My First Memory of Sex with Nicole

This experience seems like lifetimes ago and I will freely and honestly admit I am nervous to write it because I do not want to miss out on special details. I am certain Nicole’s memories are different than my own and that the details she would recall are different that what I would recall. But still, I want to write this in a way to honor that special moment for each of us. So here it is.

Shortly after Nicole and I began dating I attempted to kiss her, but she shied away from me. I felt so unsure about what she really wanted afterwards that it was nearly a month later before I attempted to kiss her again. She told me later that she was beginning to wonder if she was going to have to kiss me instead. There really was so much shyness and so much hesitancy on my part. I even kind of wonder how she and I made it to the point that we did.

I can’t even recall how long she and I had been dating before the first time we had sex. At the time I am sure it seemed like forever. Now I think it probably was not very long at all. I picked her up from home to go out on a date. The car I drove was not the same as the one I described before. Unfortunately it developed far more problems than could be fixed.

When we went on our date we did not have many options. We were not yet old enough to drink, and that meant we were not old enough to go to the main dance clubs whose main source of revenue was selling alcohol. Luckily there was a place which set up a dance floor and for a few hours on Friday and Saturday nights permitted only teens (no one over 20 allowed). It was a strange mix because some teens are still so young to be out dancing like that, and the majority of them are still too shy to get out on the dance floor.

We did dance though. We smiled for each other, and tried to talk over the loud music, and enjoyed the lights. My favorite memory from that club was sitting with my back against the wall, while Nicole leaned against me. My right arm was over her shoulder and my finger tips caressed her thigh through her tight jeans.

I don’t know how long we stayed, but we both wanted something quieter and just to spend time with each other before we both had to return to our respective homes. We left and went to the same place to park where the other story (Sex With Nicole In A Car) would take place later. I remember my ears still ringing from the music, and I remember we talked some but I can’t recall any of the words we said now.

I think after I parked the car we started kissing. I am sure it started shyly, but very quickly evolved into more excitement and passion. I did not know it at the time, but I tasted her arousal in her kisses. I also didn’t know it, but tasting a woman’s arousal through her kiss is an incredible aphrodisiac for me. The more we kissed, the more inflamed my lust became.

Each moment of kissing pushed me to be bolder. I touched her through her clothes, nervously moving my hand closer and closer to her breast until it was warmly pressed under my palm. She shifted to press it into my palm even more giving me the sign that she wanted me touching her.

We kept kissing, sometimes pausing to whisper something to each other, but mostly enjoying the thrill of our tongues together, and the way our bodies were becoming so inflamed with lust and desire for each other.

When I finally dared to let my hand slip into the waist of her pants, she offered only desire and no resistance. My fingers slid into her pants and lifted the waistband of her panties to allow those same fingers to slip between her legs. What I found took my breath away and pushed me to the height of my desire for her.

She was so wet that her panties were coated with her juice, and my fingers were sliding against the fabric and against her skin easily. I knew then how ready she was to have sex and I couldn’t resist any longer. I pulled my hand back and worked to remove her pants. Unbuttoned, unzipped and sliding down her hips.

As soon as they were out of my way, I released my cock from the restraint of denim and cotton. I moved over to her seat. My knees were on the rough floor of the passenger side. It took some shifting and moving before I was properly lined up.

I was past the point of waiting, but not past the point of being gentle. I let my cock slide into her gently. There was no resistance because she was so wet. I couldn’t even slide all the way in, but she felt so incredible. I have never been able to think of any words that could possible describe the feeling of being inside of her that first time. I just know that in that moment I could feel the entirety of my cock surrounded by the most beautiful and pleasurable sensation I have ever known.

When I recall that moment, I do not remember thinking of the person under me who was sharing the experience. I just remember that moment and that feeling of pleasure surrounding my cock.

When I moved, sliding my cock back so I could thrust into her, I became aware of her intensely. I tried to study her, to understand her pleasure and desire. I think my effort to study that night was futile though. All of my senses were being overwhelmed with pleasure. The scent of her was clean and clearly and unmistakable within the small confines of my old car with its old car smells. The movements of her body sent shivers of pleasure through me. The soft moans she allowed herself to make were a thrill to my ears, and the sight of her body underneath me, where her bare skin was glowing from lamplight was a feast to my eyes. The softness of her everywhere she touched me and the heat radiating from her body permeated me. Lastly, I could still taste her kisses in my mouth.

I never had a chance to last. In that moment, and in that feeling, I am not sure any man could have lasted for very long. When I came, I tried to push deep into Nicole, but the seat was still in my way. I could feel my cum flooding out of me and into her. I could feel each spurt of my cum fill the shaft of my cock to overflowing before the throbbing sent it jetting into her. My entire body trembled with my orgasm, but I remained quiet for fear of being overheard.

When it was over, we kissed and shared the moment of pleasure for a few minutes more before we had to rush to leave.

Later we talked and we both admitted that the first time we were more in lust than in love, but we did fall in love.


The position we were in, and the seat prevented me from breaking her hymen. Nicole was a virgin, and technically was still a virgin after that night. I have not told the story of when she truly gave her virginity to me. This story, about the night in the car was like the first for me. My cock was wet from her, and my seat was stained from my cum and her juices. I will be very demanding of myself when I write the story of taking her virginity, because that is when it was her real first time. To this day, so many years later, I do still love her and care about her, and I want her to read that story and remember with the same feelings that I remember it with.

My First Sexual Adventure

I won’t tell you my age, nor hers. Suffice to say, we were both young.

She got the message to me that she wanted to be my girlfriend. I, despite my intense shyness (something I no longer have), I got my nerve together and asked her to be my girlfriend. I knew she was not a virgin. She didn’t know I was. She just assumed that being a couple years older than her, I had some experience.

At the time, I lived with my parents (this was very normal for anyone my age). I had two siblings. The two siblings were out of the house playing with friends around the neighborhood. My parents were in their bedroom.

Lisa and I were in the living room kissing. Her body felt so warm against mine, even through our clothes. Her skin was so incredibly soft. I felt this must be what it feels like to be high. I was in sexual euphoria just from the taste of her lips and the brushing of her beautiful young body against my own.

She must have felt the same, for she broke a kiss and simply asked me “do you want to?” My reply was equally simple. Despite the tremor in my voice and my shyness and intense nervousness, I said “yes”.

I was on top kissing her, a blanket lay spread under her. I rolled off of her and removed my clothes while she undressed beside me. I pulled a condom out of my wallet and rolled it onto my cock. I say rolled like I knew what I was doing. My hands were shaking so much, and I hadn’t done this before, so it really wasn’t that easy, but I did manage. After all, it isn’t like those things are really that complicated. Bras were far more difficult for me to figure out (but I know those things quite well now).

She laid back and for the first time in my life I felt a young woman’s bare skin against mine. That is what I remember most. I remember the feel of her bare legs against my cock and against my legs and the feel of her stomach against mine. I can distinctly recall the feel of her very hard nipples against my chest and her breath against my neck.

I could feel the entirety of my cock all at once as it slowly slid into her. I wanted to just thrust into her, and I wanted to go slow and savor every bit of the feel of this brand new sensation. I wanted to savor the wetness, and the warmth, and just let my mind and body feel her pussy wrapping around my cock.

The feeling was so sensational. I couldn’t believe the incredible warmth surrounding my cock and radiating through my entire body and running through my mind. I couldn’t believe the softness of her body against me, causing every nerve to feel alive. Yet it was real, and it was finally happening.

I knew I didn’t want to cum too fast, and I knew there was no chance I was going to last more than a few moments. It was just too much, it was too overwhelming.

Just as I knew it would happen, after only a few thrusts, I could not hold back. My body tensed and I used all of my willpower to hold off just a couple more seconds, but the inevitable happened and I was cumming into the condom. I couldn’t believe how much my entire body was trembling. I am sure I bit my lip to keep from making any noise that could travel to my parent’s bedroom.

It was done. I was no longer a virgin. Lisa was my first. I didn’t have any idea what I was supposed to do now. All those hours of thinking about sex, all that time of learning what I could, and not once did I learn anything about what a person does after sex. Now I felt really awkward.

I kissed her. I was still inside her, but I could feel my body fidgeting. She asked me if something was wrong (yeah, could I feel any more awkward?). I confessed. I told her she was my first. Now she felt awkward. I wasn’t her first, but her previous partners were not virgins. Now she wasn’t sure what to do. Every time before her partner took the lead, she wasn’t used to being the experienced one.

Somehow we both got through that bout of shyness. We both knew it was a really good moment. Also, in what would become quite typical for me when it comes to good sex with a good partner, I recovered quite quickly, and she and had enjoyed sex one more time on that living room floor. What an adventure into a new life for me.