Sex On The Beach Part 1

This story is about Sally. Sally was the only girl that I ever had sex on the beach with. (There were other encounters very near beaches, but that isn’t quite as sandy.)

We were at a beach party. She and I had hit it off pretty good, and what she wanted was pretty clear. How clear? Well, another guy who I wouldn’t have called the brightest told me during the party that I was going to get laid. Well, I knew that, I just didn’t realize it was that obvious to everyone else.

So there is a bunch of us on the beach, with a fire going, and drinks getting passed around, and some serious flirting between Sally and I. Like I said, she knew exactly what she wanted, and she was building up to it very nicely. Enough drinks in her system to be nicely buzzed (and I was only a little less buzzed), and she decided she didn’t want to wait to get back to the dorms we lived in.

She took my hand and we went for a little walk. Well outside the light of the fire. Behind a dune. The sounds of the party noticeably diminished. She led me to the ground, kissing me as she sat down, then laid back with me over her.

Patience was not her virtue right now. She had wanted me for several hours at this point, and the drinking and the flirting had just made her want me more. She was well past any desire for foreplay. She was past any concerns of being on a public beach (though it was a dark night), and past concerns of anyone from the party interrupting us. She wanted me hard, and she wanted me inside of her.

In moments her skirt was up and her panties were off. My pants were pushed down just enough to free my engorged cock. Ready, willing, and and heading straight for her soaking wet pussy. Her bare ass rested in the gritty sand and she didn’t care one bit.

In moments my cock was deep inside of her. Buried to the hilt and we both just enjoyed that incredible feeling of a completed the joining. We enjoyed the happy and pleasant feeling of cock and pussy first fully coming together.

But once that feeling is enjoyed, it is time to get really into the moment. I started stroking easily. She was so wet my cock slid in and out without any resistance. Her pussy just wrapped itself around my cock with silken pleasure up and down the entire shaft.

It was just way too much and in moments I was cumming. Shooting my load into her. I could feel it running through my cock and into her with each spurt. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t last long that I kept myself quiet and just kept sliding in and out of her.

Somehow I stayed completely hard. Now you might think that is a neat trick and I guess it is. But read the rest of this story.

Continued in Part 2