Toilet Seat Covers

I had every intention of putting a nice erotic story here. Then I had a rather interesting day at work. Not that work itself was interesting. Today a coworker decided to share so much more with me than I ever really wanted to know.

So I decided to share that with everyone else because I am such a nice guy like that.

Today’s topic of conversation was about toilet seat covers. I added two pictures because I needed both of them to really show what my coworker talked about. In the pictures, you see disposable paper toilet seat covers which can often be found in public restrooms.

They come out of a dispenser as a somewhat solid sheet with some perforations. My coworker pointed out that if you open the center hole, the tab (as seen in the second picture) may slip into toilet and into the pull the edges down into the toilet with it. Thus leaving the toilet seat you are attempting to cover, exposed.

So my coworker decided this was not the effective way to put the cover on the toilet. The scientific experiments ensued.

He decided the next thing to do was to not tear the perforated tabs. Then it would sit securely on the toilet seat.

Ok. ICK!!! The mental images are really killing me and the day is only 2 freaking hours old. I swear, it took every ounce of humor I had available to make it through this conversation.

I pointed out the ick factor of course and also mentioned there was no chance I was going to try that particular experiment.

He went back to do some research. He actually went onto the Internet and did some research for how to properly apply a disposable paper toilet seat cover. I couldn’t believe it. He actually printed out and showed me the instructions for how to apply one. But the instructions missed one part. What to do with that stupid tab.

He went back and did more research. Then he found it. The tab gets lifted up and moved to the back where it is out of the way and does not pull the cover down into the toilet. I pointed out that this is really an effective way to protect your tailbone too. We all know how important that is.

Later that day. I got the news that he actually tried it, and almost everything worked like it was supposed to. Then he stood up and the paper was stuck to his skin.

I can’t begin to describe how much I hope I have about a million things to work on tomorrow. I don’t know if I can handle another day long conversation like the one I went through today. At least it wasn’t boring though.