Things I Like

We have five senses.  I like to use all of them.


I like to look at the curves of a woman’s body.
I like the look of a feminine face.
The sensuous lips and seductive eyes.
The graceful curve of a neck exposed, the gentle underlying pulse in the throat.
The sight of cleavage which promises more to see.
The tantalizing sight of a thigh exposed beneath a skirt.
The hands with those graceful fingers I can imagine wrapped around my cock.
The nails I can imagine scratching my skin.
The soft skin.
The exposed breasts, ready and needing to be sucked.
The curve of a woman’s ass, so inviting to be caressed or spanked.
The arousing sight of a woman’s pussy, knowing the pleasure of my cock finding its way there.

The rustle of a woman’s clothes, so very different than the sound of a man’s clothes.
The click of heels of a hard floor.
A feminine voice, high pitched or low, just distinctly feminine and musical to my ears.
The soft whispery sound of my fingers rubbing against her soft skin.
The sound of a kiss, lips touching, tongues sliding, moisture clicking.
The sound of a woman breathing, shallow with increasing passing, or sharply inhaling.
The soft moans, the gasps of pleasure, the sharp quick moans, the squeals and screams of ecstasy.

The scent of perfume from a few feet away.
The smell of a woman’s clothes, so imbued with her natural scent, her perfume, and more.
The smell of a woman’s hair, especially along the hairline near her neck, with the slight scent of her sweat, her hair spray, her perfume, and her makeup combined (while my lips are on her neck and throat).
The smell of her chest where it is mostly perfume and sweat.
The smell of her face made up mostly of her natural scent combined with makeup, as I inhale sharply while kissing.
The smell of her pussy, the raw musky scent of arousal and desire. Sweat and lubrication combine to form a strong and intensely arousing scent that is just plain sex.

A woman’s lips, with so many different possible lipsticks.
The taste of a woman in general. The slightly different taste of a woman aroused.
The taste of a woman’s skin, the slight taste of perfume, of makeup, and of sweat.
The clean tastes of women’s shampoo and soap still lingering even several hours after the shower.
The taste of a woman’s pussy. Sometimes light and sometimes strong. Sometimes fairly sweet, and sometimes salty. The always different tastes of clit as compared to pushing my tongue into the pussy itself. And the different taste of a pussy after orgasm.

The softness and silkiness of women’s clothes.
The soft hair.
Soft skin.
Wet lips.
Hot throat.
Tight ass.
Squeezable tits.
Full body pressed against mine.
Tits pressed against my chest.
Legs wrapped around my waist.
Hot, silky, wet pussy wrapped around my cock.

I could go on and on. These are things and details I try so hard to notice when I write a sex story. I want to bring these things to life for everyone who reads them. I want it so real you can see yourself in my stories. You can imagine that you are there with your lover.

If you feel these things, and noticed any details I missed. Please share them with me. I have no doubts that your input could only help my stories.