I have a fantasy I have not shared yet. I want to push the limits of pain. Not mine. Another’s pain – my submissive. I want her to get on her hands and knees for me. I want to get out my paddle and my small whip and I want to lay into her ass with both. I want to hear them crack with each hit. I want to hear her gasp with pain with each hit until she can’t take any more.

When I am done with her ass, I want her to crawl to my feet, kiss them, and beg for permission to please me. I will simply stand there silently. Watching her. Watching her kiss my feet and beg. Watching her bare back and her bright red ass.

I don’t know exactly what I will do to her next. I may grab her hair and pull her up. I can see me keeping her on her knees and holding her up by her hair while I guide my cock into her waiting mouth. Filling it completely and stopping her from begging me anymore.

I can see me getting behind her. Sliding my cock into her pussy. Grabbing her hips and thrusting into her raw ass with all the power I can muster in each thrust. With every intention of making her ass sting and hurt every time my cock buries itself inside her cunt. My body slapping her tender skin every time my balls slam into her clit.

Whatever it is. It will be my choice and it will be me using her in any way that I want. Right now I couldn’t care less if she cums or not. I don’t care how much pain she feels as long as she is not hurt. Before I am done, her tits will be bruised, her neck will bear red marks from my teeth and fingers, and she will know that I have used her.

I wonder which of us would be using the other the most though.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Last night I was contacted through my Facebook account.  A young woman seemingly a world away asked me to write a story for her.  We talked first.  I needed to know more about her, what she was like as a person, and especially what she was like as a sexual partner.  I needed to be able to imagine really having sex with her in order to write a story especially for her.  My stories are almost always from personal experience.  Though I will admit there are a couple stories which are purely fantasy (perhaps you can guess which ones).

So I wrote a story for Kristy.  We talked about the story as I wrote it.  I will allow her to share her reaction to the story.

Kristy is Daddy’s little girl.  I am her daddy.  Sometimes she is a naughty girl and has to be punished.  As much as I love my little girl, I do know that she has to be punished sometimes.

I pull her pants and panties down to her knees and bend her over.  I bring my hand back, and come down with enough force to make a loud smack and send a shock of force through her body.  Kristy’s ass stings from the bite of the palm of my hand on her bare flesh.

I reach back and come down again.  She lets out a moaning sound.  I pretend that she is crying in pain, though I know so well that she is moaning with pleasure.

Repeatedly I spank her bare ass, my hand begins to sting.  I realize that I got carried away and more than once my hand came down on her bare pussy instead of her ass.

I feel shocked that I spanked her pussy instead of her ass.  I can’t let this be.  Immediately I bend over and kiss her pussy to make it better.  My hand caresses her red ass, while my lips seek to make up for spanking her pussy.

It isn’t enough.  I quickly pull her pants and panties off, open her legs, and return to kissing her bare pussy.  I use my lips and my tongue to kiss her pussy to make it not hurt from accidentally hitting it with my hand.  I know it can hurt to be hit like that, so I kiss her pussy a lot.  I open my mouth and push my tongue into her pussy, kissing every bit of it I can possibly reach to make it feel better.

My hand caresses her ass still, letting Kristy know that even though I punished her, I do still love and care about her deeply.

I just don’t think my tongue is enough though.  I think her pussy needs more to feel better after my accidental spanking.  I ask Kristy to be a good girl and lick my cock for me.  I know it is already hard, but it is always so much nicer for her to lick me before I use my cock inside of her pussy.

I pull my pants down.  She kneels before me and takes my cock in her hand first.  Her fingers seem to barely fit around my cock.  She opens her mouth wide and takes as much of my cock into her mouth as she can.  It is so big inside her mouth that even the head barely fits, but she wants so much to please me and make me happy that she gladly pushes her head forward to take more of my cock into her mouth.  I love the way she tries so hard.  It means so much to me that she is so willing for me.

I do not want to cum in her mouth though.  So I give her the indication that it is time to stop.  She moves to her hands and knees for me.  Giving me full access to her ass and pussy from behind.  I get on my knees behind her and position my cock at the entrance to her pussy.  It looks like it is too big to possible fit inside my little girl, but I know she can take it.  I know she wants it, every inch of it inside of her.

She just opens up and my cock slides right into her pussy without any resistance.  She pushes back until her ass is pressed against my body.  I feel her muscles squeezing my cock, massaging the entire length buried inside of her pussy, teasing me all the way around my cock.  I pull back and thrust back in, pushing my body against her ass.

Kristy tells me how naughty she was.  She tells me in detail what she did wrong.  She was very naughty.  I pull back and I smack her ass again.  She cries out.  I still pretend it is in pain and shame, but I know she cried out with pleasure.  I thrust back in.

I pull back, and smack her ass.  I thrust back in.  Over and over I am thrusting and smacking her ass.  Her cries and moans become one continuous sound from her throat.

I feel Kristy let go of everything.  I can tell she has let the entire world fall away and all that is left is me spanking her and pounding my cock into her pussy over and over.  She cums on me, over and over as her body wracks with multiple orgasms.

I feel my cock grow in response.  I stop spanking and grab her hips.  I thrust harder and faster.  Driving my cum up the shaft of my cock as it readies to explode from my body.  I use my body to spank her ass until I can’t take any more.

The cum erupts from my cock deep into her pussy.  I pull out and aim my cock at her ass.  I spray my cum onto her the rosebud of her ass.  It shoots out of my body, directly onto her waiting ass.  My cock is throbbing and pulsing in my hand.

My hot sticky cum drips down her ass, back onto her pussy and down her leg.

When it is over.  I take my precious little girl in my arms and hold her close.  Letting her know I love her and care about her deeply.  I know she is dirty, I plan to clean up her nicely after we catch our breath.

Mental Punishment Part 2

Continued from Part 1

The feather moves slowly from her neck to the center of her chest.  The soft tickling touch trails between her tits and onto her stomach.  The feather moves to the side of her stomach while still trailing down. She feels it caressing the side of her ass.  I can see the marks from the leather strap I used on that soft skin of her ass.  No doubt it still stings some, but with this gentle feather, it only tickles and she does not feel the stinging from the lashings.  Skylar remembers them though.  She realizes now that I am using the feather to give pleasure of pain from her memories.  I am allowing her body to heal before I punish it again, but her mind is still mine to torture, and I am torturing it.  She recalls the memory of being bound across a footstool, unable to move while the leather strap smacked against her unprotected ass over and over.  She remembers the tears she cried when she felt such intensely pleasurable pain that night.  She recalls that she needed to have me inside her pussy so bad, that she wanted to rip out of the restraints, straddle me and ride me until neither of us could take any more.

The tension courses through her body again, her back arches with the need building inside her pussy.  A moan escapes her lips just as her cries escaped her lips when I whipped her with the leather straps

I move the feather around to her leg.  Caressing and tickling her thigh.  The soft strands tease and tickle the short hairs surrounding her pussy.  She lifts gently, as if wishing for the feather to give the pleasure her pussy craves.  The feather slips to the inside of her thighs to tease and tickle one spot on the inside of one thigh, barely an inch from her pussy.  Skylar remembers that spot so well.  She remembers my head between her legs, my arms wrapped around her thighs.  She anticipated my lips and tongue on her clit, she was laying on her back waiting for that delicious moment.  Before that happened though, my head turned slightly and I bit the inside of her thigh.  I bit that spot about an inch from her pussy.  I bit hard.  So hard that she cried out and tried to grab my head with both hands.  She tried to push my head away, but my arms were locked in place and she couldn’t push me away.  Then Skylar came, she came so hard against my cheek that all she could do was dig her fingers into my scalp while I held her legs, biting her thigh, and feeling that sweet orgasm from her pussy against my cheek.  When I came up, my cheek was glistening from the juices of her orgasm.

A spasm of pleasure courses through her body with that memory.  She pulls against the restraints so hard you can hear the leather and wood creaking.

The feather disappears.  How long did I use it?  She is no longer certain of time.  It might have been an hour.  She does not care, her body cries out with the need to have me inside her pussy now, though no sound escapes her lips.  She can feel the heat of my legs as I slip between her thighs.  Skylar is aware of the presence of my body above her own.  She listens to the sound of my breathing.  I place the head of my cock against her pussy.  I am pushing and it is sliding into her.  She is so wet that I slide all the way in without any resistance, without stopping once.  I am there.  My cock is fully engulfed by her hot cunt.

Skylar cums.  Her pussy squeezes my cock.  The muscles try to pull me in, wanting to be sure all of my cock it is inside.  Her hips shift up and down, rubbing against my hips and legs with her thighs during her orgasm.

As her orgasm subsides, I begin moving, sliding in and out of her pussy.  I get into a rhythm.  Each minute I go a little faster, a little harder, until I am fucking her intensely.  I somehow push the blindfold out of the way.  I kiss her lips without losing the rhythm.  She can tell by my breathing that I won’t last much longer.  She knows me so well.  She knows that once I am inside her pussy, I can’t maintain my control

I grab the back of her neck and guide her lips to my chest.  I push deep inside her pussy and I cum.  I cum hard and she feels it.  She feels my throbbing cock hard inside her cunt.  She feels my cum shooting deep inside her pussy.  Skylar cums with me, her pussy wrapping tightly around my throbbing cock, gripping me and willing me to just keep cumming.

She opens her mouth, and bites my nipple hard.

I gasp with pain and pleasure and I keep cumming inside of her.

Mental Punishment Part I

Skylar is naked and securely bound to the four posts of the bed. Each wrist and ankle is held securely by a leather cuff. She has no way to undo any of the cuffs, for the first time, she is completely dependent on me in every way. She lies on her back in a room that seems almost too warm, yet feels just right at the same time. There is not a single chill on any part of her bare skin.

The room is lit by the fire in the fireplace and a few well placed candles. The drapes are dark and heavy, the wood of the posts for the bed and other furnishings are dark and appear aged. The cloth Skylar is laying on is soft cotton. The pillow cradling her head where her dark hair is fanned out seems extremely soft yet firm at the same time. The only sounds in the room are Skylar’s breathing, popping sparks from the fireplace, and the sounds of my movements nearby. She could turn her head to watch what I am doing, or she could lay there with her eyes closed, anticipating what I may be doing. She chooses to keep her eyes closed while imagining what I might be doing.

The rustlings which reach her ears, could it be the sound of cloth? Or leather? Am I getting out toys? If so, which toys? She knows by the sound that I am the only one in the room with her. She breathes in deeply through her nose to catch my scent, but still keeps her eyes closed. The bed shifts as I climb on beside Skylar. She opens her eyes now, turning to and catch me looking at and admiring her beautiful naked body. She looks into my piercing green gaze, noting the bright glint in my eyes, which promises of things to come. I smile for her before I place a black cloth over her eyes. She lies there unmoving and unresisting, as I reach behind her head to tie the cloth in place. I do not tie it too tightly. I feel her body shiver with anticipation. She does not know what I am about to do.

Something soft and light tickles the tip of her nipple. It traces a circle around her nipple, exactly along the lines of my teeth marks, still visible a few days after I bit her tit hard enough to bruise. She squirms from the tickling and her nipple grows hard against the soft feathery touch. Skylar realizes I am using a feather on her nipple. Instead of a clamp, or my teeth, or leather strap, or so many other things she might have expected, I am using a feather on her skin. She knows the feather, she has seen it. It is just over a foot long, very fluffy, but with a strong quill. The feather trails along her skin, to her sensitive neck. It traces a path to the marks I left on her neck with my lips and teeth. I bit and sucked on her sensitive skin. The feather caresses and tickles her throat. Soft strands tickle her ears as I slowly brush back and forth around her neck and throat.

Despite how different it feels, and despite that I am not causing any pain, she is getting aroused and wet. She squirms as her pussy begins to itch with need for attention and to feel my cock filling her completely. She cannot find her voice to tell me what her pussy wants. She gave herself to me to do with as I please, and she will wait on my pleasure, allowing me to do anything I want.

The feather caresses her cheek. She remembers my hand striking her cheek recently. A slap that left her cheek red for hours. The touch of the feather and the memory of the slap are such a contrast that she exhales a slight gasp. I watch as tension flows through her muscles from her neck, down through her body, and into her pussy. I gaze in admiration as I clearly notice her back arch in response to that tension. I have only to inhale through my nose and I can smell the scent of her arousal.

To be continued in Part 2

Dirty Text Messages

Frank is TIED UP for the moment — so, I guess you’ll just have to hear one of my hot sex stories. This is the story of a very dirty text message. The text messages started off innocently enough. (At least there was no intent on MY part to have sex via text.) A guy I’ve known for only a short while started texting. We were actually texting about how difficult it was to raise children. And, the reason why babies are so cute is because they’re such a pain. If they weren’t so cute then parents wouldn’t keep them around — and so the texts went on.

Then I made a joke that Richard lives in a cold climate & here I was wearing Sandals. I sent him a picture of me wearing the sandals to prove it. Richard accused me of flirting & said it was only a picture of my feet. So, I sent him a pic of my panties (I wasn’t wearing them – just the panties.) He then wanted a picture of me IN the panties. I told him I couldn’t do that as I was shopping at Walmart. I said I shouldn’t have sent the pic of my panties, but I was a BAD girl & we do bad things. Richard said he likes bad girls.

Richard: “When I see you I’ll spank you for being so bad. I’ll spank you hard enough to for it to sting. Then, I’m gonna put you on your hands & knees so you feel it every time I thrust into you.”
Me: “Yum. You’d better stop it. You’re making my pussy wet.”
Richard: “Have you ever wanted to be spanked & used before?”
Me: “No, I’m not really a fan of pain — although you DO make it sound like a lot of fun !
Richard: “When the mood is right, it is a lot of fun.”
Me: “I like to be ‘used’ in the sense of being the female – the less dominant one. I guess it makes me feel more feminine.”
Richard: “When we meet, I’ll spank you & pull your hair & let you know that I’m stronger. It’ll lead to some very intense sex.”
Me: “I’m about to cum right now. You are my Master.”
Richard: “I love the way that sounds. I miss having a ‘Sex slave'”.
Me: “I’m an Alpha woman though — and you’ll have to make me behave. I won’t do it willingly.”
Richard: “Of course, I may have to tie you down to control you. Then you can’t stop me from using your mouth or you pussy, or just teasing you with my tongue … ”
Me: “Stop it — don’t tease me too long. I soo want to cum.”
Richard: “Just imagine me spanking, pinching nipples, pulling your hair, biting you gently, making you so wet it covers my face … ”
Me: “I’ll suck your dick so hard, I’ll drain you dry.”
Richard: “If I LET you. Right now you need to slide my cock into your pussy & cum on me. Cum hard & squeeze my cock with your pussy.”
Me: “I have a thing I do with my legs that squeezes your dick & makes you squirt sooner than you planned to. It sort of pumps that juice right out of you.”
Richard: “I like the way that sounds. I can recover in just a few minutes though. I will want you again.”

Whew !!! I think that was the hottest text message that I’ve ever gotten. I couldn’t wait to pleasure myself.

Spank Me ?

Frank thinks he’s going to “Spank me”? I have a few ideas of my own. I just ordered an Incognito Necktie & Leash from Good Vibes. I’ll wait until next week when my order comes in & surprise him with a fancy dancy necktie. My plan is to get him to take me out to a dimly lit restaurant. I’ll be wearing a really low-cut tank top to showcase my hefty cleavage (you know what a sucker he is for boobs) & a skirt that’s barely legal. He WILL be wearing that necktie. I’m gonna tease him. Maybe run my foot up & down his legs during dinner. He’ll caress my arms the whole time we’re there in anticipation. We’ll eat a bite & then take our dessert to my place. I’ll rub my hand on his hard dick the whole time he’s driving us home.

I have my apartment set up with candles all over — nice & romantic. At my place, we’ll only have a glass of wine or two. We’ll makeout like kids. Frank is a good kisser. When the time is right, I’ll flip the inner folds of the tie outwards, pull him with the leash towards me & make him taste me. Taste me good. I am hot just thinking about it. I’ll let you know what happens later. Before the dessert.