very tightly. If he tried, he would be rid of them easily, but he is curious and what’s not to trust in my wicked smile?

My blue eyes return to his again and I raise two of my fingers to rest on a large bruise on my neck. Frank gave me that bruise to me. I came when he did. I came so hard I was screaming his name. My smile gets bigger and darker. “You feel very, very good,” I whisper and curl my fingers deep into the bruise and let out a small hiss through my teeth, “I like pain. It makes the body so much more aware.” I rip my fingers away from the bruise and shut my eyes for a moment. When I open them again they are a deeper shade of blue. “But you feed only one side of the spectrum. Don’t confuse me for your pets, Daddy, I need more.” I drop to my knees and grip his shoulders, ghosting my lips over his neck as I speak. “And if I don’t get another playmate, someone still has to pay the price.”

I bite him then. Harder than I have before. Frank’s mouth opens but I don’t pay attention to what comes out of it because soon my mouth is covering it and this time my tongue is exploring his mouth, memorizing it like I did his face. My nails rake down his chest and I move my fingers around Frank’s nipples. I pull back but keep my face close to his for a moment before I slide down his body until my face is over his chest. I hold my stomach up so that my skin does not touch his hard cock. I lick the left nipple slowly, my hot breath warming it even when my tongue is gone. “Do you know what it feels like,” I ask, taking another long, slow lick, “when you do this to me?” I bite down, setting my jaw to the exact pressure I remember him using on my nipple then lick it again. Frank is tense under me and I’m smiling as I place a kiss in the center of his chest. “It feels something like that,” I say then move over and repeat the action on the right nipple before I lean up.

I tangle my fingers tightly in Frank’s hair and feel a few strands pull loose. “Do you know what it does to me when you do this?” I ask, then lean down for another bruising kiss that unexpectedly turns tender. I kiss his jaw before pulling back again. “Do you know what it does to me when I do it?” I ask. It’s clear I don’t really want an answer and I slide off of his body, leaving a cold spot on his stomach where my body was. I crawl over to his left hand and place mine against it, measuring the size before taking it and sucking the index finger into my mouth. I hear his gasp and it almost makes me giggle. I work my tongue around that finger as though it were his cock. When I begin sliding it out, I bite down on the pad. I blow on it and gently kiss it before taking the middle finger and taking its tip between my teeth gently at first then slowly begin adding pressure. Before he can tell me to stop, I’ve vanished and am now between his legs.

I’m staring up at him from this angle. This time, I’m examining his entire body. Every time my eyes pass over a place where my own body bears a mark, I touch the mark on me as though reminding myself it’s there. My eyes move down to his inner thigh and my fingers press the dark bruise on my own thigh. I meet his green eyes for a split second then raise my hand up and lick my fingers. I wrap my wet fingers around his cock and slowly begin pumping it up and down. I wait until his eyes close before I bend down and bite his thigh just like he did to me. He gasps in surprise, but he really shouldn’t have been surprised. I giggle and lean up, wiping saliva off my mouth.

I slither back up his body, allowing my pussy to rub over the hard cock as I go. I place my hands on either side of his face. I reach up with my left hand and place it on my cheek. For a while, I just stare at Frank again. Can he tell that I’m imagining his face being just as red as mine was? Does he know that the reason I’m imagining is because I know I’ll probably never see it for real? I’d never do it, not to him. There are limits I know, and I’m greedy. I don’t want to give him everything. My right hand leaves his cheek and tangles into his hair again. The hand on my cheek moves to claw down his chest as hard as I possibly can. I bite his lower lip. God I want him to bleed, but I restrain and don’t bite him that hard. I could, but there’s something different about this man. He is not the same. That dirty little secret is that inside Frank’s head is a dom, and as much as I’d love to piss it off and see what he would do to me, I don’t do that this time. It’s my turn to play and I don’t want my playtime disturbed. I move over and lick his earlobe before gently grazing it with my teeth. “I want to hurt you,” I confess and he understands what I mean, but I won’t hurt him. Maybe when I really want to see what he is made of. I like to manipulate emotions, he knows I do, it’s not like I haven’t done it before to get what I want. How else would I have gotten him in this position?

I run my nails over every inch of his torso. They’re blunt, but they do their work. I look at my nails and see pieces of skin under them. I lick each of my fingers, moaning as I do so. I place my hands on either side of his head and hold myself over him. His cock is lined up with my pussy. Then, I reach over and begin digging in the drawer. I hold up a dildo and grin. Still holding myself over his cock, I begin fucking myself with it, not holding back as I pant and groan. Frank raises his hips, but I’m too far away. My left hand squeezes the pillow his head is resting on. I’m about to cum, and Frank can sense it. I pull the dildo out before I make myself cum. I’m panting hard and sweat is covering my body. I toss the toy away without caring where it lands.

“It’s too small,” I hiss while I grab his cock and lower myself down onto it. I close my eyes and let out a long moan. “That’s much better,” I sigh, but don’t start moving just yet. I lower and press my forehead to his while I relax my breathing. I stretch out my arms and touch the ties around his wrists, then stroke slowly down his arms with my middle finger, barely touching at all. My hands draw down to either side of his neck and I kiss him savagely. In contrast, I begin sliding up and down his cock painfully slow. My patience is wearing thin, though, and I can’t stop myself from moving faster. I lean up, nails digging into his shoulders and dragging down his chest, then moving up to his arms and doing the same from there. Every sound I hear from his lips causes me to groan and I can tell I won’t last much longer, but then, neither will he. I clamp down on his nipple just as I did before and muffle my scream as I cum. His growl signals that I’ve pushed him over the edge at last. I can tell his hands are free of the ties and I sense them moving toward me. Before he can touch me, I grab hold of his wrists and pin them on either side of his head until I’ve ridden out my orgasm.

With a groan, I roll off of him and press myself against his side, using his shoulder as a pillow. I trace the marks I left on his torso with the tip of my index finger. Some got dangerously deep and I can see dropletts of blood pooling just under the surface. My heart beats faster as I picture it welling up onto his skin. I tilt my head up and place a kiss over the bite on his neck. Then, I grab his shoulder opposite me and pull his body over mine and look up into your eyes innocently, but my fingers are curled into his bruise. “You wanna play this time, Daddy?” I ask softly as my lips curl into yet another mischivious grin.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Last night I was contacted through my Facebook account.  A young woman seemingly a world away asked me to write a story for her.  We talked first.  I needed to know more about her, what she was like as a person, and especially what she was like as a sexual partner.  I needed to be able to imagine really having sex with her in order to write a story especially for her.  My stories are almost always from personal experience.  Though I will admit there are a couple stories which are purely fantasy (perhaps you can guess which ones).

So I wrote a story for Kristy.  We talked about the story as I wrote it.  I will allow her to share her reaction to the story.

Kristy is Daddy’s little girl.  I am her daddy.  Sometimes she is a naughty girl and has to be punished.  As much as I love my little girl, I do know that she has to be punished sometimes.

I pull her pants and panties down to her knees and bend her over.  I bring my hand back, and come down with enough force to make a loud smack and send a shock of force through her body.  Kristy’s ass stings from the bite of the palm of my hand on her bare flesh.

I reach back and come down again.  She lets out a moaning sound.  I pretend that she is crying in pain, though I know so well that she is moaning with pleasure.

Repeatedly I spank her bare ass, my hand begins to sting.  I realize that I got carried away and more than once my hand came down on her bare pussy instead of her ass.

I feel shocked that I spanked her pussy instead of her ass.  I can’t let this be.  Immediately I bend over and kiss her pussy to make it better.  My hand caresses her red ass, while my lips seek to make up for spanking her pussy.

It isn’t enough.  I quickly pull her pants and panties off, open her legs, and return to kissing her bare pussy.  I use my lips and my tongue to kiss her pussy to make it not hurt from accidentally hitting it with my hand.  I know it can hurt to be hit like that, so I kiss her pussy a lot.  I open my mouth and push my tongue into her pussy, kissing every bit of it I can possibly reach to make it feel better.

My hand caresses her ass still, letting Kristy know that even though I punished her, I do still love and care about her deeply.

I just don’t think my tongue is enough though.  I think her pussy needs more to feel better after my accidental spanking.  I ask Kristy to be a good girl and lick my cock for me.  I know it is already hard, but it is always so much nicer for her to lick me before I use my cock inside of her pussy.

I pull my pants down.  She kneels before me and takes my cock in her hand first.  Her fingers seem to barely fit around my cock.  She opens her mouth wide and takes as much of my cock into her mouth as she can.  It is so big inside her mouth that even the head barely fits, but she wants so much to please me and make me happy that she gladly pushes her head forward to take more of my cock into her mouth.  I love the way she tries so hard.  It means so much to me that she is so willing for me.

I do not want to cum in her mouth though.  So I give her the indication that it is time to stop.  She moves to her hands and knees for me.  Giving me full access to her ass and pussy from behind.  I get on my knees behind her and position my cock at the entrance to her pussy.  It looks like it is too big to possible fit inside my little girl, but I know she can take it.  I know she wants it, every inch of it inside of her.

She just opens up and my cock slides right into her pussy without any resistance.  She pushes back until her ass is pressed against my body.  I feel her muscles squeezing my cock, massaging the entire length buried inside of her pussy, teasing me all the way around my cock.  I pull back and thrust back in, pushing my body against her ass.

Kristy tells me how naughty she was.  She tells me in detail what she did wrong.  She was very naughty.  I pull back and I smack her ass again.  She cries out.  I still pretend it is in pain and shame, but I know she cried out with pleasure.  I thrust back in.

I pull back, and smack her ass.  I thrust back in.  Over and over I am thrusting and smacking her ass.  Her cries and moans become one continuous sound from her throat.

I feel Kristy let go of everything.  I can tell she has let the entire world fall away and all that is left is me spanking her and pounding my cock into her pussy over and over.  She cums on me, over and over as her body wracks with multiple orgasms.

I feel my cock grow in response.  I stop spanking and grab her hips.  I thrust harder and faster.  Driving my cum up the shaft of my cock as it readies to explode from my body.  I use my body to spank her ass until I can’t take any more.

The cum erupts from my cock deep into her pussy.  I pull out and aim my cock at her ass.  I spray my cum onto her the rosebud of her ass.  It shoots out of my body, directly onto her waiting ass.  My cock is throbbing and pulsing in my hand.

My hot sticky cum drips down her ass, back onto her pussy and down her leg.

When it is over.  I take my precious little girl in my arms and hold her close.  Letting her know I love her and care about her deeply.  I know she is dirty, I plan to clean up her nicely after we catch our breath.

Schoolgirl Part 3

I can feel her worshiping my cock with her mouth. She is using her tongue and lips to force me to feel as aroused as she does. I am already there though. My hands take in the softness of her hair and softness of her skin under her shirt. The way her lips and tongue are playing on my cock, and the vibrations she sends through my cock with every moan have me in an incredible state of ecstasy. I can’t believe how quickly she got me to this point. I am using my will power to hold off from cumming in her mouth.

I feel my precum rise in my cock, and I know she can taste it seeping onto her tongue. Maybe the taste was what set her off, but I feel her moan louder before she releases my cock from her mouth. She stands and pulls me up with her. She guides me the few steps to the love seat and pushes me back onto it.

She reaches under her skirt and removes her thong panties then climbs onto my lap to straddle me. The look in her eyes is pure lust and desire. She catches the edge of my jacket under her knee, looks down and quickly pulls it away.

My hands reach to her hips as I slide myself into position to make it easier for her. She places one hand on the back of my neck and reaches down between us with her other hand. I feel her cool fingers wrap around my cock. She guides me to the opening of her pussy and slides my cock back and forth across the lips getting the head of my cock nice and wet. She closes her eyes in pleasure as my cock rubs across her clit.

Seemingly impatient, she moves the head of my cock into place and lowers her weight onto my lap. My cock slides into her very hot, very tight pussy. It takes all of my control not to let go and cum in her just from the pleasure of feeling her slide down onto me. She puts her other hand on my neck and leans forward as she shudders with pleasure. My lips are beside her ear, the pigtail pushing against my cheek.

I reach behind her and pull her skirt up enough to let my hands grab her ass. She turns her head to kiss and lick my neck and ear intensely. I feel her body continue to shudder and she moans against me.

She starts moving on my lap, moving in little circles to make my cock move around inside her pussy, pushing against my lap and pulling away slightly as she begins fucking me. I hold her ass tight and move with her. I know I won’t last long against the sensations she is causing up and down the length of my cock.

I just want to last long enough for her though. I push and pull faster, trying to force her to cum before me, or to at least cum with me. When she stops kissing to try and catch her breath, I turn and kiss her neck and ear. I feel her fingertips digging into the back of my neck. I feel her body growing tense against me. Her moans are like a continuous hum coming from her throat.

Lily gasps and pushes her pussy down onto my lap hard. Her fingers squeeze into my neck as she cums on me. I can’t take anymore and I cum with her. When she feels my cock throbbing and shooting my cum inside her, she cums again, harder. We hold each other tight, using our entire bodies against each other and with each other as we cum together.

When our orgasm subsides, Lily lets her body collapse onto me. She lays against me just breathing, just enjoying the feel of me against her as much I am enjoying her body on mine. I hold her there. Embraced in warmth, and keeping my cock inside of her while I can.

She needed me to hold her, she needed to know that the man she was with cared about the sex she just shared with him.

In my mind, I do not doubt we will role play again. My eyes briefly look at the blank sheets of paper she had placed on the desk just minutes ago.  Surely she deserves a good grade for such quality work.

Schoolgirl Part 2

I sit at my desk, some papers scattered in front of me. Lily approaches timidly. She places some papers in front of me. Boldly interrupting whatever I was working on. My eyes look at the papers and her hand. I follow the line of her arm up to her eyes.

“This is late.” I say with a reprimanding voice. “I cannot give you full credit for work that is turned in late.”

“Can you make an exception? Please?” She pleads. “I can’t afford for my grade to drop. I could lose my scholarship, and my parents would be really upset. Please Mr. Thornton.”

I set my pen on the desk carefully and turn my chair to face Lily. “You know it wouldn’t be fair to the other students for me to accept your paper late and give you full credit Lily. They all worked hard to turn their work in on time.”

Lily kneels down in front of me. “Please Mr. Thornton. I’ll do anything. Anything at all, I can’t let my grade slip. Please.” She begs and pleads now looking up into my eyes.

I find myself distracted looking into her face, at the red sensuous lips, the dark eyes, and the blushing in her cheeks. I can see the playfulness in her eyes, though she holds the pleading expression on her face.

“What are you saying Lily?” I ask in a whisper as my breath tries to catch in my throat.

She looks down toward the floor. “I’m saying I’ll do anything to get full credit. I’ll do anything you want Mr. Thornton, anything at all.” She covers her face with both hands, as if to hide her tears or shame.

My heart reaches out to her. I lean forward and gently take her wrists. I gently pull them from her face. “Lily, don’t. This would be wro…”

She cuts off my words with her lips on my mine. She turned her head up to me and pushed her way to kiss my lips without warning. I couldn’t help but respond. I couldn’t stop myself from kissing her back in that moment. I am still holding her wrists, but she is in control of this moment. I feel and hear a soft moan hum in her throat.

She breaks from my lips, moving her kisses to my cheek, then to my neck. “Please Mr. Thornton.” She whispers so close to my ear. “Please let me do something. I promise I’ll never be late again.” 

I can barely hear her words over the blood pounding in my ears. My eyes fall closed as her lips and tongue touch me in incredibly desirable ways. I can’t help but respond. My cock grows to its full hardness inside my slacks. My fingers loosen their grip on her wrists. The way her hair and skin keep brushing against my face and neck sends shivers through my body.

Her hands fall to my thighs as her lips return to mine. Boldly she pushes her tongue between my lips. I taste her. For the first time, I really taste her. She is so sweet, so powerful, and I can taste her arousal so clearly. I know now that she wants me every bit as much as I want her. My hands move to her head of their own volition. My tongue pushes back into her mouth.

I feel her fingers slide up my thighs to grasp my achingly hard cock through my slacks. I feel another moan humming in her throat as her fingers wrap around my cock through my pants. I feel her breath faster against my cheek, and she pushes her tongue against mine. Playfully fighting my tongue to show me how much she wants me. I push back against her tongue because I want her so much as well.

I feel my pants unbutton and hear the zipper sliding down. Her fingers feel cool against the heat of my cock. The feeling is absolutely amazing. I feel my cock grow harder and twitch with the soft, gentle touch of her fingertips.

She breaks away from kissing me and pushes me back enough so that she can lean in and take my cock into her mouth. She simply opens her mouth and lets my cock slip between her lips. I can feel the vibration of her moaning as her tongue slips across the head of cock and down to the sensitive ridge. Her breathing become even more ragged and she tries to inhale and exhale great gulps of breath through her nose.

She takes just over half of my cock into her mouth, and then comes back up. She pauses a moment to suck air in through her mouth. Her fingers run up and down my cock as she presses it against her cheek and catches her breath. Before I hear any change in her breathing, her lips go back down on my cock.

To Be Continued in Schoolgirl Part 3

Schoolgirl Part 1

She wanted something more than just a quick fuck. She wanted to be with a man she could trust and open herself to. She wanted to be close and intimate.

I wanted her to cum for me. The only way for me to get what I want is to give her something I do not normally give.

I am not talking about honesty. I am honest. When I am with a woman for sex, she knows that I have sex with others. She knows I do not want a relationship or a commitment. She knows I will not ask her to do something she is not willing to do.

What I needed to give to Lily, was more of my emotions and more of my mind than I normally give. I prefer to meet a woman for the purpose of sex. To explore the heights of pleasure that two people can share.

I tell Lily what I want. She cannot tell me exactly what she wants. It is the emotion, the feelings of the moment that she wants. She does not have the words to explain that. She also knows that to explain it to me would mean that she would question whether or not I acted like she wanted me to, or whether I gave her what she really wanted.

I can see her desire in her dark eyes. I can see by the way she looks at me, and the glances she gave other men that she wants and needs sex to be something more than just a fuck. It has to be something more than a cock sliding into a pussy. It has to be an experience that she really gets to share with the man she is with.

She looks at me and sees a man she thinks is old enough to be her father. I look at her and see a young woman who has already heard the lines, the sweet talk that disappeared after she gave into sex. I see a woman who is losing her belief in sex.

We talk and I tell her about me. I tell her these stories I write. I tell her about my experiences, from women whose pleasure was to serve me, to a woman who honored me beyond my imagination. I tell her about some of the details of the experiences. I can sense that she feels intimidated by what I relate.

She appreciates the honesty, and it keeps her from walking away. She wonders if she could move a man like women in my past have moved me.

She tells me that she likes sex to be fun. She likes to play games, play make believe, dress up, and be something or someone different and have fun with sex. I see the playfulness in her eyes. I see the bright smile which lights up all of her face. I see the spark of curiosity.

The conversation span days as Lily opens up about the person she is. She shares her past, her thoughts, her experiences, and her likes and dislikes. I give her the same and tell her about me. I always make sure I am straightforward and honest with her. I will not just say anything to her to get her to have sex with me. If she is seduced, I will give her all of the pleasure I can manage to give her, if she isn’t, then she and I will both find other partners. I have no need to be dishonest with her.

Through the conversations a closeness develops. It does not reach to love, nor does it become romantic, but it is still there. It is still something undeniable.

Lily has heard my stories, and she has seen what I have written. She has seen enough to know that I am telling her the truth about what I can do, and how much I want to bring pleasure to my partner. She is ready. She feels some discomfort that I am so much older than she is. She tells herself to do it anyway, to let herself enjoy what it is like to be with a man who really does care about what she feels instead of being with one who seems only to want to take care of himself.

She dresses as a schoolgirl. Her hair is braided with two pigtails over each ear. She wears sexy lingerie under the white shirt and short plaid skirt. The white stockings come up to her knees, leaving her thighs bare. She asked me to dress the part for her too and wear slacks, a white button down shirt, gray sport jacket, and glasses. We’ll role play the instructor and the student. With the difference in age, this role playing is exactly what we need.

To be continued in Schoolgirl Part 2