Can You Connect With Someone Online?

Britain’s population has surpassed 60 million. About 600,000 people have come to work in the UK from the new European Union nations since 2004.  Quite a few people have connected with someone online.

The concept of love and sex has changed over the years. Psychology depicts love and sex as a cognitive and social phenomenon comprised of three different components: intimacy, commitment and passion. People haven’t changed – we’ve just realized that we needn’t be so uptight about our sexual needs.

Having sex is obviously the natural and desired physical manifestation of attraction. Most people want something more from a dating relationship – including honest and meaningful communication, vacations together, date nights, time together with friends, etc. Of course, sex is important to everyone.

But, sex is more than an act of enjoyment, it’s the aptitude to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, & so comfortable that it’s almost breathtaking to the point that you feel you can’t take it. You become one with another.

Here are some ideas to make  your sex  & dating relationship better:
• Enjoy a romantic dinner together.
• Give one another a long, sensual massage.
• Try watching an erotic video together.
• Explore new sexual positions, push your boundaries.
• Go on a romantic vacation or getaway with one another, free of distractions.
• Find common ground to share, like a hobby or sport you can enjoy together.

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She Chooses Sex

I have gone back and pulled out one of my earliest written stories.  I thought about rewriting this story using elements and skills I have gained since I first wrote this story.  I have chosen for now to leave the story as I wrote it so that you may see a bit of the history of my writing.  I may yet rewrite this story so that it fits my current writing style.  I may stay nostalgic and not tamper with it.  I certainly cannot make any promises one way or the other.

Once upon a time, a young woman named Sha’dia told me that she and I were not going to have sex. She said that it was the girl who made the choice and the guy had to live with it and she had decided we weren’t going to have sex. Well, she was wrong. Now before anyone thinks this is a rape story, I’ll put that to rest right now. It’s not. Every person I have had sex with was completely consensual. Granted, I am sure that one or two (or more) had sex with me for reasons different than just wanting to have sex. I am preferring not explore that right now.

Now, back to the story. It happened back when I was in the military service. She was also in the military, and we were both stationed at the same post. We saw each other daily at work. One Friday night we were hanging out. Friends of ours were off doing other things. So we were just hanging out. We decided to go for a walk. The conversation got a bit interesting and interesting led to kissing.

Unfortunately for us, the barracks we lived in had some pretty strict rules about opposite sexes in the same rooms (yeah, it kind of sucked). So we headed to town and found a convenient hotel (seems they had lots of military customers, I wonder why).

The nice thing about having the hotel room and the entire evening is that we didn’t feel rushed. So we kissed and undressed each other. I explored her body from ears to toes with my lips. She particular liked being tantalized with kisses that came close to her pussy without actually touching. Not that she complained about the orgasms I brought her to when I did suck her clit.

We had a really nice evening exploring each other’s bodies, and giving each other pleasure. Eventually we fell asleep exhausted (and I was glad I lasted long enough to see her tired, she was in good shape).

The next morning we awoke with at least a couple hours to spare before we had to leave the room, so we relaxed and kissed a bit. She got the impression I wanted to have sex with her one more time. I swear I never said a word and never kissed her in a way that just plain suggested I wanted to have sex with her right then. That is when she gave her statement. I know she was thinking ahead to us returning to our jobs and not revealing our one night stand to any of our co-workers. I am not sure why I was worried about it at the time. My attitude now, I wouldn’t have given a shit what my co-workers thought of me having sex with someone from the workplace.

The thing is, her statement was like a challenge. You know, that she was so sure that it was all up to her, that she made the choice and I didn’t get a say in the matter. It made me want to prove her wrong.

So I kissed with that intention. You know, if she really didn’t want to have sex, she probably should have gotten up and gotten dressed, instead of staying there in that bed with me and allowing me to kiss her at will. I am not used to a no-words seduction, but the moment was right for it. I had to depend on the ability of my lips to talk to her body, and not my words to talk to her mind.

The crowning moment. Her body could not resist the kissing and touching. The more I kissed and the more I touched, the more she responded. The words she spoke before she lowered herself down onto my cock. ‘You bastard’. Spoken through Sha’dia’s sexy smile that lasted only a moment before her lips met mine. That kissed lasted only a moment before she needed to turn her head slightly she could breathe easier.

The sex took us close to checkout time. Then the cab took us back to our normal lives. We never told our co-workers, and I honestly hope she didn’t forget any more than I did.

Sex With A Co-Ed Part 1

This story takes me back to my days in college. I have years worth of memories, some good, some bad, and mostly it was about what I had to do to earn my degree. Despite the dominance of studying and test taking, there are still very good memories of some great pleasures I experienced.

During my years at the university, I took a job on campus to make ends meet. This is where I met Juliann – she was a college Co-Ed. My first impression of her is that she was pretty and vivacious, full of life, and just plain easy to get along with.

She and I became friends. I became someone she could talk to, hang out with, just be around, and she became those things for me too. We discussed love lives and our sex lives. We did not talk in the context of having a relationship between us. We talked because we were friends and co-workers.

Everything and nothing changed in one night. It was a Friday night. I lived alone in a studio apartment close to the campus. Juliann lived in dorm room close to where we worked. On this night I didn’t have any plans. It had been a difficult week of studying and working, and I did not keep up with where my friends might be going or what plans they had made.

Juliann didn’t have plans for her Friday night either. She called to ask me what I was doing and whether I had plans. We talked about our lack of plans and she decided to come and hang out with me. I was more than glad for the company. It wasn’t even 7pm, and I didn’t have anything purposeful to do.

I decided I definitely needed a shower. I didn’t think that Juliann and I were going to get frisky, but I also wasn’t going to hang out with her smelling like I hadn’t showered in a couple days.

So into the shower I went. I turned the water on nice and hot, turning the bathroom into a steam room as much as a shower. I luxuriated in the fact that I didn’t have to worry about the costs of water. I knew I had time before Juliann would be there, so I wasn’t at all rushed. At times I stood still in the water. At times I washed thoroughly, without missing any spots.

By the time I turned off the water, I felt completely refreshed and even energized.

There was just one thing I didn’t account for. I didn’t consider how quickly Juliann was going to arrive. I was still drying off when I heard the knock at the door. I did the only thing I could think of on the spur of the moment. I wrapped the towel around my waist and ran down the stairs to let Juliann in.

I smiled, feeling embarrassed to be caught in a towel. I guess I had stayed in the shower much longer than I realized. She smiled with me and told it was no big deal. She followed me back up the stairs and into my apartment. I suddenly felt totally self conscious because it truly was only one room. My choices were to get dressed with her right there in the room, or to grab my clothes and go back to the bathroom to get dressed while leaving her alone in my room.

Juliann had her arms crossed almost as if she was holding herself. She moved closer to me. While I was distractedly looking at my closet thinking about what to grab before I went to the bathroom to dress. She was standing beside me before I realized she had moved close to me.

I turned to face her. She wasn’t smiling. She was just looking at me, her face almost unreadable. It was her eyes though. Her hazel green eyes were looking directly at my own. I felt her hand take my left hand (the right hand was still holding the towel in place). She pulled it up and put it onto her tit. I felt, more than heard, the moan within her chest. Her eyes started to close, but then she opened them again.

Continued in Sex With A Co-Ed Part 2

Three Some Part 1

I had been with Zoey on a few occasions. It wasn’t exclusive between her and I. I was at one of those points in my life of not desiring an exclusive relationship. There was just too much fun to be had, and too many women yet for me to experience.

I knew Nikki through Zoey, and it started as an unspoken agreement that she and I would not get involved because Zoey was with me first. It was one thing for me to see other women Zoey did not know, quite another to have sex with women she did know. There was definitely an attraction though, and in the course of that growing attraction, we agreed verbally to not be involved with each other.

One night the three of us were hanging out at my place. We rented and watched a cheesy science fiction movie (the best kind of course). We drank mixed drinks and go drunk through the course of the movie.

Each woman sat on either side of me. Zoey was so clearly aroused and just kept getting more aroused (it really wasn’t because of the movie, I swear). I could feel her arousal in waves, and every drink just seemed to make her more aroused and more bold. I could feel Nikk’s presence so very clearly on my other side. I am sure I was feeling her arousal as equally as Zoey’s. Every time either one of them moved, it was like their hot skin against mine, yet we were all dressed.

Every time I inhaled, I could smell their scent. I was going out of my head with lust. We all three were. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but the sexual energy all three of us were giving off was incredibly intense. It was amazing that any of us knew anything at all about what was happening in the movie.

But eventually that movie came to an end. It was the only one we had, so regular TV was put on, and not a one of us was interested in watching. Nikki went to the little girls room (when I go there, it becomes the big boy room), and I didn’t waste a moment. I turned to and kissed Zoey soundly, my hands rubbing her through her clothes. She gave back as much and as good as she was getting. I definitely was not wrong about how aroused she had become, and how uninhibited the alcohol made her feel.

Nikki (bless her beautiful heart) took extra time to allow me and Zoey to make out and do some heavy petting. She might have been playing voyeur and enjoying the show we were putting on, I don’t know for certain. She did make noise to let us know she was returning. Zoey and I were too far gone though. We stopped kissing, and Zoey laid on her back on my old couch. Nikki sat on the edge beside me (not much room left). I allowed my hand to slide between Zoey’s legs and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. She gladly accepted my touch, enjoying what I was doing to her body.

I couldn’t ignore the presence of Nikki beside me though.

“I’m going to kiss her.” I said loudly enough and clearly enough for Zoey to understand. She responded, “Ok.”

Maybe it was how aroused she was, maybe it was being kind of drunk, and maybe she was just stunned. Whatever it was, Nikki did not stop me from turning her head to mine and kissing her soundly on the lips. At first she accepted my kiss, but in moments she returned my kiss and our tongues were intertwined in a dance of erotic pleasure. I had my hand on Zoey’s pussy, teasing her delightfully, while I had Nikki’s lips and tongue to play with. I was really in heaven with lust and pleasure.

I tried to pull Nikki close to my body so I could feel more of her against me. I pressed harder against Zoey’s pussy, sending more and more thrills of pleasure into her. Somehow, the sexual energy and intensity increased even more. I think the intensity of the kiss was affecting Zoey, and the intensity of my hand between her legs was affecting Nikki, and both of them were infecting me with a state of lust that had to have release.

Continued in Part 2

Tiger Stripe Tattoo Part II

She regains her control and takes over with the next man. Her laugh comes out so naturally. Her smile is so vivid, and I can see that he is worshipping her. His eyes look at her body with such longing that I imagine it may feel painful. She knows she has him. This man belongs to her. She has all of them. During this dance, they all belong to her, all except for one. She knows that one man does not belong to her.

She moves back to center stage. She performs for everyone at once. The bra is removed. Her nipples are clearly hard. Does she feel a chill in the air? Does she feel aroused by the attention and worship of the men at the edge of the stage? Or does she feel aroused knowing that there is one she does not control?

She removes the thong panties. She looks amazing in the nude. I can understand why the other men are worshipping her, pining for her attention. I won’t though. She will give me her attention or she won’t. I won’t beg for it. I know me too well, and I know too well how much pleasure I can give. I know too well that I will find a woman who will receive that pleasure. It is her choice on whether or not she wants to get that experience.

The next dancer comes to the stage. She does not catch my attention the way that Peru did. She does not express the same interest, and the same interaction with the audience. She has a lovely body and pretty face. She has an ass that just begs to be grabbed and squeezed with both hands. But she is keeping herself apart. Like she is not interested or does not want to be there. I place the money on the stage for her. I will still respect that she is working, that this is her job.

Peru comes to me. She bypasses the other men and comes to sit with me. It is the clear sign that I captured her attention just as she captured mine. She sits so she can see me without turning to me fully. She seems shy. I welcome her company. We talk about mundane things. We talk about work, about life, about what the weather holds in store.

I watch as she relaxes into the conversation. She is smart, and I keep the conversation matched to her. I listen when she talks. Letting the sound of her voice flow into my fantasies where I allow myself to imagine the sounds of her voice in pleasure.

The glint of desire returns to my eyes. Maybe she sees the difference, or maybe she just senses something different. The conversation shifts. I can sense the changes in her also. She wants and she does not want. She feels desire for a stranger and she only knows him by one name. She doesn’t know him, but she wants him. I can feel her desire increasing, pushing against her preset boundaries. Her own desire works to break down her resistance.

Observe, Listen, Pay Attention

Pay attention. Observe. Listen carefully.

Each individual is unique. Each with their own tastes, likes, and dislikes.

I study. I learn. I want the most for my partner, and I want the most for me. It is simple really. Just do as I stated above. Pay attention. Observe, and listen carefully. Study and learn.

The time I am spending with Leigh has given me the opportunity to do just that with her. Though we have known each other for many years, our opportunities to get together sexually were limited. Once upon a time we had one weekend together (and still that story may be waiting until later).

The opportunity gave me the chance to learn so much more. To study Leigh and understand the desires of her body, her mind, and her heart. Naturally, this post is about studying her body.

I have kissed Leigh, I have touched her. I have held her tight, embracing her close. I have gently and lightly caressed her skin with the tips of my fingers and with my lips. I have moved up and down her body, listening to her breathing, and her sighs. I paid attention to her hands on my skin. What did I do that caused her fingers to tense up on my skin? What touch? What kiss?

What could I do to bring out her most intense orgasms? Do you know me yet? Do you know how much I desire to cause intense orgasms in my partners? I don’t want my partner to simply cum, I want her to explode. I want her nails digging into my skin. I want her to either scream, or bite her tongue to stop herself from waking others in the house. I want her body shaking and trembling against me.

Is that too much to ask?

Not for me. I have my ego, and I get off on causing such intense orgasms. Thus I put forth the effort to learn how to bring those orgasms out.tremble

In Leigh it is twofold. Foreplay is first. Her mind and body are stimulated and teased. The more stimulation and teasing and the more she is ready to rip my clothes off, the better. Foreplay extends into undressing and touching each other’s bodies. Then I reach between her legs. I find and rub her clit, while kissing her lips, her neck, and her nipples.

She responds to my touch. I can feel her entire body tensing against me. I can feel her breathing faster. I can hear her sighs and moans become slightly louder. She tries to hold back. Her body becomes tense. My fingers are too persistent though. The needs of her body too much.

She digs her fingers into my skin, her hips move as if thrusting against me. She fights to keep from crying out with her pleasure. The house sleeps around us and we do not disturb any others. I keep rubbing her clit for as long as she can take it, and I keep her orgasm running through her body and mind until she closes her legs and holds my hand still. I lay against her, feeling her shivers against me. I hold her close while she enjoys the waves of pleasure still coursing through her body. Eventually I reclaim my hand.

I discovered a variation that we both enjoy immensely. Instead of my finger, I use my cock. I get between her legs. I reach between our bodies and take my hard cock in my hand. I guide it between the lips of her pussy and directly onto her clit. Using only the head of my cock, I rub her clit. She feels it intensely, probably more intensely than with my fingertips.

Rubbing her clit with my cock causes my hand to stroke my cock. I have to keep my control. Feeling her pleasure while stroking my cock could easily cause me to cum directly on her clit. That isn’t what I want (not yet). I stroke and tease her clit. I kiss her lips, sucking her tongue, and her neck, and her nipples. I push and stroke and build her up to another intense orgasm.

When I feel her body tense in orgasm, and her hips thrusting up against me, I shift and slide my cock into her waiting pussy. She is so wet, and so ready that I slide in easily. I can feel her orgasm happening against my cock as I slide in. I feel her go into another orgasm right away with no break in between. Both of her orgasms are incredibly intense, leaving Leigh barely breathing, and barely in control of her own muscles when the orgasms finally subside.

Now I can give her one more thing she really enjoys. Now I can give her my pleasure.

I am not done yet of course. There is still much more research and studying for me to do.

The Seduction of Jolene: Part 2

Continued from Continued From: Part 1

We kissed with more and more intensity. She pressed her body against me as much as I pressed against her. I could feel her rubbing her legs and stomach against my erect cock. I feel her delighting in the feel of my cock as she kissed my lips. My fingers caressed the skin of her back, and her stomach. Inching higher and higher, feeling more and more of her skin under my hands.

I felt her tit under my palm. I felt her gasp with pleasure at the touch of my hand. I squeezed and pressed my lips harder against her lips. She moaned into my mouth and pushed her hips against me. I pulled the bustier down to feel her bare tit against my hand. I felt her small, but erect nipple under my fingertips.

I dared to take a chance. I broke the kiss and moved my lips directly to her nipple. She let me. She let me suck her nipple into my mouth. She let me squeeze and suck her nipple with my lips and tongue. My hand went to her ass and I pulled her tight against my body.

That was her final barrier. She couldn’t take anymore. Her body now controlled her mind, and her body wanted sex as much or more than I did. Her words said everything. I want to fuck you now. Words that were breathlessly spoken, full of her desire. A desire I intended to fulfill.

We quickly undressed and I positioned myself between her legs. I kissed her as I positioned my cock at her entrance. She was so wet. I could imagine her wetness dripping down her ass to the bed. My cock slid into her without any resistance. All the way until my balls were resting against her ass. I held there just enjoying how I felt inside her pussy and enjoying the feeling of her muscles contracting and throbbing against my cock. I knew then she was having a small orgasm just from the first contact of my cock inside her pussy.

She was mine. She had willingly and gladly gave her body to me, and I was going to take my pleasure in it. I intended to make this last and enjoy every moment. I began thrusting slowly and gently. Reveling in the wetness, and how easily my cock slid in and out of her. Each thrust I pushed as deep as my body would allow, knowing that each time I was pressing her clit between us. I maintained this pace until I brought her to another orgasm. Then I held myself inside her to feel her orgasm while I watched her from above.

I let her catch her breath. The orgasm was not too intense, but she still needed a moment. I readied myself to take her. I was ready now to just fuck her hard.

I did. I pistoned my hips and I drilled my cock into her. From the first thrust, my body slamming into her clit, she gasped and panted. For this time, I now owned her and she was at my mercy. Her pleasure was mine for the taking, and I was taking her pleasure. I slammed my body down into her again and again. Each thrust pushing her ass into the bed, making her bounce back each time I withdrew. Her orgasm hit her fiercely, her fingers desperately wanting to dig into my skin. I didn’t relent, but kept fucking her hard. I made her cum and I made her keep cumming on my cock. She had no control over her orgasm, over own body. It was mine, and I was not letting up or giving her a break.

I did eventually let up though. I could feel my own muscles protest the pace I was setting. I pushed into her, holding deep, and pressing my body hard against her clit. Jolene continued to cum, her pussy throbbing around my cock while her pussy squeezed and massaged me. I lowered myself to kiss her neck, and to pinch her nipple with one hand. I stayed still inside her, just enjoying the way her pussy was massaging my cock. I listened to her breathing and trying to catch her breath. I felt her hands on my back, holding me close.

I began thrusting again after she had caught her breath. Gentle strokes again. My lips soft against her neck, gently sucking, and gently marking her neck. She continued to hold me close, letting me know she wanted me right there just like I was. I could feel another orgasm building in her body. I could feel it building slowly, but surely. I kept thrusting, gently, steady, and with the assurance that I would make her cum one more time before I allowed myself to cum inside her. When her orgasm hit, she put her mouth on my shoulder, moaning into my skin, biting gently, and sucking my skin into her mouth. I knew she could taste my sweat and I didn’t care. She was welcome to taste all of me if she wanted. I let her calm down from her orgasm once again. I let her catch her breath.

I released my resolve to not cum. I gave my body permission to just feel the pleasure from her and to release my cum into her body.

I raised up again and began thrusting hard. Not as hard as the first time, but hard enough to hear my body hitting her pussy with every thrust. I felt her pussy wrapped around my cock, squeezing me in every thrust. I heard her moans and gasps of pleasure. I told her I was going to cum. I let it build, and I felt it build. I could feel my cum rising into the shaft of my cock, making my cock feel larger inside of her.

I could feel the point of no return. I could feel my entire body growing tense and the intense pleasure throughout my cock as it stroked in and out of her pussy. The tension built until I couldn’t hold it any longer. My orgasm hit my entire body. My cum shot out of my cock. Spurt after spurt of hot cum shooting through the shaft of my cock like it was massaging the inside of my cock as her pussy was massaging the outside of my cock. Despite how intense my orgasm was hitting me, I could feel her cumming on my cock. Her fingernails were digging into my skin. Her hips thrust up to hold my cock deep inside her. The muscles of her pussy milking all of my cum out of my cock.

It lasted forever, and ended in a moment. I laid down on her, fighting to catch my breath, my chest heaving against her heaving chest. Our sweat mingling on our bodies.

She had to change her mind to get what she wanted. I got what I wanted from before I even saw her.

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Where were you were seduced?  Did you do a masterful job of seducing?   Please share it with us!

The Seduction of Jolene: Part 1

I met Jolene through an adult personals web site. To clarify, this is site for people seeking deep meaningful relationships which are designed to last only a few hours, relationships that can be repeated as necessary.

We exchanged a few e-mails before we decided to meet in person. For safety reasons we decided to meet in a public place. A place where we could see whether or not the person we had been talking with had been honest about appearance. To take some time to see if we like each other in person before decided to take the next step to simply have sex with each other.

I already knew what I wanted. I knew I wanted to have sex with her before I met her. Why? Because I honestly did not want to wait, I had denied myself the pleasure of sex too many times. It was more than just wanting sex though. Far far more. I wanted Jolene to want me. It was not enough for me to simply have sex with her. It would not be enough unless she wanted to have sex with me.

We met. She was the person she had described. I could tell she liked that I was the person I had described. I found her pretty, attractive, and my mind had not changed about wanting to have sex with her before the night ended.

Circumstances required me to return home. I asked her politely if she felt comfortable to join me. I could sense her interest, and we had only talked a few minutes. I knew she would feel she was taking a risk, so I asked, and offered all of the trust I could muster within me. She accepted, and followed me back to my house. Once there, she saw why I needed to return. She understood that I had spoken truthfully in our e-mails regarding my circumstances. Her trust increased, and her curiosity about me as a person increased. I would use both of those to seduce her into my bed.

I fixed her a soft drink and we sat and talked. I let her get to know me, I got to know her. Mostly I listened. I let her freely say anything she needed to say. Among the things she said was that she didn’t want to have sex with me this night. I did not tell her I wanted to change her mind. To break through all of her resistance until she would gladly take off my clothes and her have way with me.

We carried the conversation outside to allow her to have a cigarette. We talked. I listened more. I touched her hands, her arms, and her shoulders confirming that she was comfortable to allow me to touch her. I used a light touch letting her feel my presence. I allowed her feel my interest in her body without being pushy.

I asked her directly and politely for permission to kiss her. She wanted to kiss. She had reached the point of comfort and interest in me that she wanted to kiss me as much or more than I wanted to kiss her. I heard it in her voice when she said yes, and I felt it in her lips and skin when we kissed. I touched her cheek after our lips met. My finger tips caressing her skin and moving back to move through her hair. Her lips parted and our tongues met. She tasted sweet. I could taste and feel her desire in that kiss. She had stated she didn’t want to have sex with me on our first meeting. Her body clearly had other ideas. Ideas that I intended to move from her body and into her mind.

We moved back inside to the couch. I let her talk more. I listened, and I touched her caressing her arms, and her legs just above her knees. I let her know through my actions that I wanted to kiss her more. I let her know I wanted to touch her more. I asked her straight forward if she felt comfortable to ask me to stop if I did anything she did not feel comfortable with. I assured her that if she asked me to stop, I would stop. I meant those words. I would not push her if she asked me to stop.

We began kissing again. I moved closer, letting my body move against hers. My hands roamed over the outside of her clothes. I touched her through her jeans, shirt, and bustier. I could feel her desire rise more as she felt mine pressing against her leg. She put her hand on my cheek, holding my lips against hers. She teased my tongue with hers. I drank in her desire. Feeling it pulse through her body in time with my own.

I suggested moving to the bedroom. She accepted, still saying we wouldn’t do anything. I assured her we wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to do. I gave her one of my t-shirts so that she would be more comfortable than she would in the shirt she was wearing. The t-shirt allowed my fingers room to slip under and touch her skin. There was no question I would take advantage of this for as long as she would allow.

We kissed with more and more intensity. She pressed her body against me as much as I pressed against her. I could feel her rubbing her legs and stomach against my erect cock. I feel her delighting in the feel of my cock as she kissed my lips. My fingers caressed the skin of her back, and her stomach. Inching higher and higher, feeling more and more of her skin under my hands.

To be continued in Part 2