The Seduction of Jolene: Part 1

I met Jolene through an adult personals web site. To clarify, this is site for people seeking deep meaningful relationships which are designed to last only a few hours, relationships that can be repeated as necessary.

We exchanged a few e-mails before we decided to meet in person. For safety reasons we decided to meet in a public place. A place where we could see whether or not the person we had been talking with had been honest about appearance. To take some time to see if we like each other in person before decided to take the next step to simply have sex with each other.

I already knew what I wanted. I knew I wanted to have sex with her before I met her. Why? Because I honestly did not want to wait, I had denied myself the pleasure of sex too many times. It was more than just wanting sex though. Far far more. I wanted Jolene to want me. It was not enough for me to simply have sex with her. It would not be enough unless she wanted to have sex with me.

We met. She was the person she had described. I could tell she liked that I was the person I had described. I found her pretty, attractive, and my mind had not changed about wanting to have sex with her before the night ended.

Circumstances required me to return home. I asked her politely if she felt comfortable to join me. I could sense her interest, and we had only talked a few minutes. I knew she would feel she was taking a risk, so I asked, and offered all of the trust I could muster within me. She accepted, and followed me back to my house. Once there, she saw why I needed to return. She understood that I had spoken truthfully in our e-mails regarding my circumstances. Her trust increased, and her curiosity about me as a person increased. I would use both of those to seduce her into my bed.

I fixed her a soft drink and we sat and talked. I let her get to know me, I got to know her. Mostly I listened. I let her freely say anything she needed to say. Among the things she said was that she didn’t want to have sex with me this night. I did not tell her I wanted to change her mind. To break through all of her resistance until she would gladly take off my clothes and her have way with me.

We carried the conversation outside to allow her to have a cigarette. We talked. I listened more. I touched her hands, her arms, and her shoulders confirming that she was comfortable to allow me to touch her. I used a light touch letting her feel my presence. I allowed her feel my interest in her body without being pushy.

I asked her directly and politely for permission to kiss her. She wanted to kiss. She had reached the point of comfort and interest in me that she wanted to kiss me as much or more than I wanted to kiss her. I heard it in her voice when she said yes, and I felt it in her lips and skin when we kissed. I touched her cheek after our lips met. My finger tips caressing her skin and moving back to move through her hair. Her lips parted and our tongues met. She tasted sweet. I could taste and feel her desire in that kiss. She had stated she didn’t want to have sex with me on our first meeting. Her body clearly had other ideas. Ideas that I intended to move from her body and into her mind.

We moved back inside to the couch. I let her talk more. I listened, and I touched her caressing her arms, and her legs just above her knees. I let her know through my actions that I wanted to kiss her more. I let her know I wanted to touch her more. I asked her straight forward if she felt comfortable to ask me to stop if I did anything she did not feel comfortable with. I assured her that if she asked me to stop, I would stop. I meant those words. I would not push her if she asked me to stop.

We began kissing again. I moved closer, letting my body move against hers. My hands roamed over the outside of her clothes. I touched her through her jeans, shirt, and bustier. I could feel her desire rise more as she felt mine pressing against her leg. She put her hand on my cheek, holding my lips against hers. She teased my tongue with hers. I drank in her desire. Feeling it pulse through her body in time with my own.

I suggested moving to the bedroom. She accepted, still saying we wouldn’t do anything. I assured her we wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to do. I gave her one of my t-shirts so that she would be more comfortable than she would in the shirt she was wearing. The t-shirt allowed my fingers room to slip under and touch her skin. There was no question I would take advantage of this for as long as she would allow.

We kissed with more and more intensity. She pressed her body against me as much as I pressed against her. I could feel her rubbing her legs and stomach against my erect cock. I feel her delighting in the feel of my cock as she kissed my lips. My fingers caressed the skin of her back, and her stomach. Inching higher and higher, feeling more and more of her skin under my hands.

To be continued in Part 2