Sex On The Beach Part 2

Continued from Part 1:

She had not had her orgasm yet. Also, somehow she didn’t notice I had just cum inside her (I may have underestimated how much she had to drink). So I didn’t tell her. I just kept fucking her. It wasn’t hard, or punishing. I was aware that each thrust would grind her ass into the sand, and I was trying to make it pleasurable without causing discomfort.

I let my cock slide in and of her even wetter pussy. Patiently and consistently my cock thrust into and out of her pussy. With my orgasm out of the way, I could focus on her and make adjustments to build her pleasure until she had her orgasm. Which is exactly what I did. I stayed patient and let it build slowly. I didn’t rush her to cum faster, even when I felt the shivers in her body as she tensed up with the building orgasm. I didn’t try to force it, or race it or anything. I just let her body enjoy the pleasure, and enjoy the growing tension. I let her cum when she was ready and not when I made it happen.

She had a beautiful and wonderful orgasm. Clinging to me, gasping for breath, and holding in the screams of pleasure. She rode through wave after wave of her orgasm, and I rode them with her, letting her body use mine for this pleasure.

Eventually she subsided. Then she decided it was time for me to cum. She had enjoyed her orgasm and now she wanted to make me cum inside of her.

Oh darn. There wasn’t much chance of me doing that anytime in the next 15 to 20 minutes, if even that fast. She was determined though. She moved her body and used her hands to maximum effect to cause pleasure to make me cum. But it just wasn’t going to happen like that.

I was faced with a terrible choice. Do I admit to her that I already came and she didn’t notice? Or do I fake it?

I didn’t want to feel embarrassed about not lasting, so I chose to fake it. I have no idea of any guy anywhere in the world has ever faked an orgasm before. I don’t even know if one has tried to. But I intended to fake it, and fake it so well that Sally would be completely convinced that I just came (instead of like I did earlier).

I started fucking her faster. Sliding my cock into and out of her pussy and creating more friction. She responded by touching me more, kissing me more, and letting me know through her body language that she wanted to feel me cum.

I began to tense to my muscles. Hoping I was tensing them just right. I started gasping and catching my breath like I was trying to hold onto my orgasm. She encouraged me, wanting me to just let go, knowing I would hold on a moment longer. I did. Holding my muscles tense for just that bit longer then I thrust into her. I gasped with pleasure, not letting myself be too loud (lest any partiers hear me). I let out a low growl.

With my cock thrust into her, I began making it throb. I worked the muscles sending pulses of blood from base to tip, like it was throbbing with orgasm inside of her. She felt my cock throbbing and squeezed her pussy muscles around my cock while she made a sound of satisfied delight for having caused me to cum inside of her. I kept my cock throbbing inside her until my muscles couldn’t keep going, and I let myself go limp and rest on her. She held me there. Caressing my back, and enjoying the feel of my cock inside of her.

I guess I made my dick tired with the fake orgasm, as it began to shrink inside of her. I thought of how much more realistic this made the fake orgasm. But wisely kept my mouth shut, instead I just let my tired breathing be the only sound in her ear. In time we got up and returned to the party, where the police showed up shortly afterwards to let everyone know the beach was closed.

Little did I know that my first experience with sex on a beach would one day be immortalized here because I had performed a neat trick.